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Which is the Best University to study MBBS Abroad?

Xinjiang Medical University is the Best University to study MBBS Abroad

Advantages of MBBS in Xinjiang Medical University:

  • World Rank 1718. Only AIIMS Delhi in India has a better World Rank of 1681. 
  • Fully Government University.
  • China is the safest place for any Indian student, boy or a girl. 
  • Best Practical classes with highest number of cadaver.
  • Best Hospitals with 7.5 crore + inflow of patients yearly.
  • 90% students have cleared MCI exam.
  • 8 pure Indian Veg and Non-veg food available in the canteen daily.
Only Rs 4,50,000 1st Year Total Cost
Xinjiang Medical University China 006
Last Updated on 30.11.2020

Admission for the 2020 session already closed in most of the Medical Colleges and Universities in China, Russia, Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan.
The maximum number of admissions was done so far for China and then Russia and the 3rd for Bangladesh
So, Book your seat now through Omkar Medicom. Call or Whatsapp: +919163195767, +919911995956

MBBS Abroad Seat Status
(as on 30.11.2020)
Country Name of the Medical University Status of Seats Package Cost
(including everything,
except food)
China Xinjiang Medical University Last 02 seats 22,17,000
Sichuan University Last 05 seats 29,54,000
Soochow University Last 02 seats 23,13,000
China Three Gorges University Admission Closed 18,22,000
Xian Jiaotong University Admission Closed 28,68,000
Nanjing Medical University Admission Closed 24,30,000
Russia Kabardino Balkarian State University Admission Closed 17,43,000
Altai State Medical University Admission Closed 24,05,000
Ulyanovsk State University Last date: 8th Dec 22,44,000
Kyrgyzstan Asian Medical Institute Last 04 seats 15,92,000
Bangladesh North Bengal Medical College Admission Closed 25,70,000

Study MBBS Abroad in MCI Approved Universities in English Medium

As per availability of seats in different universities/colleges as on 28.10.2020
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We do MBBS Admission Abroad for 36 Top World Rank Universities in China.
Yearly Fees Starts from Rs 3,50,000
All Inclusive Fees, only Food extra
study mbbs abroad in russia logo by omkar medicom


We do MBBS Admission Abroad for the Best 6 Medical Universities in Russia
Yearly Fees Starts from Rs 3,36,000
All Inclusive Fees, only Food extra
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We do MBBS Admission for the popular low Fees 3 Medical Universities in Kyrgyz.
Yearly Fees Starts from Rs 2,56,000
All Inclusive Fees, only Food extra
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We do MBBS Admission Abroad for 6 well known Medical Universities in Philippines.
Package Starts from Rs 19,79,000
All Inclusive Fees, Hostel & Food extra
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We do MBBS Admission Abroad for the Best 3 Medical Universities in Ukraine
Yearly Fees Starts from Rs 3,01,000
All Inclusive Fees, only Food extra
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We do MBBS Admission Abroad for the Best Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.
Package Starts from Rs 22,90,000
All Inclusive Fees, only Food extra

Testimonials of Study MBBS Abroad Students & Parents

All Google Verified Reviews
Omkar Medicom, The Best Consultant has got 5 Star Review from almost all students of Study MBBS Abroad.
study mbbs abroad review md abdul rizwan
Student from China
"It was really great in contacting them as they made my suffering easier they did gave all the assistance step by step they contacted me through mail and what's aap they gave all the details gave me proper ........"
about omkar medicom review by sujatha kademani
Student from Russia
"He is very genuine, helpful, believer person. I got to know OMKAR MEDICOM from one well know friend who had took admission from them. Actually I was facing much problem for mci certificate, ........."
study mbbs abroad review nisha basheer
Student from China
"All my thanks and respect for Mr Bhaumik of Omkar Medicom. Today I am a 3rd Year student of MBBS in China. Without his help, I would not have come to this position to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor....."

Why will a student take admission to Study MBBS Abroad?

Study MBBS abroad in China by consultant Omkar Medicom 001Study MBBS abroad in Bangladesh by consultant Omkar Medicom 002

NEET 2020 Statistics, Number of Candidates and Seats Available in Indian Medical Colleges

NEET Applicants Year wise:

  • 2017: 11,38,890 (Candidate actual appeared 10,90,085)
  • 2018: 13,26,725 (Candidate actual appeared 12,69,922)
  • 2019: 15,19,375 (Candidate actual appeared 14,10,755)
  • 2020: 15,93,452 (Candidate actual appeared 14,37,000 approx)

Understand the availability of seats.

States which have the maximum number of medical seats:

  • Maharashtra – 2,28,829 candidates (8050 total seats, 4080 in Government Colleges)
  • Uttar Pradesh – 1,54,705 candidates (6278 total seats, 2878 in Government Colleges)
  • Rajasthan – 1,38,149 candidates (5900 total seats, 2600 in Government Colleges)
  • Karnataka – 1,19,626 candidates (9095 total seats, 2900 in Government Colleges)
  • Tamil Nadu – 1,17,502 candidates (7150 total seats, 3600 in Government Colleges)
  • Kerala – 1,16,010 candidates (4005 total seats, 1455 in Government Colleges)

From the above context, it is clear that in these six states, 8,74,820 candidates will compete for mere 17,513 Government seats. That is only 2% of the total applicants. These Six states have many more medical seats than other states. In other states, the situation is far worse.

What will the rest 98% of students do who could not get a seat in Government Medical College?

Study MBBS abroad in Russia by consultant Omkar MedicomStudy MBBS abroad in Kyrgyz by consultant Omkar Medicom

Fate of 98% students who could not get a seat in Government Medical College in India.

  • A few will again try next year in NEET.
  • Mere 1.6% of students will pay a hefty amount as a donation to get a seat in a private medical college in India.
  • The majority will leave the dream of becoming a doctor and join in any general Graduation course.
  • Only a few intelligent students like you will opt for MBBS  Admission Abroad in affordable Fees.

In India, not even 20% of the NEET applicants know the fact that there is an option of doing MBBS from abroad in the English medium. That too at a 1/5th cost of any Private Medical College of India.

Study MBBS Abroad | Best Option for students who could not get a Government Medical College seat

Study MBBS abroad in Philippines by consultant Omkar MedicomStudy MBBS abroad in Kazakhstan by consultant Omkar Medicom

Foreign Medical Colleges and Universities are in fact, acting as a savior to several thousands of Indian students, willing to become a doctor.
Medical Council of India is well aware of the fact that there is a massive shortage of Doctors in India. So MCI has approved 463 medical colleges and universities worldwide where Indian students are allowed to do MBBS.
Among the above 463 Colleges, Indian students mostly opt for the following countries: (as per popularity choice)

  • China: 45 Universities (All are Government and in English medium)
  • Russia: 54 Universities (All are government, but only 12-14 are in English medium)
  • Kyrgyz Republic: 7 Universities (4 are in English medium)
  • Ukraine: 16 Universities (Only 7 are in English medium)
  • Philippines: 39 Colleges and Universities (only 11 private colleges accepts Indians)
  • Kazakhstan: 12 Universities (only 3 are in English medium with a few classes in the Russian language)
  • Belarus: 4 Universities (All are bi-lingual)
  • Georgia: 25 Colleges and universities (All are private colleges)
  • Bangladesh: 62 Medical Colleges under 7 Universities (All are fully English Medium)
  • Nepal: 5 Universities (All are private and too costly)
  • Central, South America, and the Caribbean Islands: 16 colleges and universities (All are private and unreasonably expensive)

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Abroad?

low fees in mbbs abroad

Study MBBS Abroad at Low Fees

Students can get the top-quality MBBS Education in China, some universities in Russia, Bangladesh, and Kyrgyz at low Fees complete all-inclusive package of Rs 18 to 30 Lac.

low living cost in mbbs abroad

The cost of living is low in Study MBBS Abroad countries

The cost of living in China, Russia, Kyrgyz, Bangladesh, Philippines is quite low. It will be a maximum of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per month, including food (except a few cities like Moscow, Petersburg, Kazan, Beijing, Shanghai).

no capitation fees

Capitation Fee is not required for Study MBBS Admission Abroad

For any private medical college in India, you will have to pay a hefty amount as a one-time donation to get a seat. Plus Tuition fee is around Rs 40 lac to 1 crore. For medical colleges abroad, you will not pay any donations. You just pay the Consultancy charges of around 2-3 lac.

mbbs abroad duration

Study MBBS Abroad Course Duration

MBBS course duration is almost similar to India:

  • India: 4 years and 6 months + 1-year Internship.
  • China: 4 years and 9 months + 1-year Internship.
  • Bangladesh, Nepal, Kyrgyz, Kazakh: 5 years + 1-year Internship.
  • Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia: 5 years and 8 months + 1-year Internship.
  • Philippines, Central America: 2 years Pre-Medical + 4 Years Medical + 1-year Internship.
no entrance test

Study MBBS Abroad Abroad | No Entrance test required

To study MBBS abroad, you need to qualify NEET and secure good marks in the Class 12 board exam. No need to clear any entrance examination or exams like IELTS and TOEFL.

next test for all

NEXT Test for all Indian MBBS students

At present, the NEXT test is the Licensing exam to be cleared by any MBBS passed student to get the Indian Medical Registration number. So basically, there is no difference between a student studying in India or a student studying abroad. So it is useless to spend a minimum of Rs 80 lac in Indian Private Medical Colleges. Far better is to take MBBS Admission in abroad within reasonable Fees of Rs 20 to 30 Lac.

best infrastructure in mbbs abroad

Best Infrastructure in MBBS Abroad Universities

In most of the Medical universities of:

  • MBBS in China: In China, Infrastructure of Lab, Library, Hospital, Hostel are of world-class in all the MCI Approved Colleges. Hospitals and Labs have all the latest medical equipment.
  • MBBS in Russia: Maximum has good Infrastructure.
  • MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in Kyrgyz, MBBS in Kazakhstan, Belarus: Only a few have proper Infrastructure, but Cadaver is not given for dissection in the Anatomy lab in these countries.
  • MBBS in Bangladesh: Though Infrastructure is not advanced like China, there is a perfect and strict educational atmosphere in most of the Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.
  • The rest of the countries like the Philippines and Georgia do not have good Infrastructure.
  • Caribbean, Central, and South American colleges have the worst Infrastructure.
safety and security

Safety and Security of Indian students in MBBS Abroad Countries

Among the countries where Indian students usually go abroad to study MBBS,

  • The safest country is China. Apart from China,
  • The other safer places are Russia (except Saint Petersburg),
  • Kyrgyz (except OSH and Jalalabad),
  • Ukraine (except eastern parts),
  • Georgia, and some parts of the Philippines.
  • Bangladesh and Central America are not 100% safe. Conditions are similar to India.

MBBS Abroad Students will get International Exposure

Students will get the maximum international exposure abroad. It will build them a far more confident human being, as well as doctors, than their counterparts who are studying in India.

study mbbs abroad in english

English Taught MBBS Programs in Abroad

As we have mentioned above, in maximum universities, the medium of instruction is entirely in English. Side by side, students will also learn the local language. It will help them in the future if they wish to settle in foreign countries.

mbbs abroad hostels

Study MBBS Abroad Hostels for Indian students

In 90% of the universities abroad, hostels for Indian students are entirely independent.

indian mess

Indian Mess in Study MBBS Abroad

In most of the Universities under Omkar Medicom, facilities of Indian mess is available. Same Indian food available in these messes at a reasonable fixed cost.


Take Admission in Best Six Countries for Study MBBS Abroad

From our 13 year's experience, we have listed these six countries as the best for Study MBBS Abroad for Indian students. Take admission in 2020 in any of these Omkar Medicom prescribed University.

Study MBBS Admission Abroad Features, Fees, Consultants of China and Russia


Study MBBS abroad in China by consultant Omkar Medicom 002

MBBS in China is the top Medical Colleges in China is the best and the most economical choice.

Rs 18 to 30 Lac is the total MBBS Abroad Fees China for the entire course duration of 4.9 years, including all expenses, except food.

Some of the Top Economic MBBS Universities in China are:

MBBS degree acquired from China always holds a high-status value and valid all over the world. This includes USMLE, UKPLAB, AMC, SMC, MCI, DHA, HAAD, etc. 

The MBBS Abroad Fees in China is One-Fourth than in private Indian medical colleges. In India, an average Indian Private Medical College will cost approximately Rs 70 Lac and above. Whereas in China most of the Universities will cost only Rs 22 Lac. MBBS in China universities also cost less than the medical universities in other countries like RussiaUkraine, Georgia, Bangladesh, etc.

All the Universities in China have the World's Best infrastructural facilities regarding Lab, Library, Hospitals, Hostels, and Campus.

China has around 20 + High World Rank Medical Universities of 2000 or above. In India, only AIIMS Delhi enjoys World Rank of above 2000. A few of the high ranking medical universities in China are:

  • Xian Jiaotong University World Rank 168
  • Xiamen University World Rank 204
  • Soochow University World Rank 361
  • Sichuan University World Rank 628
  • Shandong University World Rank 823
  • Wenzhou Medical University World Rank 922
  • Nanjing Medical University World Rank 908
  • Anhui Medical University World Rank 1849

In China, all are Government Medical Universities. Owned and managed by the Central Government or Provincial Government of China. Only Government medical colleges and universities can provide the best facilities for medical studies all over the world.


Study MBBS abroad in Russia by consultant Omkar Medicom 001

International students study MBBS in Russia for the last six decades. Several Russian Medical Universities come among the Top 500 Medical Colleges in the world.

MBBS in Russia is a highly preferred choice for Indian students because:

  • All are Government-owned Medical Universities in Russia.
  • Fees are less than 1/4th than the expenses of Private Medical Colleges in India.
  • Medical Universities in Russia rank far better than the Medical Colleges in India.
  • Russia maintains a European standard of studies.
  • Students can get exposure to European standards.
  • The student/teacher ratio is almost 10:1 in all the Universities.
  • Students can do PG in Russia later on at a very nominal cost.
  • Medical Council of India or MCI recognizes 54 Universities in Russia.
  • Students can appear for USMLE, and UK PLAB studying in most of the Universities.

Study MBBS Admission Abroad Features, Fees, Consultants of Kyrgyz and Bangladesh


Study MBBS abroad in kyrgyz by consultant Omkar Medicom 001

Medical universities in the Kyrgyz Republic are one of the top choices of Indian students for MBBS in Abroad at a low cost. The country has 3 to 4 good medical universities to study MBBS. The quality of medical education here is quite high and can be comparable to European standards. WHO and MCI recognize six universities of the Kyrgyz Republic. Some of the reputed medical universities in the Kyrgyz are listed below:

  • Asian Medical Institute,
  • Kyrgyz State Medical Academy,
  • International School of Medicine

Indian students prefer MBBS in Kyrgyz because:

  • The course duration is now for five years. 
  • Many universities provide real-life case studies and clinical knowledge. 
  • MCI coaching facilities present in all Omkar Medicom Universities.
  • The cost of the study is quite reasonable in comparison to Ukraine or Kazakhstan


Study MBBS abroad in bangladesh by consultant Omkar Medicom 001

Study MBBS in Bangladesh is one of the right options to Study Medical Abroad for Indian Students. In a broad sense, medical education quality is almost the same as in India. In some colleges, it is better than the private medical colleges of India.

  • Many Indian students prefer Bangladesh for medical study because:
  • The cost of MBBS in Bangladesh is one-third of the cost of Private Medical Colleges in India.
  • Some good Medical Colleges of Bangladesh have essential quality standards and professional faculty to provide an adequate education.
  • Bangladesh MBBS Study pattern and Syllabus are similar to the Indian curriculum.
  • Indian students usually do not feel any problem of Language since Hindi is understood by many people in most of the cities in Bangladesh.
  • The entire medical course is taught in the English Language only.
  • WHO and MCI recognize many medical colleges in Bangladesh.

The Best Medical Colleges in Bangladesh for Indian Students are:

Always take admission through the Best MBBS Abroad Consultant Omkar Medicom to avail all the benefits.

Experience the way of Study MBBS Abroad Best Consultant Omkar Medicom 

OMKAR MEDICOM is Always The Best Study MBBS Abroad Admission Consultant

Study MBBS Abroad Videos

★ Xinjiang Medical University, Best to Study MBBS Abroad In China

★ Xinjiang Medical University, Best to Study MBBS Abroad In China: See What We Have To Say:

  • Official Admission Partner Omkar Medicom.
  • Xinjiang Medical University (XJMU), was founded in 1956.
  • XJMU started English medium MBBS from 1992.
  • Presently, over 900 Indian students study MBBS here.
  • Xinjiang Medical University has 40 affiliated hospitals.

क्यों डॉक्टर माता-पिता केवल "OMKAR MEDICOM" पर विश्वास करते हैं।

कृपया ओमकार मेडिकॉम के इस वीडियो और अन्य वीडियो को अंत तक देखें।

  • हरियाणा के डॉ। खोखर ने वर्ष 2013 में एमबीबीएस करने के लिए अपनी बेटी को ओंकार मेडिकॉम के माध्यम से चीन भेजा।
  • वर्ष 2018 में, उन्होंने फिर से उनके बेटाको एमबीबीएस करने के लिए चीन भेजने के लिए हमारे साथ संपर्क किया।

यह साबित करता है कि चीन या किसी अन्य देश में एमबीबीएस की आवश्यकता होने पर वे ओंकार मेडिकॉम पर कितना भरोसा करते हैं।

ஓம்கார் மெடிகாமுடன் கலந்தாலோசிக்காமல் எம்.பி.பி.எஸ்-க்கு சீனா செல்ல வேண்டாம்.

ஓம்கார் மெடிகாமுடன் கலந்தாலோசிக்காமல் எம்.பி.பி.எஸ்-க்கு சீனா செல்ல வேண்டாம். ஏன் என்று அறிய முழு வீடியோவையும் காண்க.

ஓம்கார் மெடிகாம், சீனாவில் உள்ள 36 மருத்துவ பல்கலைக்கழகங்களின் அதிகாரப்பூர்வ சேர்க்கை கூட்டாளர்.

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Omkar Medicom is the Best Study MBBS Abroad Consultant | See Reviews

Shagun Sharma
Shagun Sharma
Shagun Sharma

Omkar Medicom is excellent, always friendly. They helped me in every respect. Admission, Visa, taking us to China, immigration, sim card, hostel everything. I have seen the sufferings of students from other agencies at my university. I feel lucky that I came through Omkar Medicom. Thanks to Shamik Sir and many thanks to my parents for choosing Omkar Medicom.

Priyanka Goyal
Priyanka Goyal
Priyanka Goyal

Omkar Medicom is Simply THE BEST. The best part of them is that, they never tell you any lie. They will never make you feel that you are going to a land of fairy tales. They will never give you any false promise. They just tell you the reality. being away from my mom, being away from my dear dad, being away from my cute little sis prachi, being away from rakesh, soni, archi.. all my childhood friends.... life is not that easy in foreign land.... BUT BUT BUT ... omkar medicom people will make you feel in real that you are just Home away from Home. Today just 1 yr away from becoming a doctor, if I say thank u bhaumik sir, thank u shamik sir..... it will be a insult to them..... I just want to say .... I love you bhaumik sir.... i love you shamik sir.... we all love you for being our side all these years.....

mohd abdul rizwan
mohd abdul rizwan
mohd abdul rizwan

It was really great in contacting them as they made my suffering easier they did gave all the assistance step by step they contacted me through mail and what's aap they gave all the details gave me proper guidance and all the necessary documents required for me and my medical so I really thank them for there work and also they came all the way to China did my admission process there and my bank account ! So it was worth it .

nisha basheer
nisha basheer
nisha basheer

All my thanks and respect for Mr Bhaumik of Omkar Medicom. Today I am a 3rd Year student of MBBS in China. Without his help, I would not have come to this position to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. I live in a small town in Jharkhand and my sister was working in Bangalore. In 2017 May, she contacted one agency in Bangalore near to her home and paid Rs 40000 for my admission in Xian Jiaotong. Next day that agency gave her admission letter of xian. We all were happy as I have got admission in one of the best university in the world. But after that, we didn’t hear anything from that Bangalore agency. June went, July gone… no proper reply. We felt something foul was happening. In July end my sister searched internet and found Omkar Medicom Kolkata and contacted Mr bhaumik and requested him to get a seat for me at Xian Jiaotong University. Mr Bhaumik clearly said in that 1st conversation that admission in Xian absolutely not possible as all admissions were done within June 10th and Visa process of the Xian students will start from August 15th. My sister then told him all the details about that Bangalore agency. Mr Bhaumik told her that he does not know that agency. But if we want, then he can try his level best to get my admission done in China, although it was too late. Next day we paid Rs 50000 and sent him all the documents required for admission and now today I am in China Medical University studying MBBS in 3rd year. My admission was late, so my visa was also late. Even then Dr Majumdar took me alone to China Medical University without taking any extra money. I will be always grateful to Mr Bhaumik and Dr Majumdar of Omkar who managed everything although we were too late in applying. One thing we all have understood that time and in future years that Mr Bhaumik and Dr Majumdar say only the true fact, what they can do actually. They never exaggerate things to show unrealistic DREAMS to the students and parents. In this message, just because my sister is living in that same area till now, I cant name that agency of Bangalore, who cheated us but always claim that they are DREAM of DOCTORS,

saheed h
saheed h
saheed h

I am very delighted on the service of omkar which they rendered to my son for getting admission to xinjiang.They processed the entire which helped to get admission with utmost easiness as getting admission to nearby college. The service of Sushil Pillai and Bhaumik is marvellous for clearing all and even silly doubts arised with regard to admissionMy family deeply indebted to Dr.Shamik who accompanied students to china,for giving parental care for solving all issue in China.They charged nothing more processing what they quoted at the very first stage of admission.I salute the team Omkar and its dedicated persons like sushil pillai and bhaumik Saheed.H Pulimoottil Alleppey 12