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Omkar Medicom Services for MBBS Abroad Students

Unmatched timely Services provided to our students make all Omkar Medicom students always Happy.

Best MBBS Abroad Services Available for you

Best part of Our Service is

We accompany our Students abroad from India

We will accompany with each and every student in group from India to China, Russia, Kyrgyz, Philippines and Bangladesh.


This is the most important and unparalleled service that we provide to all our students.

90% other agencies do not have this capacity and neither they can think of this.


We know Chinese & Russian language fluently.

So our students do not face any sort of any problem in the initial days which may otherwise happen to other agency students.


Due to our long experience we know all the universities, officials and staffs and the cities thoroughly. 

Hence our students get the best available hostel rooms, instant sim card, new bank account etc.


There are lot of other important services we provide in the initial 7 days and throughout their course of 5 years, which makes our students life quite easy in Abroad.
We visit each University minimum 3 times a year.

Rest of the Services that we provide are:

Communication & Liaison

Communication and liaison with the Medical Universities, including processing of Application Form and applying on behalf of the student.

Our students will not have to face any sorts of problems regarding Admission Letter, Invitation Letter, Visa, Residency Permit and Enrollment.
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100 % Admission Guarantee

All students who will book their seat before April every year, will get confirmed admission in China, depending on % obtained in 10+ 2 exam.

Students can be 100% sure about Admission if they book seat through us.
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Blocking Seat

Providing Registration Facility to block a medical seat in the University for 10+2 appearing students, provided the initial payment for seat booking has been received.

Arranging of Admission Letter / Acceptance letter from the selected Medical University.
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Guidance / Assistance in Passport Application for those students who do not have passport.
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100% visa guarantee

Processing of Student’s Visa covering the visa formalities including visa fee. Our students will not have to give visa interview in the embassy.
We give 100%  Visa Confirmation for any student of China, Russia, Kyrgyz, Ukraine, without interview.
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assistance in foreign exchange

Assistance in obtaining Foreign Exchange, Swift transfer by bank for paying of fees at actual market exchange rate.
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After Visa, booking of the Air Ticket for the student from Delhi or Kolkata to China, Russia and other countries at no extra cost.
Forming batches and organizing their travel arrangements with our student's co-ordinator.
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After reaching abroad, we arrange hostel rooms for our students in the University hostel. 
Then we do the Registration process for the students in the University office. We know Chinese and Russia fluently to do this job perfectly.
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We arrange new sim cards of that country for our students.
We assist in making new bank account for our students in China.
We arrange new Bedding (cost provided by students @ 70 $ approximately)
We take the students to the nearest market to help them buy whatever they need in the initial days.
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If any kind of logical and genuine inconveniences  perceived by the student and parents, then it will be dealt by our Student Coordinator or partner company in abroad and issues will be mitigated at the earliest.
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flight tickets during holidays

Student can return to their Home Country as and when required.
we will assist in searching the best possible route. 
Students can then book their ticket on their own.
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mci test coaching

We have facilitated the option of MCI screening test coaching in China in the final year. This facility is entirely optional and subjected to payment.

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It will be a complete peace of mind both for students and parents, when you will take admission through Omkar Medicom.

Best MBBS abroad Consultancy.

Omkar Medicom is the best consultancy for MBBS abroad for Indian students.
We admit in 45 MCI approved Medical Universities in China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Kyrgyz Republic and Bangladesh
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