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MBBS Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

You may have tons of questions about MBBS in China. We have answers to all.

General Questions

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01. Is Admission to MBBS in China direct or I will have to give any Entrance test?

All admissions in China for foreign students are direct.  So far NO Entrance test is taken by any University in China. However all Universities have a minimum percentage requirement like 50%, 60% or 70% in PCB and in English. 

All admissions are done on the basis of which student has applied 1st, provided minimum percentage is there. So earlier you apply, better is your chance of admission. 

Some Universities will take interview over phone or Skype to judge the English speaking power of the student, before granting admission. 

Some Universities will check NEET marks too.

02. Is NEET required to go abroad? 

Yes from 1st June 2018 onwards, qualifying in NEET exam is required to become eligible to work as a doctor in India. 
NEET results will remain valid for 3 consecutive years. That means if you qualify in NEET in 2018, then you can take admission abroad till 2020. But admission has to be in proper MBBS or equivalent course. 
Call us to know the rule properly as only for Philippines you may face problems in future if you are not clear about this rule. 

So students taking admission in countries like Philippines, Central America, South America etc, where initially admission is given only in Pre-Medical or BS (Bachelor of Science) and then in Medical (M.D. Or MBBS) after 18 months or 24 months, you have to qualify NEET in India again after 2 years. Qualifying NEET in 2019 and joining in Pre-medical will not help you. You have to qualify NEET again in 2021.  Plz check details about MCI eligibility of Philippines students here.

In 2018 NEET qualifying marks were 96 for SC/ST/OBC and 119 for general or open case category out of total 720 marks.

03. If I do not qualify NEET but still want to take admission in Abroad, will it be possible?

Yes, No problem in that. You can take admission in abroad without NEET in few colleges. You will become Doctor and can work in any country of your choice, except India.

04. Which is the best time to Apply for China MBBS ?

The best time to apply is January to March end of the year of admission. All seats will be booked by that time. So apply before this time to get confirmed admission in China.

Basics Questions

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05. I will be appearing for my final 10+2 exam this year. Can I apply before getting the mark sheet ?

Yes you can always book your seat on the basis of 10 mark sheet and paying the Booking amount. Students who book their seat through us will get 100% admission. 

06. I do not have passport. Can I apply now?

Yes you can apply without passport. But you must apply it as soon as possible. We will require your passport before June end to make necessary papers. Some Universities will not accept application without passport. 

07. I am already 10+2 passed out and I have 70% in PCB and in English. Can I get confirmed admission in my choice of University ?

Yes you can get confirmed admission in your choice of University in that case, but you must apply immediately before all seats in that University are filled up. 

08. I got only 50% in PCB and in English. Can I get confirmed admission in abroad ?

Yes you can get confirmed admission in that case. Many universities abroad do not check Class 12 board marks.

Those Universities admit only NEET qualified students. Omkar Medicom has 5-6 Universities of that category but you must apply immediately before all seats in that University are filled up.

09. I will be appearing in NEET exam in India. Can I wait for the final results to come out in June and then apply ?

You can wait for your NEET result and then apply through us. We will be able to admit in some colleges but not in all countries. You will not get a seat in China. 

After NEET results are declared, you will hardly get any seat vacant in China.

10. I will book my seat now paying the Booking amount. But if I get a seat in India, will the application money be refunded ?

Yes we can refund your application money after you send us your Admission letter and Fees payment receipt of that Medical College in India. This can be done if you book through us in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyz and Bangladesh.

For China and Philippines, Application or Booking money can’t be refunded for this reason. University fees paid by that time will not be refunded too. That is why in general, University fees are taken after June. By that time all results will be declared. 
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