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MBBS in Bangladesh Admission for Indian students | Fees and Eligibility

Omkar Medicom will provide you the best view about Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.

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Web page Updated on 21.11.2020

MBBS in Bangladesh Fees Structure 2020

Indian quota of seats reduced by 10% from 02.11.2020

MBBS in Bangladesh Last Few seats for 2020

Name of the Medical College Total Pkg
in INR
(5 Years)
1st Year's
All Fees are including Admission Fee, Tuition, Hostel, Consultancy fees,
Visa, Airfare, Accompanying charges. Only Food Cost is extra
Seats Available as on 21.11.2020
US Bangla Medical College 25,70,000 10,30,000 8
North East Medical College 29,90,000 11,70,000 2
Marks Medical College 27,10,000 11,00,000 5
Sylhet Women's Medical College 27,80,000 11,70,000 3
Prime Medical College 28,85,000 10,65,000 8
Mainamoti Medical College 27,80,000 9,60,000 9
Barind Medical College 27,10,000 8,20,000 16
Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College 29,90,000 11,70,000 3
President Abdul Hamid Medical College 25,70,000 11,70,000 14
Uttara Women's Medical College 35,50,000 10,30,000 4
Delta Medical College 32,14,000 12,40,000 6
Parkview Medical College 25,70,000 9,60,000 2
Bikrampur Bhuiyan Medical College * 22,90,000 11,00,000 1
* Hostel Extra

As per Ministry of Health Bangladesh Notification No. 2017438, dt. 02.11.2020, Rule no. 12, the foreign quota in all Medical Colleges in Bangladesh is now reduced by 10%. This will create a massive impact on the number of seats allotted for Indian students, and there will be an enormous scarcity of seats. So APPLY NOW through Omkar Medicom only.

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh Reviews about Omkar Medicom

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Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh

Experience with Omkar Medicom was very good. They cleared all the initial doubts that we had as parents. Mr. Bhoumik gave detailed information about the Universities we were interested in, he helped a lot in deciding the University. The best part was they took the students from Delhi, accompany them up to the university hostel and get them settled there. Mr Bhoumick always remained very helpful and co operative. Thank you very much Team Omkar Medicom.

Sujatha Kademani
Sujatha Kademani
Sujatha Kademani

I m very much thankful to OMKAR MEDICOM for helping me. Specially thanks to Mr. Omkar sir. He is very genuine, helpful, believer person. I got to know OMKAR MEDICOM from one well know friend who had took admission from them. Actually I was facing much problem for mci certificate, I was continously applying from 3 years but due to some causes I was not able to get it, I was totally depressed about it at that Time my friend insisted me about omkar Sir. Within a days I spoke to omkar Sir and told him about all the problems I was facing for mci. He is really a great person he solved my problem within 7 working days. I am very very thankful to so much genuine person whom I ever met, he even dint take any money from me though I'm not through his student. Here by I insist all my friends to take admission through so good responsible person omkar Sir. Thank you so much sir.

Always take Admission in MBBS in Bangladesh Only Through Omkar Medicom  to get the Best fees, proper Guidance, Confirmed Visa and Best Hostel room in the Medical Colleges.

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MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

We do MBBS Admission in Best MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.
Please check individual pages for year wise MBBS in Bangladesh fees break up.
1st Year
Admission Fees
  Rs 11,00,000
1st Yr to 5th Yr
All Fees
   Rs 16,10,000
5 Years
   Grand Total
     Rs 27,10,000
All Inclusive, except food
Marks (MMC) is a Private Medical College in Bangladesh (started 2011) for MBBS in full English medium at a reasonable Budget.
1st Year
Admission Fees
Rs 10,30,000
1st Yr to 5th Yr
All Fees
 Rs 15,40,000
5 Years
   Grand Total
   Rs 25,70,000
All Inclusive, except food
USBMC is an MBBS in Bangladesh Low Fees Medical College in Bangladesh (started 2015) for MBBS in full English medium.

president abdul hamid medical college

1st Year
Admission Fees
Rs 11,70,000
1st Yr to 5th Yr
All Fees
   Rs 14,00,000
5 Years
   Grand Total
     Rs 25,70,000
All Inclusive, except food
PAHMC is an MBBS in Bangladesh Medium Fees medical college, started in 2013 and located in Kishoreganj, 3 hours by road from Dhaka.

MBBS in Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

We do Admission in MCI Approved Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.
1st Year
Admission Fees
Rs 22,20,000
1st Yr to 5th Yr
All Fees
   Rs 16,80,000
5 Years
   Grand Total
      Rs 39,00,000
All Inclusive, except food
Dhaka National Medical College started in 1994. Although very expensive, DNMC has a good reputation in Bangladesh.
1st Year
Admission Fees
  Rs 11,70,000
1st Yr to 5th Yr
All Fees
     Rs 18,20,000
5 Years
   Grand Total
       Rs 29,90,000
All Inclusive, except food
Established in 1992 in Gazipur, Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College is famous for MBBS in the English medium.


1st Year
Admission Fees
Rs 15,62,000
1st Yr to 5th Yr
All Fees
   Rs 17,36,000
5 Years
   Grand Total
     Rs 32,98,000
All Inclusive, except food
Enam (EMC) is an excellent medical college of medium fees, started in 2003, and located in Savar, near to Dhaka.

MBBS in Bangladesh Highlights of 2020

MBBS in Bangladesh Highlights of 2020 session
Degree MBBS
MBBS Duration 5 years + 1-Year Internship
Internship Bangladesh Internship is valid in India
Eligibility Criteria Min 60% in PCB/7 GPA, 10+2 passed in 2019 and 2020 only
Total Package Rs 23 Lac to Rs 40 Lac, including hostel
NEET requirement Minimum NEET qualified
College Affiliations Universities of Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong etc
Medical Coleges approved by MCI and WHO
Medium of Instructions Fully English
Local Language Bengali
Distance from India 40 to 50 minutes by flight from Kolkata
Food habbit Some food same as in India

Study MBBS in Bangladesh Salient features

study mbbs in bangladesh

Study MBBS in Bangladesh in the Best Colleges

  • Study MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students is one of the right options to Study Medical Abroad.
  • MBBS in Bangladesh Fees are quite low compared to the Fees of Private Medical Colleges in India.
  • At the same time, when you are studying MBBS in Bangladesh, you will feel as if you are studying MBBS in India. 
  • Bangladesh has some good Medical Colleges which have essential quality standards and professional faculty to provide class education.
  • Bangladesh MBBS Study pattern and Syllabus are absolutely similar to the Indian curriculum.
mbbs in bangladesh for indian students

MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Indian students in MBBS Bangladesh 01Indian students in MBBS Bangladesh 02
  • Indian students usually do not feel major problem of Language since Hindi is understood in most of the cities in Bangladesh.
  • The entire medical course is taught in the English Language only.
  • If students know the Bengali language, then it will be an added advantage. 
  • MBBS degree from Bangladesh is eligible for licensing exams worldwide, like FMGE, NEXT, USMLE, PLAB, etc.
  • In a broad sense, medical education quality is almost the same as in India. In some colleges, it is better than the private medical colleges of India.
  • Medical books followed in Bangladesh are the same, which are followed in Indian medical colleges.
medical colleges in bangladesh

Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Study MBBS in Bangladesh in Enam medical CollegeStudy MBBS in Bangladesh in President Abdul Hamid Medical College

All the Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are affiliated to 7 Universities. These universities are:

Under these Universities, there are around 62 Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh that can accept Indian students.
Name of the Medical Colleges in Bangladesh
These medical colleges can accept foreign students up to 25% of their total intake capacity. Students usually come from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives. In most of these Colleges, 10 to 30 Indian students study every year.

MBBS in bangladesh Fees in TMMC 01MBBS in bangladesh Fees in USBMC

MBBS in Bangladesh Study Pattern and Syllabus

  • MBBS Study Pattern and Syllabus in Bangladesh is almost similar to that of India.
  • Emphasis is given more on clinical-based learning.
  • MBBS course in Bangladesh is of 5 years divided into 4 phases.
  • College exams are taken semester wise, and University exams are taken Phase wise.
  • After completion of these 5 years and clearing the Final Professional MBBS exam, a one-year internship is compulsory.
  • The internship can be done either in India or in Bangladesh. 
Pre-Clinical, Para-Clinical and Clinical Phases of MBBS in Bangladesh
Phase Duration Subjects Exam
1st 1.5 years Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry 1st Proff MBBS
2nd 1 year Community Medicine, Histology & Embryology, Immunology, Pathology etc 2nd Proff MBBS
3rd 1 year Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Microbiology, Radiology etc 3rd Proff MBBS
4th 1.5 years Medicine & Allied Subjects, Forensic, Surgery & Allied Subjects, OB & Gynecology etc Final MBBS

The following subjects of MBBS in Bangladesh which could not be added in the above Table are given here

Pathology includes
General Pathology, Systemic Pathology, Haematology & Clinical Pathology
Microbiology includes
Bacteriology, Immunology, Virology, Parasitology & Mycology.
Medicine includes
Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Venereal diseases, and Physical Medicine.
Surgery includes
General and Regional Surgery, Orthopaedics and Traumatology,  Radiology, Radiotherapy,  Anaesthesiology,  Ophthalmology, Blood Transfusion,  Otorhinolaryngology etc.

MBBS In Bangladesh Advantages For Omkar Medicom Students

These are the few crucial advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh through Omkar Medicom.
All our Colleges are recognized and approved by MCI and WHO.
Apply through Omkar Medicom and get Direct Admission without any Capitation Fees.
Admission Procedure of MBBS in Bangladesh is easy when you take through Omkar Medicom.
100% Visa Guarantee for all Omkar Medicom students of MBBS in Bangladesh.
Total Fees are quite low in our Colleges compared to Private Medical Colleges of India and No Hidden Cost in our packages.
The entire medical course of MBBS in Bangladesh is in English only. No need to learn any foreign language.
Most of our Colleges are in Dhaka or nearby. So easily accessible from any city of India.
Flight time from Kolkata is 50 minutes, from Delhi 2.30 hours, and Mumbai 3.30 hours. There are daily seven direct flights from Kolkata and three from Delhi and one from Mumbai. Airfare starts from as low as Rs 5,000.
All the Colleges are easily accessible by road or by train from Kolkata. There is more than 20 daily bus service from Kolkata to Dhaka and four times weekly direct non-stop train from Kolkata to Dhaka.
Girls and Boys hostel buildings of all Colleges of MBBS in Bangladesh are entirely separate.
Food habit in Bangladesh is almost similar as in India.
Study pattern and Syllabus are same as in India.
Unlike Kyrgyz, Kazakh or Ukraine, Cadaver is given in the Anatomy dissection class of MBBS in Bangladesh.
Satisfactory result in MCI Screening Test since in most of Omkar Medicom Colleges, MCI Screening Test coaching facility is available.
Internship, if done in Bangladesh, is valid in India. Internship done only in China, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan are legitimate in India.
Students will get a stipend during Internship in Bangladesh in most of the medical colleges.
Pass out students from Omkar Medicom Bangladesh are working in Top Hospitals of all cities in India.
Faculty members and other staffs of Omkar Medicom Universities always maintain a warm, cordial relationship with our students.
Advantages of MBBS Admission in Bangladesh 01Advantages of MBBS Admission in Bangladesh 02

Disadvantages of MBBS In Bangladesh For Indian Students

We have mentioned the major points of Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh
All the colleges in Bangladesh which are accepting foreign students are private medical colleges only.
Being in the private sector, their infrastructure is weak, compared to the medical colleges in China, Russia or Ukraine, and other European countries.
Hostel conditions in some colleges are poor. In some colleges, 10+ students are staying in a hall type room using only one or two toilets.
Class starts very late. Unlike India, China, MBBS classes in Bangladesh start in next year January.
In most of the cases, hostels are rented buildings outside the college campus.
Being private colleges, an inflow of patients also very less in their hospitals in some new medical colleges.
Colleges may increase their charges as per market rates, though it happened in rare occasions in the past.
Students who do not know the Bengali or Hindi language, for them, no separate training of Bengali language is given. Hence those students of MBBS in Bangladesh can not interact with the local patients properly.
Dhaka city is too much congested and huge traffic problem is always there, no matter which time of the day.
Recently we have noticed some acts of terrorism in some places in Bangladesh. So kindly check the status of your choice of city. 
10% of colleges of MBBS in Bangladesh are new and hence can be delisted by BMDC until they complete 6 years, and a minimum of 1 batch of doctor pass successfully. 
MBBS Admission in bangladesh in Savar Dhaka 01MBBS Admission in bangladesh in Savar Dhaka 02

Eligibility and Documents required for MBBS in Bangladesh

Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh

Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh

Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh is a bit complicated as the Bangladesh Government follows a GPA system. This GPA is based on both Class 10 and Class 12 mark sheets.

  • Students who have passed 10+2 (HSC/ A-level) or equivalent examination.
  • Class 10 or SSC/ O-level or equivalent examination passed not before 2017
  • Class 12 (10+2) or HSC/ A-level or equivalent examination passed not before 2019
  • A minimum total of 7 GPA in 10 and 10+2. GPA above 8 may be required by a few colleges as Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh.
  • Minimum 3.5 individual GPA either in 10 or 12
  • Minimum GP in biology must be 3.5 to be treated as Eligible for MBBS in Bangladesh admission.
  • For calculation of GPA, send us your 10 and 12 mark sheet copy.
  • The gap between passing 10 and 12 must not be more than 2 years.

Contact Omkar Medicom @+919163195767 to calculate your Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh. Alternately you can Mail Us with your 10 and 12 mark sheet copies to test the Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh.

Eligibility and documents for MBBS in Bangladesh

Documents required for Application to MBBS in Bangladesh

  • Scanned copy of Class 10 Mark sheet
  • Scanned copy of Class 12 Mark sheet
  • Scanned copy of the passport of the Student
  • NEET mark sheet (must be NEET qualified for MBBS in Bangladesh admission)
  • Clear Photo of the Student
  • Application amount of Rs 25,000 (included in the package)

Please note that we from Omkar Medicom will do all the needful like Equivalency Certificate, Visa Application, Invitation and Admission Letter of the College etc. Students may have to appear for a Visa Interview at the Bangladesh Embassy or Consulate.

Looking for the Better Option in less fees?

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Advantages of MBBS in China:

  • Almost all Universities in China have less fees than Bangladesh.
  • Most of the Universities are within World Rank 1000, and some are within 200 and 60% of the Universities have better World Rank than AIIMS Delhi.
  • Unlike medical colleges of MBBS in Bangladesh, all the Universities in China are Government-owned.
  • See More Clicking the below Link
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