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MBBS in Philippines | Top MCI Approved Universities | Omkar Medicom

MBBS in Philippines Fees starts from Rs 18.75 Lac, Hostel, Food, Consultancy Fee excluded

MBBS in Philippines | MCI Approved English Medium Universities | Fees from Rs 18.75 Lac plus other cost | Best Medical Colleges.

Web Page Last Updated on 11.03.2021
mbbs in philippines in top medical colleges by omkar medicom

MBBS in Philippines in Best Three Medical Universities

We do Admission in MCI Approved Top Ranking Medical Universities in the Philippines.
1st Year Tuition Fees Rs 6,75,000
6 Years Total Tuition Fees Rs 23,25,000
Hostel, Food, Airfare, Consultancy Fees are extra
UPHS is one of the Top Medical Colleges in the Philippines for MBBS in English medium in medium cost.
1st Year Tuition Fees Rs 4,50,000
6 Years Total Tuition Fees Rs 18,75,000
Hostel, Food, Airfare, Consultancy Fees are extra
AMA Medical College, Manila, is one of the Best in the Philippines for MBBS in English medium at low Fees.
AMA School of Medicine MBBS Details

Our Lady of Fatima University

1st Year Tuition Fees Rs 8,40,000
6 Years Total Tuition Fees Rs 26,32,000
Hostel, Food, Airfare, Consultancy Fees are extra
OLFU is One of the Top Medical Colleges in the Philippines for MBBS in English medium but with high fees and cost of living.
Our Lady of Fatima University Details

Implications of NMC 2021 Rule on Philippines MBBS

The New NMC Rules of November 2021 have the worst effect on the Students of MBBS in Philippines.
In fact, MBBS of Philippines after 18th November 2021 may not be valid in India if NMC does not change the rules soon.

  • As per the new NMC rules, a Medical course done abroad is valid in India if the total duration of the course is a minimum of 54 months without an Internship.
  • But the actual Medical course in Philippines is of 4 years or 48 months as per CHED Notification Under Article V, Section 6.2, Page Number 5. This 48 months also includes an Internship of 11 months which is also not valid by NMC. Contact Us for the CHED Notification.
  • The 2 years BS course prior to 4 years Medical course is not considered a part of the Medical course by NMC.

MBBS in Philippines | Understanding the country

Philippines History

About Philippines History

The Philippines or the Republic of the Philippines is situated in Southeast Asia. Philippines was a colony of Spain till the USA captured the Philippines, defeating the Spanish rule. Later on, the USA ruled here for nearly 50 years. During this period, all education system was Americanized. Hence the Philippines follows mostly the American system of education to date.

Importance of Philippines

Importance of Philippines

The Philippines is a founding member of:

  • The United Nations,
  • World Trade Organization,
  • The Association of Southeast Asian Nations,
  • The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, and
  • The East Asia Summit.

The headquarters of the Asian Development Bank is also ion the Philippines. The Philippines is also a founding member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The Philippines was elected many times into the UN Security Council. The country has taken an active part in the Human Rights Council and peacekeeping missions.

Geography of the Philippines

Geography of the Philippines

top medical colleges are in Manila city Philippines 01Manila city 02

Location of the Philippines:

The Philippines is the 5th largest island country in the world. It is an archipelago of 7,641 islands. The Philippine's total land area is 3,00,000 square kilometers. These islands are located between the Philippines Sea and the South China sea. The main countries near to the Philippines are:

  • Taiwan and China in the North,
  • Vietnam in the West,
  • Indonesia and Brunei in the South,
  • Guam island of the USA in the far East.

The three main islands of the Philippines are:

  • Luzon,
  • Mindanao, and
  • Visayas.

The largest is Luzon, where the capital Manila is located. The 2nd largest island is Mindanao and Visayas is the 3rd. 

Climate of Philippines:

The Philippines has a tropical climate. Most of the year it is hot and humid. However, November and May are comparatively dry, and June to October is the wet season. The hottest month is May, with an average temperature of 34°C. January is the coldest month at an average of 21°C. Cyclones are quite frequent in the Philippines.

Study MBBS in Philippines | Salient features, Advantages and Disadvantages

features of MBBS in Philippines

Salient features of MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in the Philippines is one of the popular destinations for Indian medical students. The degree's name is MD. This is the same undergraduate degree like MBBS in India.

Several thousand students come from countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Ukraine, Nigeria, Kenya, and India to study MBBS in Philippines. The top universities in the Philippines follow the US education system.

Students, who can finally complete the medical degree course in the Philippines, will get a golden opportunity to build a career in the medical profession.

The Philippines study system ensures the proper mix of theory and practical education. This empowers the students to gain maximum knowledge helping them to become successful doctors.

The MCI approves 39 medical universities in the Philippines. All these universities are also listed in the World Health Organization (WHO), FAIMER, etc.

MBBS Course Duration in the Philippines

MBBS Course Duration in the Philippines

MBBS Course Duration in the Philippines:

  • Students will not get direct admission to the medical course in the Philippines.
  • 1st they will get admission to the BS course, which is the Bachelor of Science (Pre-Medical course mainly in Psychology).
  • After completion of the 2-year's BS course, all students will have to clear the NMAT (National Medical Admission Test).
  • NMAT is the Medical Entrance Exam of Philippines similar like NEET.
  • A student will get a maximum of 3 chances to clear the NMAT exam.
  • After clearing the NMAT exam, the student will get admission to the medical course of 4 years in the same University or at different universities.
  • The total duration of MBBS in Philippines is six years (2 yrs BS + 4 yrs Medical) + 1-year Internship compulsory in India if a student can clear NMAT in the 1st chance.
  • In the final year of the 6th year (4th year of MD), students will do clinical rotations in the hospitals. This is similar to an Internship in India. But this Internship is not valid in India. So, after getting an MD degree from the Philippines, students will 1st clear MCI Screening Test or NEXT Test in India. Then they must do a One-year Internship in India.

So in total, if a student passes in all subjects in all the years in the Philippines, then his/her total MBBS duration is minimum of seven years.

BS Course details and Subjects of NMAT exam:

    • Integral and Differential Calculus,
    • Geometry,
    • English Grammar,
    • Rizal's Life, Works, and Writings,
    • Physics,
    • Chemistry,
    • General Psychology,
    • Cell and Molecular Biology,
    • Freshwater Biology,
    • Systematic Biology,
    • Radiation Biology,
    • Fundamentals of Genetics Education,
    • Entomology,
    • Analytical Plant Physiology,
    • Plant Morphology-anatomy Research,
    • Animal Physiology,
    • Taxation & Agrarian Reform,
    • Tagalog language.

    Chemistry :

    1. Organic Chemistry basics
    2. Kinetics
    3. Periodic Table
    4. Thermodynamics
    5. Solutions
    6. Gases and Gas Laws
    7. Hybridization
    8. Bonds
    9. Biological Compounds: DNA, RNA, Sugar, Proteins, Fats
    10. Acids and Bases
    11. Equilibrium
    12. Concentration (molarity, molality,moles,..)
    13. Radioactivity and nuclear chemistry
    14. Solubility

    Physics :

    1. Fluids and fluid dynamics
    2. Linear Motion
    3. Circular Motion
    4. Vectors
    5. Optics
    6. Simple Pendulum
    7. Sound
    8. Light
    9. Gravitation
    10. Centripetal and centrifugal force
    11. Electromagnetics
    12. Nuclear Force
    13. Friction
    14. Projectile Motion
    15. Rotational Motion
    16. Thermodynamics
    17. Mechanics
    18. Efficiency
    19. Waves (electromagnetic, mechanical)
    20. Circuits
    21. Air resistance

    Biology :

    1. Osmosis
    2. Cell
    3. Plant tissues
    4. Animal tissues
    5. Cell Division (mitosis, meiosis)
    6. Cell Respiration
    7. Scientific Names
    8. Reproduction
    9. Embryology
    10. Genetics
    11. Circulatory System
    12. Nervous System
    13. Muscles
    14. Digestive System
    15. Immune System
    16. Endocrine System
    17. Ecosystem, community and population interaction

    Inductive Reasoning :

    1. Figure Series
    2. Figure Grouping
    3. Number and Letter Series

    Quantitative Reasoning :

    1. Fundamental Operations (mostly arithmetic)
    2. Word problems (work, power, probability, profit and loss, area, surface area, volume, percentage, basic trigonometry)
    3. Data Interpretation (Statistics)

    Verbal :

    1. Reading comprehension
    2. Analogies

MBBS in Philippines Frequently Asked Questions

01. Why MBBS in the Philippines?
MBBS in the Philippines study is quite good, and it follows the American pattern. When a student does not get a seat in the Government Medical College in India, in that case, he/she has the scope to become a doctor from abroad at a much lesser expense than the Private Medical Colleges of India. The choices abroad are China, Bangladesh, Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and some other countries. The Philippines has the highest English-speaking citizens out of the above countries. The weather is also similar to India. So many students opt for MBBS in the Philippines.
02. How many years for MBBS in the Philippines?
In the Philippines, a student will require a minimum of 6 years to complete his/her MBBS if that student can qualify NMAT in the 1st chance. 1st 2 years is the BS course and the last 4 years is the actual Medical course.
After that 1-year Internship to be done in India compulsorily. Please see the MBBS course duration section.
If a student can not pass NMAT in the 1st chance, he/she will require 6 months to 1.5 years more. For Indian students, kindly check the NEET rules for the Philippines section in the Question number 08.
03. Is Neet Compulsory for MBBS in Philippines?
Yes, qualifying NEET is necessary for admission in Philippines. Kindly see more details in the answer of Question Number 08.
04. Is the Internship done in the Philippines valid in India?
No. The Internship done in the Philippines is not valid in India. As per rules in India, an Internship of a foreign country will be valid in India only if;
01. The Internship is done for a continuous stretch of 1 year after completion of the regular MBBS course.
02. The foreign college or university will issue a separate Internship Certificate mentioning week-wise and subject-wise Internship charts.
03. The total Medical course, including Internship, must be equal to or more than 5.5 years.
04. Now in the Philippines, the total Medical Course is actually for 4 years, including an Internship. The 2-years BS course is not considered as a part of the Medical Course.

That is why the Philippines Internship is not valid in India.
05. What is the NMAT exam in the Philippines?
The National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) in the Philippines is a nationwide medical entrance examination required for admission to any medical school in the Philippines. It is sometimes considered equivalent to the MCAT, which is held in the United States. Kindly see the rest of the details in this NMAT Section.
06. What is the Eligibility for the NMAT exam?
Students who intend to enroll in a medical degree program in the Philippines are required to take the NMAT; Eligibility is the following:
01. College graduates;
02. Graduating college students who are at the end of the graduating year or waiting for the Graduation certificate;
03. Students on their second-year BS program in the UP College of Medicine, or in the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Bachelor of Science in Basic Human Studies;
04. Those who have previously appeared for the NMAT but failed to reach the minimum score;
05. Those with valid NMAT eligibility but want to improve their scores to get admission to their desired Medical college.

07. Can I appear for the NMAT exam immediately after reaching the Philippines?
No, you cannot. 1st you have to complete 2 years of BS, and then you are eligible for NMAT. Please check answer number 06.
08. What is the NEET rule for MBBS in the Philippines?
Please understand this part very well.
NEET qualification is valid for 3 years for Foreign medical admission.
If a student qualifies in NEET in 2021, then that NEET is valid for medical admission in 2021, 2022, 2023.
Suppose that student is taking admission in the Philippines in 2021. He/she will get admission in the BS course and not in direct medical as per the Philippines Government rules.
So, that student will do his/her;
01. BS course 1st year in 2021-2022,
02. BS course 2nd year in 2022-2023.

After completion of this BS course, that student can appear for the NMAT exam in the Philippines.
NMAT exam is taken in April and October, twice yearly.
That student who has taken admission in the Philippines in October 2021 can appear for the NMAT exam only in October 2023.
If the student can qualify in NMAT in 2023 October, then he/she will get admission in the MBBS course in 2023 in the Philippines.
Then his/her NEET qualification of 2021 will remain valid.

If that student fails in any subject in the NMAT, he/she has to appear in NMAT again in April 2024.
In that case, even if he/she qualifies in NMAT, his/her NEET qualification of 2021 will become invalid.
So despite clearing NMAT and doing MBBS in the Philippines, his/her degree will be invalid in India, or else he/she has to come back to India in 2024, appear, and qualify NEET in 2024.
09. How much does it cost to study MBBS in the Philippines?
The cost of MBBS study in the Philippines is higher than the other countries. This is because, in the Philippines, the Universities do not own any hostel. Hence the students are bound to stay outside in rented apartments. Rent depends on the location.
Usually, the minimum total cost will start from Rs 35 Lac if the student can clear NMAT in the 1st chance.
10. Is MBBS in Philippines and India have the same Syllabus?
Philippines and India do not have the same MBBS Syllabus. In Philippines, mostly American pattern is followed. 1st 2 years is BS course, that is Bachelor of Science. In the BS course, students will study English Grammar, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Psychology. Then after completion of the BS course students will appear and qualify in the NMAT exam, which is the entrance exam for any Medical College in Philippines.
After taking admission in the Medical College post clearing NMAT, students will do the medical course for 4 years. 

In India the total Medical course is for 4.5 years and students study Anatomy, Biochemistry etc medical subjects right from Day 1. 
11. What is the language for MBBS in the Philippines?
In the Philippines, Universities will teach all medical subjects in the English language. Side by side, students will have to learn Medical Terminology in the local Tagalog language too.
12. When to Apply for MBBS in Philippines?
Due to the NEET and NMAT rule, Philippines is not a popular destination since 2018. So if you wish to join Philippines MBBS, you will get admission if you can apply with all documents and passport within September every year.
13. What after MBBS in Philippines?
After MBBS in the Philippines, first of all,
01. A student will clear the NEXT test in India.
02 Then that student will complete a 1-year Internship in India.
03. After that, the student will get the Indian Medical Registration Number to work in India as a doctor.
04. After getting the Indian Medical Registration number, you can work in any hospital (government or private) or further prepare for PG (MD/MS).
05. Indian MBBS students from the Philippines can do MD or MS in India if his/her NEXT score is high. Indian students usually do not study PG in the Philippines because the PG program, known as Residency Program, is for 4 years.
06. Along with the NEXT exam, you can prepare and clear USMLE if you wish to do your PG in the USA. Students studying in the Philippines will get an added advantage to easily clear USMLE as the Philippines' PBL study pattern is followed.
14. Can Indian Students Work in Philippines after MBBS?
Indian students who will complete the 4 years Residency Program (PG) can only work in Philippines as a doctor. 

MBBS In Philippines | Advantages For Omkar Medicom Students

These are the few crucial advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines through Omkar Medicom.
MBBS in the Philippines Fee is affordable and much cheaper than private medical colleges in India.
Apply through Omkar Medicom and get Direct Admission without any Capitation Fees.
Admission Procedure is easy when you take through Omkar Medicom.
100% Visa Guarantee for all Omkar Medicom students.
Total MBBS Fees in our universities in Philippines are quite low than private medical colleges in India and No Hidden Cost in our packages.
All our medical universities in the Philippines are recognized by MCI, WHO, MCI, NMC, USMLE, ECFMG & WFME.
Every Philippines medical universities follow the US pattern of education, which directly helps the students who desire to give USMLE exam.
MBBS in the Philippines is entirely taught in the English language with some classes in the Tagalog language.
The Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country.
It becomes easy for our students to communicate with the locals, at least in the cities like Manila and Cebu.
Indian mess is Available in most of Omkar Medicom Universities.
Satisfactory result in MCI Screening Test since in most of Omkar Medicom Universities, MCI Screening Test coaching facility is available.
MBBS degree from the Philippines is globally recognized, except in a few countries like Singapore.
Pass out students from Omkar Medicom Philippines are working in Top Hospitals Across the World, including all cities in India.
Weather in the Philippines is warm and hot, like in India.

Disadvantages of Study MBBS In Philippines for Indian Students

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Disadvantages too in studying MBBS in the Philippines.
Admissions are not direct to the medical course.
Two years BS or AB Psychology course is compulsory in all universities and colleges in the Philippines.
The most significant disadvantage is a failure in the NMAT exam.  NMAT is taken every six months.
A student will get only three chances to clear NMAT.
If a student fails to clear NMAT, then he/she is bound to discontinue study in the Philippines. 
A massive loss of money and time if a student fails to clear NMAT. 
All Universities or Colleges are private. Hence infrastructure is lacking.
Corruption is high in Philippines and a few faculty or staff members are corrupted too.
Universities do not have their own hostels.
Students have to live in rented apartments outside the campus.
The cost of rent is quite high if a student wishes to stay within walking distance of the campus.
The Philippines follows a system of a free society; hence Living in apartments can attract other vices.

Important Note: Some agencies in India are trying to do the BS course in India, but it is absolutely illegal. The CHED or Commission of Higher Education of the Philippines does not approve these kinds of practices.
Several instances are there that students were bound to do a BS of 2 years again in the Philippines even after wasting two years in doing BS courses in India.

MBBS in Philippines Videos

MBBS in Philippines, one of the popular destination to study abroad for Indian Students

Our Lady of Fatima University, College of Medicine by Omkar Medicom.

University of Perpetual Help System, the best for Indian students in Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines. Options for Indian students to study MBBS in Full English medium

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China Is The Best Country To Do MBBS Abroad For Indian Students

Advantages of MBBS in China:

  • Most of the Universities in China have better World Rank than AIIMS Delhi.
  • Huge scholarships are in all Universities in China.
  • All the Universities in China are owned and managed by the Chinese Government.
  • All admissions in China are direct based on 10+2 marks and NEET marks.
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You may be Looking for the MBBS duration within 5 Years which has less cost than Philippines?

Which other Country has 5 years MBBS duration?

Bangladesh Has 5 Years MBBS Duration

Advantages of MBBS in Bangladesh:

  • The MBBS course in Bangladesh is only for Five years. After that, a one-year Internship in Bangladesh or India. MBBS course in Philippines usually takes more than 7 years. After that, 1 Year Internship to be done compulsory in India. 
  • Total MBBS Fees package in Bangladesh starts from Rs 23.60 Lac including hostel cost, which is much less than any medical college in Philippines.
  • MBBS course in MCI approved Medical Colleges in Bangladesh is also taught in Full English Medium. No BS Course, no NMAT exam like Philippines. No need to learn any foreign language like Tagalog in Philippines
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