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Xiamen University | Top Rank Medical College in China for Indian students

Xiamen University World Ranking 251, Top Medical Colleges in China for Indian Students

Xiamen University | Top Rank Medical College in China for Indian students | Fees, Hostel, World Ranking | Official MBBS Admission Partner Omkar Medicom.

Web Page Last Updated on 08.02.2023

Xiamen University, Medical College China MBBS Highlights

Xiamen University China
Top Rank Medical Colleges in China
Year of foundation of Xiamen 1996
English medium from 2011
Government or Private Fujian Province Government of China
Grade in China A
World Rank of Xiamen University 251 (March 2021)
Is Cadaver provided to students? Yes, every 5 students will get one Cadaver
Location Xiamen City, South-East China
International MBBS students in Xiamen 473
Number of Indian students 375 approximately
No. of hospitals in Xiamen University 8 Affiliated Hospitals
Class Commencement October every year
Eligibility Criteria in 10+2 70% in PCBE (Video Interview Reqd)
NEET Criteria NEET 250 +
IELTS/TOFEL Criteria Not Applicable
MBBS Course Duration 4.9 Years
Medium of Instructions Full English
Is Chinese language Taught? Yes, 360 hours in 5 years
Recognition and Affiliations MOE, WHO, MCI, USMLE, PLAB, AMC
MBBS Degree Approved by MCI and WHO
MCI Test / FMGE Passing Numbers 2019-2020 FMGE Passing Numbers
Nearest International Airport Xiamen Gaoqi International airport
Nearest Domestic Airport Xiamen Gaoqi Airport
Distance from India 5.30 hours from Kolkata
Min/Max Temperature in Xiamen Jan Lowest: 10°C, July Highest: 32°C

Xiamen University Fee Structure

Xiamen University, China, Top World Ranking Medical College in the world, Total Fee is Rs 20,70,000 including Hostel. NO HIDDEN COST

Omkar Medicom Fees Packages of Xiamen University, Top World Ranking Medical College in China, include:

  • Tuition Fees,
  • Hostel Fees,
  • All compulsory Insurance and
  • Visa Extension/Residency Permit charges in China.

Consultancy Fee includes:

  • Visa Fees in India,
  • 1st time Airfare from New Delhi to China,
  • All Admission charges,
  • JW Form and Authorization from China, Consultancy charges,  
  • Accompanying students from New Delhi/Kolkata airport to the nearest airport of the University.

Xiamen University Fees 2023

Xiamen University, Medical College China Fees
Top Rank Medical College in China
Payments in China 1st Yr 2nd to
5th Yr
All Fees 38000 ¥ 38000 ¥ (Yearly Tuition Fee)
(INR) (Rs 3,80,000) (Rs 3,80,000)
Hostel 1600 ¥ 1600 ¥ (4-sharing Hostel
inside Campus)
(INR) (16,000) (16,000)
Misc Fees 2600 ¥ 1600 ¥ (Registration,
Residency, Insurance etc)
(INR) (26,000) (16,000)
Total 42200 ¥
(Rs 4,22,000)
41200 ¥
(Rs 4,12,000)
207000 ¥
(Rs 20,70,000)
Total Fees of Xiamen University
Consultancy Fee includes Visa Expenses in India, 1st Time Airfare from Delhi to Xiamen, Invitation Charges
University Hostel Compulsory for this University.
6th Year's Internship in Compulsory in this University.

1 ¥ (Chinese Yuan) = Rs 10 approximately. All payments in China has to be made in RMB ¥/Chinese Yuan or equivalent USD.

Presently (as on 08.02.2023), 1 ¥ = Rs 12.00. So, kindly calculate accordingly.


Xiamen University has Hostel facilities for International students inside all the campuses for all the years. Students are not allowed to stay outside. Food arrangements are available in several canteens payable daily. Students usually are not allowed to cook inside hostel rooms.

Other Fixed Expenses:

Fixed Compulsory Payments in India:

  • Application Fee,
  • Consultancy Charges

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MBBS in Xiamen University, the Top Medical Colleges in the World

Xiamen University is one of the Top Rank Medical Colleges in China for Indian students
Overview of Xiamen University

Overview of Xiamen University

Xiamen University Xiangan Campus 003Xiamen University Indian Students 002

Xiamen University is located in Xiamen city of Fujian province in China:

The Ministry of Education of China approved the foundation of the School of Medicine at Xiamen University in 1996. Xiamen University is the first higher-level medical education University in the southwestern part of Fujian Province.

In the last two decades, Xiamen University Medical College has trained a team of several high-caliber medical personnel to achieve; 

  • profound medical foundation,
  • proficient clinical techniques,
  • great humanistic quality and
  • strong innovation ability by combining academic resources and practicing inter-discipline.

Xiamen University is also a member of the national "211 Project" and "985 Project."

  • At present, Xiamen University has 4 campuses; Siming, Zhangzhou, Xiang'an and one overseas school in Malaysia.
  • Xiamen University has a total of 8 Grade-3, Class-A  Affiliated Hospitals.
  • The University also has 20 Teaching hospitals and Practical bases.
  • Construction is going on in full swing of a high-level comprehensive hospital, Xiangan Hospital.
  • Xiamen Medical University World Rank is 251 as of 2021.
  • More than 450 International medical students study MBBS and PG in this High World Ranking University in Xiamen, China.
  • International Students are 80% from India.
  • Soochow University or Suzhou University in English, approved by the Medical Council of India, is listed in MCI approved Medical Colleges in China
  • ScholarshipsXiamen University has various scholarship schemes for international medical students, depending on their on-semester results. 

World Rank of Xiamen University Medical College

  • Xiamen University ranks 251 in the world as of 2021 (Comparison: AIIMS Delhi World Rank is 2160).
  • Xiamen University Medical College has the Top Grade of A in China.
  • Xiamen Medical University is among the Top World Rank Medical Colleges in China for Indian students to study MBBS Abroad.

The educational environment of Xiamen University

Xiamen University Campus Teaching BuildingXiamen University Affiliated Third Hospital 001

At present, Medical College of Xiamen University is equipped with 64 teaching and research institutes including;

  • Faculty of Basic Medicine,
  • Department of Clinical Medicine,
  • Department of Nursing,
  • Department of Stomatology,
  • Department of Optometry and Ophthalmology,
  • Institute of Ophthalmic Research,
  • Organ Transplantation Research Institute,
  • Cancer Center,
  • Neurological Institute and Stem Cell Institute,
  • Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.

Xiamen University Medical College Educational environment:

  • At present, the total area of Xiamen University is 8,200 acres spread over the four campuses.
  • The Main Campus is Siming built on an area of 2,600 acres in Xiamen city.
  • The 2nd Campus is Zhangzhou, with a total area of more than 1000 acres in Fujian.
  • The newest and the most beautiful campus is Xiangan, which has more than 3,600 acres in Xiamen, 34 kilometers away from the Siming campus.
  • Xiamen also has an overseas campus in Malaysia spread over 900 acres.
  • The total building area in all these four campuses is more than 22 Lac square meters.
  • Xiamen University, surrounded by mountains and sea, has one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.
  • The Medical College is in Xiangan campus.
  • All the hospitals are near to the Siming campus until the Xiangan Hospital is fully operational.
  • English medium MBBS program for international students started in 2011.
  • Xiamen University has 8 affiliated hospitals.

List of Affiliated and some Teaching Hospitals of Xiamen:

  1. The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University
  2. Zhongshan Hospital Xiamen University
  3. Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital
  4. Xiamen Maternity and Child Health Hospital
  5. the Affiliated Success Hospital of Xiamen University
  6. Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  7. Second Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen Medical College
  8. Xiamen University Hospital
  9. Third Hospital of Xiamen
  10. Xiamen Xianyue Hospital
  11. Xiamen Eye Center of Xiamen University
  12. Lianhua Hospital of Xiamen
  13. Xiamen Stomatological Hospital
  14. Xiangan hospital of Xiamen University

Xiamen University First Affiliated Hospital

Xiamen University 1st Affiliated Hospital 002

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University was founded in 1937.

  • It is a Class-A Grade 3 General Hospital.
  • This Hospital is JCI accredited
  • The Hospital is also a training hospital for students of Xiamen University and Fujian provincial medical University,
  • It posses multidisciplinary medical treatment, disease prevention, scientific research, teaching, rehabilitation, community service, etc.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University has:

  • Three branches,
  • Two nursing homes,
  • Six community health service centers,

It is one of the most significant levels of large first-class Hospitals in West-south Fujian Province.

Total staff strength in the Hospital is 2673, including 718 doctors and 1197 nurses.

The Hospital consists of:

  • 15 administrative sections,
  • 49 clinical and technical departments.

The Hospital has adopted many new medical methods and high techniques, such as

  • Children's Medical Rescue Center,
  • Xiamen Cancer Center,
  • Xiamen Neurology Center,
  • Xiamen Urinary Center,
  • PET /CT Center,
  • Endocrine Metabolic Disease Center,
  • Cardiovascular Medicine Center,
  • Endoscopes Center.

The Hospital specializes in;

  • The Department of Minimally Invasive Gastrointestinal Surgery of Oncology departments in Cancer Center;
  • the Department of Medicine Oncology, and
  • Department of Radiation Oncology.

The Hospital has many high-tech types of equipment, such as;

  • PET/CT, 3.0T and 1.5T MR imaging systems,
  • DSCT, spiral CT, DSA system, color ultrasound, Olympus endoscope, and automated biochemistry analyzer.

In 2010, the clinical laboratory of the Hospital was certified as the first international standard for ISO15189 medical laboratory in Fujian province.

The Hospital is also equipped with;

  • A central laboratory,
  • Interventional heart,
  • High blood pressure research lab,
  • Microsurgical laboratory,
  • Neurology laboratory,
  • Cancer research laboratory, etc.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University has won the Chinese medical doctor award five times approved by the Nation Health Ministry.

First Affiliated Hospital of Sichuan University Main campus Location:

  • No 55, Zhenhai Road, Siming district, Xiamen.

Xiamen University Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital

Xiamen University Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital 001

Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University:

  • Zhongshan Hospital, which is affiliated to Xiamen University, was founded in 1928. 
  • The Hospital became an affiliated hospital of Xiamen University in 2005. Presently, it has become a large general third-grade, Class-A Hospital. 
  • Zhongshan Hospital's main campus covers 14.8 acres of land, and the constructed area is approximately 1,71,000 square meters. 

Some vital statistics of Zhongshan Hospital:

  • The Hospital currently has 2500 inpatient beds,
  • 29.47 Lac outpatients and emergency visits, 
  • nearly 84,000 patients were admitted. 
  • 2900 faculty members and staffs, which includes 568 specialized doctors, 676 master degrees, and P.hD. Degree holder doctors.

The Hospital has successfully set up

  • 38 clinical departments, 
  • 10 medical technique departments, 
  • 2 branches and 
  • 5 community health service centers. 

The Hospital owns several National as well as Fujian Province Key Clinical Departments

  • Department of Gastroenterology, 
  • Department of Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery,
  • Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery, 
  • Department of Joint Surgery,
  • Department of Neurology, 
  • Department of Hematology, 
  • Department of Endocrinology, 
  • Department of Ultrasound, 
  • Department of Thoracic Surgery, 
  • Department of Geriatric Rehabilitation, 
  • Department of Pathology, 
  • Department of Dermatology, 
  • Department of Diagnosis, 
  • Treatment for Noninfectious Respiratory Diseases, 
  • Department of Emergency Medicine, 
  • Prostate Diseases, 
  • Obstetric Critical Care, 
  • Department of Diabetic Nephropathy. 

Besides, the Hospital has;

  • Xiamen Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Digestive Diseases,
  • the Clinical Examination Center of Xiamen, 
  • Digestive Diseases Institution of Xiamen University, 
  • Gastrointestinal Oncology Institution of Xiamen Medical University, 
  • Institute for Infectious Diseases,
  • Xiamen Rehabilitation Research Institute of Aging Disease, 
  • Institute of Microbial Ecology of Medical College of Xiamen University, 
  • Institute for Medical Imaging,
  • Xiamen Clinical Key Laboratory,
  • Fujian Key Laboratory essential for Chronic Liver Disease and Liver Cancer, 
  • Xiamen Translational Medical Key Laboratory for Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Tumor, 
  • Key Laboratory for Intestines and Stomach Tumor, 
  • Key Laboratory for Clinical Translational Medicine of nuclear medical molecular imaging of Xiamen, 
  • the Key Technology Platform for Molecular Diagnosis and Targeted Therapy of Cancer, 
  • Fujian Training Bases of Medical Ultrasound, 
  • National Demonstration Bases for Health Management.

The Hospital has the most advanced medical equipment, such as;

  • The GE Revolution CT, 
  • Siemens Somatom Definition Flash CT, 
  • 3.0T superconducting MR, 
  • Neurosurgical Gamma knife, 
  • Linear accelerator, 
  • Tablet-style Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), 
  • Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography(SPECT), 
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET-CT), etc. 

Furthermore, the Hospital received awards of;

  • 2004: The National Advanced Group of Healthcare, 
  • 2005: The National Spiritual Civilized Unit, 
  • 2010: The National Advanced Unit for Health Culture Construction, 
  • 2011: The National Hospital of Reform and Innovation, and 
  • 2016: Successfully reached the National Health Promotion Standard.

Address of Zhongshan Hospital Main campus:

  • No 201-209, Hubinnan Road, Siming district, Xiamen.

Xiamen University Affiliated Xiangan Hospital

Xiamen University Affiliated Xiangan Hospital 005Xiamen University Affiliated Xiangan Hospital 004

Xiangan Hospital started most recently, is the 8th Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University. Very soon, all the Clinical classes, as well as the Internship, will begin at Xiangan Hospital for the MBBS students of Xiamen University Medical College.

  • Xiangan Hospital, Affiliated to Xiamen University, is located at Xiangan East Road of Xiamen City.
  • It is a non-profit public hospital jointly invested and built by Xiamen City Government and Xiamen University.

Vital statistics of Xiangan Hospital:

  • Built on a total area of ​​360 acres,
  • Inpatient beds 3,000
  • 1st phase has already started operation on 6th April 2019 with 1000 beds
  • 2 billion RMB invested in the first phase,
  • The 1st phase building complex, with 1,52,000 square meters constructed area, includes;
  • One Outpatient building,
  • One Emergency Medical building,
  • One Medical Technology building,
  • One Comprehensive Science and Education building and
  • Two inpatient buildings.

The hospital has an internationally advanced medical diagnosis and treatment equipment such as;

  • 3.0T Magnetic Resonance Imaging system (MRI),
  • Dual-source CT, and
  • Vital Beam system Medical Linear Accelerator.
  • Xiamen University Xiangan Hospital currently has 37 clinical medical technology departments.

The main focus of this hospital will be on;

  • Tumor diagnosis and treatment centers,
  • Organ transplant centers,
  • Medical diagnostic centers,
  • Emergency medical centers,
  • The geriatric disease center,
  • Neurological disease center and minimally invasive diagnosis and Treatment technology center

Address of Xiangan Hospital:

  • No. 2000 Xiangan East Road, Xiangan District, Xiamen City
Xiamen University Affiliated Xiangan Hospital with helipad 001Xiamen University Affiliated Xiangan Hospital Comprehensive Science and Education Building

Xiamen University, China | Medical College Fees, Students, Scholarships, Hostel

International MBBS Students at Xiamen University

International MBBS Students at Xiamen University

Xiamen University Indian Students 001Xiamen University MBBS Students 003

International Students studying MBBS at Xiamen UniversityMedical College China:

Among all MCI Approved Medical Colleges worldwide, Xiamen University or Xiamen Medical University, China is one of the Top Rank Medical Colleges in the world for Indian students to study MBBS abroad.

  • At present, 473 International Students are studying MBBS in English at Xiamen University Medical College.
  • Around 80% of the international students are from India. 
  • The rest are from Japan, Korea, other South Asian and African countries, the United States, Australia, and some EU countries.
  • Among all the international students, 300 plus are from India only.
  • MBBS degree of Xiamen University Medical College China is valid for the MCI Screening TestUSMLE, UK PLAB, AMC, DHA, HAAD, and licensing exams of all the countries.
  • All Indian students must contact Omkar Medicom, the Best MBBS Abroad Consultant for Admission at Xiamen University Medical College.
Xiamen University MBBS Students 001Xiamen University MBBS Students 005
International MBBS Students at Xiamen University

International MBBS Students at Xiamen University

Language of Instructions in Xiamen University Medical College:

  • Xiamen University Medical College will teach all the medical subjects only in the English medium.
  • At the same time, there will be Chinese language class, thrice weekly 45 minutes each session, for International students.
  • Students will learn common vocabulary, which will help them with their daily needs.
  • In higher stages, the professors will teach the students about Medical Terminology in the Chinese language.
  • In the 1st year in Xiamen, more Chinese language classes will be taken along with anatomy, biochemistry, and other medical subjects.
  • Later, the Chinese language class will be for every week to keep the practice.
  • It helps the students to communicate with the patients in their hospital classes at a later stage.
  • Xiamen Medical University will take all medical subject exams in the English language only.
Xiamen University Hostels

Xiamen University Hostels

Xiamen University Campus Hostel Buildings 002Xiamen University Campus Hostel Buildings 001

Xiamen University Siming and Xiangan campus both have hostels for international students.

  • Hostel buildings have four-bedroom apartments, and two students will share one room.
  • All the rooms are air-conditioned and have internet access, attached bathroom with geyser.
  • Most of the rooms have one balcony.
  • Rooms are quite small but modern designed.
  • Students will pay for electricity, water, and the internet as per usage.

Kindly note that cooking is strictly prohibited in the hostel rooms. University will take strict disciplinary action against the concerned student in that case.

Xiamen University Campus Hostel Room 001Xiamen University Campus Hostel Room 002
Xiamen University Library and other facilities

Xiamen University Library and other facilities

Xiamen University Campus LibraryXiamen University Campus Swimming Pool

Xiamen University Xiangan campus has one of the biggest libraries in China. This library has 3,000 seating capacity with over 25 Lac books in the Chinese and the English language. The library also has advanced service systems, like multimedia experience areas, language labs, and information exchange halls.

Xiangan campus also has a swimming pool with constant temperature, sports fields, cafeterias, and a commercial area covering 3,240 square meters with mobile communication services, post offices, supermarkets, barbershop, drugstore, etc.

Xiamen University MBBS Students 008Xiamen University Campus Commercial Building
Xiamen University Scholarship

Xiamen University Scholarship

Xiamen University has mainly two types of scholarships:

  • Fujian Government Scholarship and
  • Xiamen University Scholarship.
  • The above two scholarships vary from 5000 ¥ to 20,000 ¥ and are given to the first 3 positions of students.
  • Usually, 7-8 students come under this first 3 positions every year.

Apart from these two, University also has two special scholarships:

  • CSC Current Distinguished International Students Scholarship of 18,000 ¥ once, and
  • Overall Excellence Scholarship of 500 ¥ for 10% of students per year, 1000 ¥ for 6% of students per year, and 2000 ¥ for 4% of students per year.
The city of Xiamen

The city of Xiamen, China

Xiamen City 001Xiamen City 002

Xiamen University Medical College campus or the Xiang’an campus is located in Xindian town of Xiang’an district of Fujian province. Xiamen is well equipped with all kinds of modern amenities and transport systems, like,

  • Metro train: Xiamen has two Metro lines (Line 1, and 2) in operation at present. In total, ten tracks of Metro will run in Xiamen. 
  • High-Speed Bullet train: Xiamen is well connected with Chaoshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Fuzhou through high-speed bullet trains.
  • 1 International and Domestic Airports, and 
  • The city has an extensive network of City bus and regular air-conditioned buses. Bus fare starts from 1 ¥ only.

Other Geographical details of Xiamen, Fujian province, China. 

  • Total Area: 1,700 square kilometers (Comparison, Delhi: 1485 sq km, New York: 784 sq km)
  • Total Population: 36,50,000 as of 2019 in the metro area of Xiamen.
  • Airport Domestic and International: Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (25 km from the Xiangan campus and 15 km from the Siming campus).
  • Distance from India: Xiamen is only 5.30 hours by flight from Kolkata with one stop-over in Hongkong. 
  • Weather: Xiamen has mild and pleasant weather all through the year because the city has a subtropical monsoon climate.
  • The Lowest winter temperature is 10°C in January.
  • The Highest summer temperature is 32°C in July.
Xiamen City 006Xiamen City Bus

Reviews of Xiamen University

Devendra Singh

Experience with Omkar Medicom was very good. They cleared all the initial doubts that we had as parents. Mr. Bhoumik gave detailed information about the Universities we were interested in, he helped a lot in deciding the University. The best part was they took the students from Delhi, accompany them up to the university hostel and get them settled there. Mr Bhoumick always remained very helpful and co operative. Thank you very much Team Omkar Medicom.

Aditi Singh

I am so glad I consulted Omkar Medicom for my admission in China. They have been so supportive and helpful right from the admission to the visa application process. Shamik sir travelled with us the first time and even stayed with us for more than a month and helped us in every respect, be it our sim cards, bank accounts, accommodation.. everything. Omkar Medicom was very friendly, informative and genuine with their dealings. Our tiniest queries were answered. I must say Shamik Sir and Bhaumik Sir have been very helpful and supportive. I am happy I chose Omkar family.

Shagun Sharma

Omkar Medicom is excellent, always friendly. They helped me in every respect. Admission, Visa, taking us to China, immigration, sim card, hostel everything. I have seen the sufferings of students from other agencies at my university. I feel lucky that I came through Omkar Medicom. Thanks to Shamik Sir and many thanks to my parents for choosing Omkar Medicom.

Priya Singh

It's been an overwhelming experience with Omkar Medicom. Today I feel so fortunate to get their assistance in getting one step closer to my dream .From registration to reaching to the University, it's been an incredible journey. Dr. Shamik took us from Delhi to China and never left us alone for a minute. Dr. Shamik helped us in every aspects whether it be admission,visa,sim cards,id cards,bank accounts, shopping, hostel stuffs and even ensured that we get the best version of everything. He gave us all the details with proper guidance .He always looked upon us and never make us realize that we were far away from our home. He then stayed for more than a month to ensure that we are settled down comfortably. Dr. Shamik is the best version of human I had ever met in my life till date. I'm so blessed to be the part of OMKAR FAMILY. We love you Bhaumik sir and shamik sir . Thanks for everything .😊

saheed h

I am very delighted on the service of omkar which they rendered to my son for getting admission to xinjiang.They processed the entire which helped to get admission with utmost easiness as getting admission to nearby college. The service of Sushil Pillai and Bhaumik is marvellous for clearing all and even silly doubts arised with regard to admissionMy family deeply indebted to Dr.Shamik who accompanied students to china,for giving parental care for solving all issue in China.They charged nothing more processing what they quoted at the very first stage of admission.I salute the team Omkar and its dedicated persons like sushil pillai and bhaumik Saheed.H Pulimoottil Alleppey 12

Xiamen University Address

Map of Xiamen University, One of the Top World Rank Medical Colleges in China for Indian Students to study MBBS abroad
Map of Xiamen University Xiangan Campus

Xiamen University Address:

Main Campus: 422 Siming S Rd, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian, China, 361005

Xiangan Campus (Medical College): China, Fujian, Xiamen, Xiang'an District, Xiang'an S Rd, 翔安南路厦门大学翔安校区2号楼

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Xiamen University Images

Xiamen University 1st Affiliated Hospital 001Xiamen University Affiliated Chang Gung Hospital 001Xiamen University MBBS Students 007Xiamen University MBBS Students 012Xiamen University MBBS Students 009Xiamen University MBBS Students 010Xiamen University Affiliated Eye Hospital 001Xiamen University Affiliated Maternity and Child Health Hospital 001Xiamen University MBBS Students 004Xiamen University MBBS Students 006Xiamen University Xiangan Campus 002Xiamen University Siming Campus 001Xiamen University Affiliated Lianhua Hospital 001Xiamen University Affiliated Success Hospital 001Xiamen University Affiliated Xiangan Hospital 003Xiamen University Affiliated Xiangan Hospital 002Xiangan Hospital Building No 1Xiangan Hospital Emergency BuildingXiamen University Affiliated Xiangan Hospital Gynecology BuildingXiamen University Affiliated Xiangan Hospital Medical Technology BuildingXiamen University Affiliated Xianyue Hospital 001Xiamen University Affiliated Xiangan Hospital OPDXiamen University Campus Hostel Living RoomXiamen University Campus Hostel BathroomXiamen University Campus Canteen 002Xiamen University Campus Hostel Laundry RoomXiamen University Campus Kunluan BuildingXiamen University Zhangzhou Campus 002Xiamen University Siming Campus 002Xiamen University Siming Campus 004

Xiamen University Videos

MBBS in China, the Best Country to study abroad for Indian Students

Xiamen University Full Video of the Campus, Library, Hostel.

Xiamen University, College of Medicine, Study MBBS in China to become World Class Doctor.

►Official Admission Partner Omkar Medicom. 

Medical College of Xiamen University established in October 11th, 1996, under the joint supervision of the government of China and Xiamen University. This is one of the Top level high ranking University in China. Presently 500 Indian students are studying MBBS in English medium here. A few Indian and Nepalese teachers are teaching here.


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  • What Indian students Really Think About Xiamen University?

    ★ What Indian students Really Think About Xiamen University? Omkar Medicom took the review.

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