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Best MBBS Abroad Consultant is Omkar Medicom

Omkar Medicom is the Best Study Mbbs Abroad Consultants for Admission in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyz, Philippines & Bangladesh for MCI Approved English Medium Medical Universities.

Why Omkar Medicom is the Best Study Mbbs Abroad Consultants?

Omkar Medicom Consultancy Fees Package for Study MBBS Abroad.

Omkar Medicom Consultancy always provides the original fees package of the University in local currency or USD, whichever applicable.

  • We add all Miscellaneous compulsory charges like Visa Extension Fees, Medical Check-Up charges, Hostel Security deposit, etc.
  • We even mention the New Bedding charges, All ID card fees, Electricity, and Wifi charges (if any).
  • We also state the probable Currency exchange charges.
  • There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES in the Omkar Medicom MBBS Abroad Fees package at all.

What Other Study MBBS Abroad Consultants do?

95% of the other MBBS Abroad Consultants only mention the Study and Hostel fees and

  • Keep hidden all other sundry expenses like Visa Extension Fees, Medical Check-Up charges, Hostel Security deposit, etc.
  • They will never tell you about Currency exchange charges, actual food costs, where the food cost is not fixed.
  • In fact, most of them do not even know about these expenses required.
  • Many of them do not mention their MBBS Admission Consultancy charges in Websites or in Emails.
  • Many of them do not add Airfare and Visa cost in their packages to show their package cost is lower than Omkar Medicom.
  • You will find that many of them mention only the Tuition fee in their Website. 

Some senior person from Omkar Medicom Consultancy will always accompany MBBS students in the 1st time to the Overseas Medical education Universities in China, Russia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

This is one of the most vital services that we provide, which has made us the Best Overseas Medical Education Consultant. We accompany every student from India to the countries mentioned above for the 1st time. We stay there at the University for initial few days to set up everything required for the new students. We do not charge anything extra for this. 

We know Chinese, Russian, and Bengali languages properly. The Russian language is the universal language in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyz, Kazakhstan, and Bengali in Bangladesh. 

Only for Ukraine, we can not give the same service as Visa of the students of Ukraine is issued in a scattered manner. But our team picks up every student of Ukraine from Kyiv airport and does the rest of the work there.

What other MBBS Consultancies usually do?

90% of the other MBBS Consultancies are actually mere agents. They just leave the student at Delhi airport and rest all work students are bound to do on their own. This becomes too tough and sometimes impossible for students going 1st time to China, Russia, or other countries.

Even if any Agency person accompanies the students, it is of no proper use, as 99% of the other MBBS Consultants do not know the local language. 

For Parent of Omkar Medicom students:

For Omkar Medicom students, its absolutely not required, as we will do everything for our students in the best possible way. Thus your parents save seven days and a minimum of Rs 1 lac. It is totally a TENSION FREE affair for our students and parents. However, if any parent wishes to accompany is always welcome.

For Parent of Other Overseas Medical Education Consultants:

Parents become bound to accompany students. Thus you spend a minimum of Rs 1 lac extra. Please note that, even parents can't do anything properly in China or the Russian countries 1st time, as they do not know the local language, and your parent has to suffer a lot of pain and agony.

Omkar Medicom Consultancy is working successfully for the last ten years in the field of MBBS admission. Not only that, but our Consultancy is also working in several abroad countries where usually Indian students study MBBS. This gives us a massive experience and knowledge so that we can confer the best services for our students.

Most of the other MBBS Consultancies are relatively new, doing this MBBS admission hardly for 2 or 3 years.
They lack experience and hence can not deal with any emergency situation if it occurs in the abroad country or college.

Kindly read till the end.

Omkar Medicom Consultancy is working for medical education in the following overseas countries:

  • China: since 2011,
  • Nepal: since 2012,
  • Philippines: since 2013,
  • Russia: since 2014,
  • Ukraine: since 2014,
  • Bangladesh: since 2015,
  • Kyrgyzstan: since 2016,
  • Georgia: since 2017,
  • Kazakhstan: since 2018.

Hence, whenever a student contacts us 1st time for MBBS Consultancy, we can provide extensive knowledge about all these countries correctly and unbiased. We discuss with them about the various points of advantages and disadvantages both about these countries. It helps the students and parents to make the correct decision where they will finally do their MBBS.

Most of the other Overseas Medical Education Consultants are doing only for one or two countries. Hence their consultation is always biased about those countries. Most of them are not Overseas Education Consultants; rather, they are mere Agencies selling medical seats as a product. Like when an MBBS Consultancy or such small agencies is doing for;

  1. Ukraine: That agency will never tell you about the KROK exam.
  2. Philippines: That agency will never tell you details about the time-wasting BS course and the failures in the NMAT exam.
  3. Bangladesh: Those agencies of Bangladesh will never tell you about the poor infrastructure and hostel facilities of the medical colleges in Bangladesh.
  4. Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan: Agencies of these 2 countries, including Ukraine, will never tell you that Cadavers (Dead bodies required in Anatomy class) are not provided at all. Students have to learn anatomy through dummy bodies.
  5. China: Agencies who are doing only for China will never tell you that there is no mess system in China. Students will take their food from the canteen paying daily.
  6. Russia and Belarus: Agencies who are doing only for the Russian countries will never tell you that medium of instruction in most of the Medical Colleges are of 3+3 system. That is 1st 3 years in English and the last 3 years in the Russian medium.
  7. NepalGeorgia, and Central America: Agencies of these 2 countries are the worst ever. They will never tell you that all the colleges are private and with minimum infrastructural capacities. Plus, they will never reveal the exact expenses which are quite high in these private colleges.

Omkar Medicom not only conveys these points to the students, but they also have mentioned all these points in their webpages. That is why we request you to read all the pages of our website and emails thoroughly and adequately. 

Omkar Medicom Consultancy regularly visits all the overseas colleges several times in a year to gain maximum updates about medical education, to inform the future MBBS students eventually.


MBBS Students of Omkar Medicom Consultancy will always get the Best available Hostel rooms.

  • We can always manage the best available rooms for our students.
  • Because we do work for the universities in China, Russia, Bangladesh for many years,
  • We know the local language fluently, and
  • We maintain good relations with the University officials for a long time.

Students of other agencies can get any kind of room.

The student of other agencies is bound to take a leftover room allotted by the university, no matter whatever condition is.

  • Because the student is going alone or
  • with the parent or
  • with the Agency person who is ignorant about the local Chinese or Russian language.

Please remember that you have to stay for a minimum of 5 years in whatever room is allotted to you.

Medical Students of the Best Overseas Education Consultant Omkar Medicom will always get a sim within ONE working day.

Omkar Medicom Consultancy will always arrange an overseas Sim card for our medical education students within 1 working day after reaching China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Kyrgyz, and Kazakh. For only Bangladesh, it may take 2-3 days. Before that, they can speak to their parents through our mobile phones. Thus our students and parents are always in touch with each other.

Students of other Study MBBS Abroad Consultants will get a sim after 7 days.

1st-time students of other agencies can't arrange sim cards, and they need the help of the seniors to do so. Sometimes it may take 7-10 days for them to get one sim. Thus parents of other agencies can not contact their child for the initial 7-10 days.

A new bank account is vital for students in China. Omkar Medicom Consultancy will always make the bank account of the students who have gone abroad to study MBBS in China.

Our Consultancy will arrange to make overseas bank accounts in China for our medical education students within 3-4 working days. A Chinese Bank Account is very much essential for:

  • Online Purchase via AliPay or Wechat Pay
  • Make canteen payments in many Universities.
  • Get credit for the Scholarship amount.

For other countries, we make the bank account after the Residency permit is received.

Bank Account is a big problem for those who have gone to study MBBS abroad through other Consultants.

Students of other MBBS Abroad Consultancy can't make a bank account unless they get the help of any senior who studied the Chinese language well. Without a bank account, students face massive problems in the initial few months in China.

Omkar Medicom Consultancy will do this smoothly for our students who have gone to study MBBS abroad in China.

In many provinces in China, all new students must register with the Local Police station within 24 hours after reaching China.

In Russia and Ukraine, it is required within 7 days. We will do this for our students.

Overseas Medical Students of other Education Consultants or MBBS Agencies end up Paying Huge Fines.

Students from other agencies do not know, nor can they do it because

  • They do not know the Chinese or the Russian language,
  • They do not know where to go to do it.
  • Hence end up paying massive fines (approx Rs 200 per day) during the time of making a Residency permit in China after 20-25 days.

Omkar Medicom Consultancy will always help our students who have gone abroad to study MBBS in buying all important stuff in the initial days.

Omkar Consultancy accompanies the MBBS students abroad and helps them to buy necessary stuff like a jacket, any study material, etc.

Overseas Medical students of other Education Consultants will never enjoy this facility.

Absolutely impossible for other agency students as they do not know where the markets are available, nor they know the local language to do any marketing in the initial few months. Students of other agencies beg the seniors to accompany them to the market. 

Omkar Medicom Consultancy gives a 100% Visa guarantee to all students who will apply through us to study MBBS in abroad. However, the Visa process is not the same for all countries.

China: We do Visa directly from the Chinese Embassy, and thus we give a 100% Visa guarantee. Visa Interview is not required for our students.

Russia: We apply directly to the VFS of the Russian Embassy. Hence we guarantee a 100% visa for Russia.

Ukraine, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh: We appoint the best Visa agents of these countries, paying them more than double fees than others. Hence we guarantee 100% Visa for these countries too. Only for the Philippines, an interview is required for Visa.

Minimum, 5% Visas of aspiring medical education students get rejected from other Overseas Consultants.

All other agencies apply for Visa through cheap and inexperienced Visa agents. Hence a minimum of 5% of students of other agencies does not get Visa. Plus, students of other agencies need to appear for Visa interview in many cases.

Omkar Medicom Consultancy always provides one time, one-way airfare for our medical education students from New Delhi/Kolkata to the airport of the overseas University. So you do not have to bother for airfare rates. Plus for most of the flights, by paying extra money, we book tickets with a minimum of 40 Kg baggage allowance.

60% of the other Education Consultancy do not provide air tickets to medical students going overseas. Students are bound to buy on their own at a high price at the last moment. Other Consultancy students get only 23 Kg baggage allowance which is too less for a MBBS student going 1st time to study abroad.

Please note an average day ticket price of Rs 18,000 may jump up to Rs 45,000 when the students travel to China, Russia, Ukraine or other countries.

Omkar Medicom Consultancy is admitting students who wish to study MBBS Abroad for 10 years. We know the local languages fluently. So we do assist the students in all possible ways throughout their MBBS course. But we will never help in Examination or attendance or any unlawful activities.

Other so called Overseas Medical Education Consultants duty ends in Delhi airport on the day of the 1st journey. They are just small time agents looking for some extra money through any kind of business. After the students will leave India,

  • Neither they keep in touch with their students,
  • Neither they can be of any help if anything seriously required.

Moreover, most of the other agencies are 2 or 3 years old. How can you believe even if they promise to help you for 5 or 6 years?

Omkar Medicom Consultancy will always help you in case of a medical emergency while studying MBBS abroad.

On getting any news of any medical emergency required by any of our student, Omkar Medicom Consultancy will immediately contact the university hospital or the overseas education department and request them to do the needful. As we know the Chinese language, we talk to the concerned doctor and share the updates with the parents. In all these years, many such medical emergencies have happened. In the case of Russian and other countries, we have our staff and associates who will help the students in these cases.

Most of the others are not Consultants but mere sub-agents who send students to study MBBS through someone else abroad. These sub-agents do not know even where the hospital is or whom to contact. So you can't expect any help from them in case of any emergency.

It may look like that Omkar Medicom is taking a bit more Consultancy charge than others. But actually, it is not so. We add all expenses in advance and then publish our Consultancy charges on the internet. Other medical education consultants will leave many things at your own cost since they are not accompanying the students going overseas. 

Even if our Consultancy charges seem higher, still, finally, our students pay less than other agency students as they do not have to face any hurdle in abroad. In short, it is a COMPLETE MENTAL PEACE for Omkar Medicom students and parents.

Some agencies may take a little bit less than us as Consultancy charges. Still, finally, their students end up paying much more than our students. They also have to face a lot of problems during their whole course.

So Act smartly now.

You are going to spend a total of Rs 20 or 30 Lac for your MBBS course in abroad. If you are smart enough, then you will not think of the difference of Rs 25,000/Rs 40,000 that may seems higher initially.

In all these years, Omkar Medicom has become the "Best Study MBBS Abroad Consultant" and the Trusted Number One in India. 

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