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Best MBBS Abroad Admission Consultant in India

We have done 1500 + admission till date in China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Kyrgyz and Bangladesh
Most of our students who have completed MBBS, already passed MCI Test.

Meet the Partners of Omkar Medicom

subhashish bhaumik picture


Business person from 1987
Subhashish Bhaumik, Partner of Omkar Medicom, successfully in business right from 1987. He has visited almost all medical universities in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Philippines and Bangladesh numerous times in these years.
dr shamik majumdar picture


Doctor staying in China since 2007
Dr Shamik Majumdar, partner of Omkar Medicom lives in China for the last 13 years to look after the huge number of students we have admitted  in China. He knows Chinese language fluently which helps our students a lot all through their course. 
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Reviews from Students & Parents for Omkar Medicom

"It was really great in contacting them as they made my suffering easier they did gave all the assistance step by step they contacted me through mail and what's aap they gave all the details gave me proper guidance and all the necessary documents required for me and my medical so I really thank them for there work and also they came all the way to China did my admission process there and my bank account ! So it was worth it ."
Md Abdul Rizwan Rated Omkar Medicom 5 Star ★★★★★
Final year student From China
"I m very much thankful to OMKAR MEDICOM for helping me. Specially thanks to Mr. Omkar sir. He is very genuine, helpful, believer person. 

I got to know OMKAR MEDICOM from one well know friend who had took admission from them. Actually I was facing much problem for mci certificate, I was continously applying from 3 years but due to some causes I was not able to get it, I was totally depressed about it at that Time my friend insisted me about omkar Sir. Within a days I spoke to omkar Sir and told him about all the problems I was facing for mci. 

He is really a great person he solved my problem within 7 working days. I am very very thankful to so much genuine person whom I ever met, he even dint take any money from me though I'm not through his student. 

Here by I insist all my friends to take admission through so good responsible person omkar Sir. Thank you so much sir."
Sujatha Kademani Rated Omkar Medicom 5 Star ★★★★★
4th year student From Russia
"All my thanks and respect for Mr Bhaumik of Omkar Medicom. Today I am a 3rd Year student of MBBS in China. Without his help, I would not have come to this position to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. 

I live in a small town in Jharkhand and my sister was working in Bangalore. In 2017 May, she contacted one agency in Bangalore near to her home and paid Rs 40000 for my admission in Xian Jiaotong. Next day that agency gave her admission letter of xian. We all were happy as I have got admission in one of the best university in the world. 

But after that, we didn’t hear anything from that Bangalore agency. June went, July gone… no proper reply. We felt something foul was happening. 

In July end my sister searched internet and found Omkar Medicom Kolkata and contacted Mr bhaumik and requested him to get a seat for me at Xian Jiaotong University. Mr Bhaumik clearly said in that 1st conversation that admission in Xian absolutely not possible as all admissions were done within June 10th and Visa process of the Xian students will start from August 15th. My sister then told him all the details about that Bangalore agency. 

Mr Bhaumik told her that he does not know that agency. But if we want, then he can try his level best to get my admission done in China, although it was too late. 

Next day we paid Rs 50000 and sent him all the documents required for admission and now today I am in China Medical University studying MBBS in 3rd year. 

My admission was late, so my visa was also late. Even then Dr Majumdar took me alone to China Medical University without taking any extra money. 

I will be always grateful to Mr Bhaumik and Dr Majumdar of Omkar who managed everything although we were too late in applying. 

One thing we all have understood that time and in future years that Mr Bhaumik and Dr Majumdar say only the true fact, what they can do actually. They never exaggerate things to show unrealistic DREAMS to the students and parents. 

In this message, just because my sister is living in that same area till now, I cant name that agency of Bangalore, who cheated us but always claim that they are DREAM of DOCTORS."
Nisha Basheer Rated Omkar Medicom 5 Star ★★★★★
3rd year student From China
"3 Cheers 4 omkar medicom. They are simply the best. 

Today I am studying in Jiangsu just because of them. I contacted omkar medicom before but I took admission through some other agency of Mumbai because omkar medicom was a little bit expensive. Just 4 days before my journey that Mumbai agency told me that they won't be able to accompany me to China. 

My family was totally shocked and we don’t know what to do at that time. We have already paid the university fees, agency fees… so I cant cancel my admission too. I was ashamed to contact omkar medicom again. Omkar Medicom told me many times earlier that other agency will not accompany me to China. 

So I started from Mumbai all alone. Due to my ill fate, my flight from Mumbai to Beijing was late by 3 hours and I missed the next flight which was from Beijing to Shanghai. I had no extra money, I cant talk with anyone as all others were Chinese… I had no clue what to do. 

I was literally crying sitting in an airport chair near to check-in. Suddenly I saw Dr Shamik Majumdar in the check-in queue. I knew him as I have seen many youtube videos of him before. 

I felt that time God has sent him for me or God himself is in front of me. I went straight to him and told him all the details. After that all the incidents that happened, I will never forget in my life. 

He took me to the Airlines office and convinced the airlines to issue a new ticket for me. Whatever extra payment was required, he paid himself. But the next flight which I got was in the evening. Understanding that I will face big problems after reaching Shanghai at night (as Dr Majumdar was going to some other city that time) he called one of his friend in Shanghai. 

I did not know that time that Shanghai airport is far away from Jiangsu university. I reached Shanghai airport at night 10.40 and outside the airport, the friend of Dr Majumdar was waiting. He recognized me as Dr Majumdar had sent him a picture of me earlier. 

It was not the end. I was then put to a hotel in Shanghai and when I was in the reception, Dr Majumdar called the hotel number and talked to me. He told me to stay in that hotel for 1 or 2 days and he will come to Shanghai and take me to Jiangsu and he also said that I have to pay nothing to the hotel. 

He took my parents phone number to call them and convey them all the details. After one day Dr Majumdar came to my hotel and took me to Jiangsu and did all the necessary work for me there at Jiangsu University. 

Now I am studying MBBS just because of him. Till today whenever he comes to my university he meets me and I just see him as God for me."
Umesh Verma Rated Omkar Medicom 5 Star ★★★★★
4th year student From China
What Omkar Medicom Do for Students?

A to Z Admission Process

You just decide to take admission, send documents, make payment.... Rest all we will do.

Passport Assistance

Without ready passport we will do your admission, assist you to get passport in some states.

100% Visa Guarantee

Omkar Medicom students will get 100% Visa, No Interview, No Bank Statement for China, Russia etc countries.

Accompanying Students

We will always accompany you to your University from India. Except for Ukraine we will do this any country.

Hostel Set Up

We will set up everything in your hostel to make your living smooth throughout your course.

Complete Support

We will provide you complete support all through your course, except exam, attendance or any illegal matter

Why Omkar Medicom is Better than other Agencies

Subjects Omkar Medicom, What We Can Do Other Agencies Can not Do
Actual Package We provide the actual package of the University in RMB adding all compulsory Miscellaneous charges. NO HIDDEN CHARGES at all. 95% other agencies only mention the tuition and hostel fees and keep hidden all other sundry expenses.
Accompanying with every students This is one of the most important service that we provide. We accompany with each and every student from India to China for the 1st time. 90% other agencies just leave the student at Delhi airport and rest all work students are bound to do on their own. This becomes too tough for students going 1st time to China.
Parents accompanying with students For our students its absolutely not required, as we will do everything for our students in the best possible way. Thus your parents save 7 days time and minimum Rs 1 lac. Its totally a TENSION FREE affair for our students and parents. Parents become bound to accompany with students. Thus you spend minimum Rs 1 lac extra. Plz note that even parents cant do anything properly in China 1st time as they do not know Chinese language and your parent have to suffer a lot of pain and agony.
Best Hostel room Since we do work for this university for many years and we know Chinese language fluently, we always can manage the best rooms for our students. Since students are going alone, they are bound to take the left over rooms allotted by the university, no matter whatever condition is.
Mobile Sim Card We arrange Chinese Sim card for our students within 1 working day after reaching China. 1st time students cant arrange sim cards and they need help of seniors to do so. Sometimes it may take 7-10 days for them to get one sim.
Bank Account We make bank accounts in China for our students within 3 working days. Pan card of India in original required. It is impossible for other agency students to make bank account, unless they get help of any senior who knows Chinese language well.
Foreigner’s Police Registration In many provinces in China its mandatory for all new students to Register with the Local Police station within 24 hours after reaching China. This we do smoothly for our students. Students from other agencies does not know nor cant do it, hence end up paying huge fine during time of making Residency permit.
Buying stuffs in initial days We help Students who need to buy jacket, shoe or any other stuffs in the initial days, taking them to the local reasonable priced market Absolutely impossible as they do not know where the markets are available nor they know Chinese language to do this.
University Exploration All universities in China are huge and we take the students for a tour of the University to show them all important places. It is impossible for other agency students to know the details of the university within 1st few months.
Visa We do Visa direct from the Embassy and thus we give 100% Visa guarantee. Visa Interview is not required for our students. All other agencies apply visa to VFS through their Visa agents. Hence minimum 5% students of other agencies do not get visa. Plus students of other agencies need to appear for Visa interview in most of the cases.
Air Ticket We provide one time, one way airfare for our students from New Delhi / Kolkata to the airport of the University. So you do not have to bother for airfare rates. 60% other agencies do not provide air ticket to students. Students are bound to buy on their own at high price in the last moment.
Service for full 5 years We stay in China and for our skill in Chinese language we can assist the students in all possible ways throughout their course of 5 years. But we will never assist in Examination or attendance or in any unlawful activities. Other agencies duty ends in Delhi airport on the day of the 1st journey. After that neither they keep in touch with their students, neither they can be of any help if anything seriously required.
Medical Emergency, if any In case of any medical emergency required by any student, we immediately contact the university hospital and request them to do the needful. As we know Chinese language, we talk to the concerned doctor and share the updates with the parents. Other agencies do not know even where is the hospital. So you cant expect any kind of help from them.
Consultancy charges We may take little bit extra as our Consultancy charges in India, but finally our students pay less than other agency students because our students do not have to face any hurdle in China. In short its COMPLETE MENTAL PEACE for our students and parents. Some agencies may take little bit less than us as Consultancy charges, but finally their students end up paying much more than our students. They also have to face lot of problems during their whole course.

Best MBBS abroad Consultancy.

Omkar Medicom is the best consultancy for MBBS abroad for Indian students.
We admit in 45 MCI approved Medical Universities in China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Kyrgyz Republic and Bangladesh
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