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Omkar Medicom | Best Study Mbbs Abroad Consultants for Admission in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyz, Philippines & Bangladesh | MCI Approved English Medium

Testimonials of Study MBBS Abroad Students & Parents

Omkar Medicom has got 5 Star Review from almost all students of Study MBBS Abroad
study mbbs abroad review md abdul rizwan
Student from China
"It was really great in contacting them as they made my suffering easier they did gave all the assistance step by step they contacted me through mail and what's aap they gave all the details gave me proper ........"
study mbbs abroad review no image available girl
Student from Russia
"He is very genuine, helpful, believer person. I got to know OMKAR MEDICOM from one well know friend who had took admission from them. Actually I was facing much problem for mci certificate, ........."
study mbbs abroad review nisha basheer
Student from China
"All my thanks and respect for Mr Bhaumik of Omkar Medicom. Today I am a 3rd Year student of MBBS in China. Without his help, I would not have come to this position to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor....."

Study MBBS Abroad in MCI Approved Universities in English Medium

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We do Admission for 36 Top World Ranking Medical Universities in China.
Yearly Fees Starts from Rs 2,96,000
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We do Admission for the Best 6 Medical Universities in Russia
Yearly Fees Starts from Rs 2,38,000
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We do Admission for the most popular 3 Medical Universities in Kyrgyz.
Yearly Fees Starts from Rs 2,70,000
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We do Admission for 6 well known Medical Universities in Philippines.
Package Starts from Rs 21,43,000
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We do Admission for the Best 3 Medical Universities in Ukraine
Yearly Fees Starts from Rs 4,00,000
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We do Admission for the most popular 8 Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.
Package Starts from Rs 27,60,000

Why will a student take admission to Study MBBS Abroad?

NEET 2020 Statistics, Number of Candidates and Seats Available in Indian Medical Colleges

NEET Applicants Year wise:

  • 2017: 11,38,890 (Candidate actual appeared 10,90,085)
  • 2018: 13,26,725 (Candidate actual appeared 12,69,922)
  • 2019: 15,19,375 (Candidate actual appeared 14,10,755)
  • 2020: 15,93,452

Nearly 16 lac students will appear for 2020 NEET.

Understand the availability of seats.

States which have the maximum number of medical seats:

  • Maharashtra – 2,28,829 candidates (8050 total seats, 4080 in Government Colleges)
  • Uttar Pradesh – 1,54,705 candidates (6278 total seats, 2878 in Government Colleges)
  • Rajasthan – 1,38,149 candidates (5900 total seats, 2600 in Government Colleges)
  • Karnataka – 1,19,626 candidates (9095 total seats, 2900 in Government Colleges)
  • Tamil Nadu – 1,17,502 candidates (7150 total seats, 3600 in Government Colleges)
  • Kerala – 1,16,010 candidates (4005 total seats, 1455 in Government Colleges)

From the above context, it is clear that in these six states, 8,74,820 candidates will compete for mere 17,513 Government seats. That is only 2% of the total applicants. These Six states have many more medical seats than other states. In other states, the situation is far worse.


What will the rest 98% of students do who could not get a seat in Government Medical College?

Fate of 98% students who could not get a seat in Government Medical College in India.

  • A few will again try next year in NEET.
  • Mere 1.6% of students will pay a hefty amount as a donation to get a seat in a private medical college in India.
  • The majority will leave the dream of becoming a doctor and join in any general Graduation course.
  • Only a few intelligent students like you will opt for admission in MBBS  Abroad.

In India, not even 20% of the NEET applicants know the fact that there is an option of doing MBBS from abroad in the English medium. That too at a 1/5th cost of any Private Medical College of India.


Study MBBS Abroad | Best Option for students who could not get a Government Medical College seat

Foreign Medical Colleges and Universities are in fact, acting as a savior to several thousands of Indian students, willing to become a doctor.
Medical Council of India is well aware of the fact that there is a massive shortage of Doctors in India. So MCI has approved 463 medical colleges and universities worldwide where Indian students are allowed to do MBBS.
Among the above 463 Colleges, Indian students mostly opt for the following countries: (as per popularity choice)

  • China: 45 Universities (All are Government and in English medium)
  • Russia: 54 Universities (All are government, but only 12-14 are in English medium)
  • Kyrgyz Republic: 7 Universities (4 are in English medium)
  • Ukraine: 16 Universities (Only 7 are in English medium)
  • Philippines: 39 Colleges and Universities (only 11 private colleges accepts Indians)
  • Kazakhstan: 12 Universities (only 3 are in English medium)
  • Belarus: 4 Universities (All are bi-lingual)
  • Georgia: 25 Colleges and universities (All are private colleges)
  • Bangladesh: 7 Universities (All are private and unnecessary too costly)
  • Nepal: 5 Universities (All are private and too costly)
  • Central, South America, and the Caribbean Islands: 16 colleges and universities (All are private)

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Abroad?

Study MBBS Abroad at an affordable cost

Students can get the top-quality education in China, some universities in Russia and Kyrgyz at a cost-effective all-inclusive complete package of Rs 18 to 30 Lac.

The cost of living is low in Study MBBS Abroad countries

The cost of living in China, Russia, Kyrgyz, Bangladesh, Philippines is quite low. It will be a maximum of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per month, including food (except a few cities like Moscow, Petersburg, Kazan, Beijing, Shanghai).

Capitation Fee is not required for Study MBBS Abroad

For any private medical college in India, you will have to pay a hefty amount as a one-time donation to get a seat. Plus Tuition fee is around Rs 40 lac to 1 crore. For medical colleges abroad, you will not pay any donations. You just pay the Consultancy charges of around 2-3 lac.

Study MBBS Abroad Course Duration

MBBS course duration is almost similar to India:

  • India: 4 years and 6 months + 1-year Internship.
  • China: 4 years and 9 months + 1-year Internship.
  • Bangladesh, Nepal, Kyrgyz, Kazakh: 5 years + 1-year Internship.
  • Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia: 5 years and 8 months + 1-year Internship.
  • Philippines, Central America: 2 years Pre-Medical + 4 Years Medical + 1-year Internship.

Study MBBS Abroad | No Entrance test for Admission

To study MBBS abroad, you need to qualify NEET and secure good marks in the Class 12 board exam. No need to clear any entrance examination or exams like IELTS and TOEFL.

NEXT Test for all MBBS students

At present, the NEXT test is the Licensing exam to be cleared by any MBBS passed student to get the Indian Medical Registration number. So basically, there is no difference between a student studying in India or a student studying abroad. So it is useless to spend 80 lac in Indian Private Medical Colleges.


Best Infrastructure in Study MBBS Abroad Universities

In most of the Medical universities of:

  • China, Infrastructure of Lab, Library, Hospital, Hostel are of world-class. Hospitals and Labs have all the latest medical equipments.
  • Russia: Maximum have good Infrastructure.
  • Ukraine, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Belarus: A few have good Infrastructure.
  • The rest of the countries like Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Georgia do not have good Infrastructure.
    Central American colleges have the worst Infrastructure.

Safety and Security of Indian students in abroad

Among the countries where Indian students usually go abroad to study MBBS,

  • The safest country is China. Apart from China,
  • The other safer places are Russia (except Petersburg),
  • Kyrgyz (except OSH and Jalalabad),
  • Ukraine (except eastern parts),
  • Georgia, and some parts of the Philippines.
  • However, Bangladesh and Central America are not that safe.

MBBS Abroad Students will get International Exposure

Students will get the maximum international exposure abroad. It will build them a far more confident human being, as well as doctors, than their counterparts who are studying in India.

English Taught MBBS Programs in Abroad

As we have mentioned above, in maximum universities, the medium of instruction is entirely in English. Side by side, students will also learn the local language. It will help them in the future if they wish to settle in foreign countries.

Study MBBS Abroad Hostels for Indian students

In 90% of the universities abroad, hostels for Indian students are entirely independent.

Indian Mess in Study MBBS Abroad

In most of the Universities under Omkar Medicom, facilities of Indian mess is available. Same Indian food available in these messes at a reasonable fixed cost.


Best Three Countries for Study MBBS Abroad

From our 13 year's experience, we have listed these three countries as the best for Study MBBS Abroad for Indian students. Take admission in 2020 in any of these Omkar Medicom prescribed University.


Best Medical Universities in Russia

Altai State Medical University

Kabardino Balkarian University

Ulyanovsk State University



Best Medical Universities in Kyrgyz

Asian Medical University

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

ISM Bishkek


Experience the Omkar Medicom way of Study MBBS Abroad


Best MBBS abroad Consultancy.

Omkar Medicom is the best consultancy for MBBS abroad for Indian students.
We admit in 45 MCI approved Medical Universities in China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Kyrgyz Republic and Bangladesh
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