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Xiamen University is owned by the Chinese Government. It has high World Rank. Fees, Hostel, Hospital and other details. MBBS Admission Partner is Omkar Medicom.

 Full English /  China / Regn: Yes Top 10

Rs 2,070,000.00

Kunming Medical University is a Chinese Government University located nearest to India, World Rank is 8009. For complete details kindly Click Here

 Full English /  China / Regn: Yes

Rs 2,071,000.00

Wenzhou Medical University is a Low Fees MBBS College in China, Total Pkg is Rs 17.70 Lac. It has a High World Rank of 922....

 Full English /  China / Regn: Yes

Rs 1,770,000.00

Zhengzhou University is a Top World Rank University located at Central China. For complete details Click Here.

 Full English /  China / Regn: Yes

Rs 2,072,000.00

Fujian Medical University, located at South-east China has a Top World Rank of 1902. Total Fees of MBBS is Rs 20.22 Lac. Click Here for...

 Full English /  China / Regn: Yes

Rs 2,022,000.00

China Three-Gorges is a Low Fees University with Total package of MBBS of Rs 15 Lac only. Click Here for Full Details of China Three...

 Full English /  China / Regn: Yes

Rs 1,522,000.00

Qiqihar Medical University | Full English Medium Government University | Best Lowest cost MBBS College Abroad. | Fees 18000 ¥ | Omkar Medicom.

 Full English /  China / Regn: Yes

Rs 1,272,000.00

Xian Jiaotong University Admission will Close on 30.05.2022. It is a fully Government University. One of the Best Medical College in Abroad for Indian Students....

 Full English /  China / Regn: Yes

Rs 2,518,000.00

Ulyanovsk State University | MBBS in Russia Admission partner Omkar Medicom | Rs 3.50 Lac total fees per year | English medium | Indian mess...

 80% English /  Russia / Regn: Yes

Rs 2,044,000.00

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