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MBBS in Russia | Best Russian Medical Colleges for Indian Student | Fees

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Study MBBS in Russia | Fees of Best Russian Medical Colleges and Universities Altai Medical University, Kabardino Balkarian University, Ulyanovsk, etc.

Web page Last Updated on 12.09.2020
MBBS in Russia course duration is 6 years in any university. No university offers 5 years MBBS course as per the rules of the Government of Russia.

MBBS in Russia, Best Medical Colleges at a Glance

Package Updated as on 03.09.2020
Name of the University 1ST YEAR 2nd Year
6th Year
Kabardino Balkarian State University
Rs 1,75,000
5400 USD
3400 USD Rs 17,43,000
Altai State Medical University
Rs 2,00,000
6000 USD
5100 USD Rs 24,05,000
Ulyanovsk State University
Rs 2,00,000
5200 USD
4800 USD Rs 22,44,000
Rostov State Medical University
Rs 1,50,000
6800 USD
4250 USD Rs 21,13,000
Kazan State Medical University
Rs 1,50,000
7200 USD
5600 USD Rs 26,14,000
Far-Eastern Federal University
Rs 1,50,000
7800 USD
5500 USD Rs 24,46,000
Crimea Federal University
Rs 1,50,000
6000 USD
4000 USD Rs 19,70,000
Kazan Federal University
Rs 1,50,000
6185 USD
5635 USD Rs 25,57,000
Bashkir State Medical University
Rs 2,00,000
5500 USD
4600 USD Rs 21,95,000
study mbbs in russia medical university

MBBS in Russia in Best Six Medical Universities

We do Admission in MCI Approved Top Ranking Russian Medical Universities
study mbbs in russia in Kabardino Balkarian State University

kabardino balkarian state University

1st Year
   All Fees
       Rs 5,53,000
2nd-6th Year
All Fees
   Rs 2,38,000
6 Years
   Grand Total
Rs 17,43,000
All Inclusive, except food
KBSU is a Top Rank Russian Medical University for MBBS in the English medium at the Lowest Fees.
study mbbs in russia in altai state medical university

ALTAI STATE Medical University

1st Year
   All Fees
       Rs 6,20,000
2nd-6th Year
All Fees
   Rs 3,57,000
6 Years
   Grand Total
Rs 24,05,000
All Inclusive, except food
ASMU is one of the Best English medium MBBS in Russia University at Medium budget.
study MBBS in Russia in Ulyanovsk State University

ulyanovsk STATE University

1st Year
   All Fees
       Rs 5,64,000
2nd-6th Year
All Fees
   Rs 3,36,000
6 Years
   Grand Total
Rs 22,44,000
All Inclusive, except food
Ulyanovsk is a Medium Budget, a top-rated University in Russia in the English medium.

MBBS in Russia in Best Medical Colleges

We do Admission in MCI Approved Best Russian Medical Colleges
Kazan Federal University pic

kaZAN FEDERAL University

1st Year
   All Fees
       Rs 5,83,300
2nd-6th Year
All Fees
   Rs 3,94,700
6 Years
   Grand Total
Rs 25,57,000
All Inclusive, except food, airfare
KFU is one of the best New, Bilingual Medical College in Russia with high rank.
Far Eastern Federal University


1st Year
   All Fees
       Rs 6,96,000
2nd-6th Year
All Fees
   Rs 3,85,000
6 Years
   Grand Total
Rs 26,21,000
All Inclusive, except food, airfare
FEFU, a new Medical College in Bilingual, has the best campus in Russia.
Rostov State Medical University

rostov STATE medical University

1st Year
   All Fees
       Rs 6,26,000
2nd-6th Year
All Fees
   Rs 2,97,000
6 Years
   Grand Total
Rs 21,13,000
All Inclusive, except food
Rostov is a Low Fees, a top-rated  Medical University in Russia in the English medium.

Study MBBS in Russia | Salient Features of Russian Medical Universities

MBBS in Russia from Top Medical Universities

Russian Medical University KBSURussian medical University Ulyanovsk

For six decades, Russia has been the most popular destination for international students to pursue MBBS. Several Russian Medical Universities come among the Top 500 Medical Colleges in the world.

Indian students who achieved a medical degree from these Russian Medical Colleges are presently working in the leading Hospitals across the globe.

MBBS in Russia in the best Medical Colleges is a highly preferred choice for Indian students because:

  • All Medical Universities in Russia are Government-owned.
  • Study MBBS in Russia Fees in these universities are 1/4th than the expenses of Private Medical Colleges in India.
  • All the Medical Universities or Colleges in Russia have far better World rank than the Medical Colleges in India.
  • Russia maintains a European standard of studies, but fees are 1/10th of the other European countries like the UK or Sweden.
  • Students are getting exposure to European standards from their Under Graduate level.
  • In Russia, the student/teacher ratio is almost 10:1 in all the Medical Colleges and Universities.
  • Students will get the scope of doing PG at a very nominal cost in Russia.
  • Medical Council of India or MCI recognizes 54 Universities in Russia.
  • Most of the Universities are approved for USMLE and UK PLAB.
best mbbs college Altai State Medical University 004best mbbs college Altai State Medical University Hospital 02

About Russia

best mbbs college ASMU city Barnaul 05best mbbs college KBSU Nalchik city russia
  • Russia is the largest country in the world, a minimum five times bigger than India.
  • The western part of Russia is in Europe, and the eastern part is in Asia.
  • Russia has been a full proofed long term ally of India in all respects.
  • Russian people love and follow Indian culture and songs for a few decades.
  • Moscow, the capital of Russia, is well connected with India through daily two direct flights and 20 + daily one-stop flights

Why will you Study MBBS in Russia

  • The admission process in the medical colleges and universities of Russia is straightforward.
  • Russia welcomes more and more Indian students every year.
  • The MBBS fee in the Best MBBS Colleges in Russia is quite low due to the subsidy provided by the Russian Government for international students.
  • The average MBBS fee in Russia is between Rs 2.30 Lac to 5 Lacs per year.
  • All Russian Medical Universities are listed in WHO and approved by MCI
  • Students who get a Russian MBBS degree can practice anywhere in the world, including India.
  • All medical universities in Russia provide quality medical education and thorough practical knowledge.
  • Students get fully furnished hostel facilities inside or outside the university campus.
  • Almost all our Russian universities have an Indian mess.
  • Freshly cooked Indian food is given in those mess at a fixed yearly cost.
  • All MBBS students in Russia are covered by Medical Insurance all through the courses and get the benefit of full medical treatment if required. In many universities, there are optional MCI screening test coaching. In most of our universities, total subjects are taught in English medium.
  • Side by side, there are Russian language classes too, which helps students to converse with the local patients.
  • Learning the Russian language will also help the students to work as a Doctor in 17 other countries, where the primary language is Russian.
  • Overall, studying MBBS in Russia will help a student to become a Global doctor.
best mbbs in Altai State Medical University 012best mbbs in Altai State Medical University 014

MBBS in Russia Reviews of Omkar Medicom

Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh

Experience with Omkar Medicom was very good. They cleared all the initial doubts that we had as parents. Mr. Bhoumik gave detailed information about the Universities we were interested in, he helped a lot in deciding the University. The best part was they took the students from Delhi, accompany them up to the university hostel and get them settled there. Mr Bhoumick always remained very helpful and co operative. Thank you very much Team Omkar Medicom.

Sehaj Mahajan
Sehaj Mahajan

Very Informative. Very genuine. I am really very thankful to them.

MBBS In Russia | Advantages For Omkar Medicom Students

These are the few crucial advantages of studying MBBS in Russia through Omkar Medicom.
All our universities are owned and managed by the Government of Russia.
Apply through Omkar Medicom and get Direct Admission without any Capitation Fees.
Admission Procedure is easy when you take through Omkar Medicom.
100% Visa Guarantee for all Omkar Medicom students.
Total Fees are quite low in our universities and No Hidden Cost in our packages.
All-important Medical Councils Worldwide recognizes the degree of our universities.
In all the cities of our universities, the Living standard is at par European Standard, but at a low cost.
Indian mess is Available in most of Omkar Medicom Universities.
Satisfactory result in MCI Screening Test since in most of Omkar Medicom Universities, MCI Screening Test coaching facility is available.
Pass out students from Omkar Medicom Russia are working in Top Hospitals Across the World, including all cities in India.
Faculty members and other staffs of Omkar Medicom Universities always maintain a warm, cordial relationship with our students.
far eastern federal university russiaulyanovsk state university russia

MBBS in Russia minimum Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

MBBS in Russia Eligibility Criteria for the Best Colleges

  • Minimum age of the student must be 17 years as on 31st Dec in the year of Admission.
  • Maximum age must be 29 as on 31st Dec in the year of Admission.
  • The student must secure 50% marks combined in Class 12 Physics, Chemistry and Biology in any board recognized by Medical Council of India.
  • Students must be NEET qualified in the same year of Admission or in any of the previous two years.
  • Good health and proper mental condition as per stipulated by the Government of Russia.
  • Good moral character and students must abide by the rules of Russian Government and that of the University.

Documents required for MBBS in Russia Admission

  • Class 10 Mark sheet in original and scanned copy.
  • Class 12 Mark sheet in original and scanned copy. Students who have appeared in current year 10+2 can apply for seat booking now and send their mark sheet copy, when they get it.
  • Original and copy of passport, if ready. Without passport, admission can be done. But it will be required before July 30th to avail the 1st batch.
  • Clear scan copy of Photo of the student. Digital photo preferable. 
  • Medical test reports in original, when asked for. 

MBBS In Russia | Disadvantages For Students

These are the few points of disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia. Omkar Medicom always inform the students about these too. Thus Omkar Medicom students are well prepared mentally, before they reach their choice of University. 
The winter temperature in Russia in some places goes down to -30°C. So students with asthma or similar problem must consult with a doctor before deciding.
All the hostels are not inside the campuses. So students may have to pay bus fare from hostel to campus.
Rooms are Three-Sharing in hostel with bunk beds.
Bathrooms are not always attached in all hostels. However, if any student dislike this, then he/she can rent an apartment outside from 3rd year. Approximate rate is Rs 12,000 p.m.
In most of the Universities in Russia, the entire medical course is not in the English language only. Some classes from the 3rd or 4th year are taken in Bi-lingual classes.

We have tried to explain everything about the Best MBBS Colleges of Russia in details. Contact us to know more and then decide about your plan to study MBBS in Abroad. To fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor at a low cost, and to know every minute details in advance, always take Admission through Omkar Medicom.

Call Omkar Medicom Office now @ +919163195767.

Looking for Better World Rank University Option?

Which Country has the Best World Ranking Medical Universities?


Advantages of MBBS in China:

  • Most of the Medical Universities in China are within World Rank 1000, and some are within 200, and 60% of the Universities have better World Rank than AIIMS Delhi.
  • The MBBS course in China is only for four years and nine months. After that, a one-year Internship in China or India. MBBS course in Russia is of 5.8 years. After that, 1 Year Internship to be done compulsory in India. 
  • Total MBBS Fees package in China starts from Rs 18 Lac
  • MBBS course in MCI approved Medical Colleges in China is taught in Full English Medium. No 2+4 or 3+3 system like in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.
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Looking for the MBBS duration within 5 Years?

Which other Country has 5 years MBBS duration?


Advantages of MBBS in Bangladesh:

  • The MBBS course in Bangladesh is only for Five years. After that, a one-year Internship in Bangladesh or India. MBBS course in Russia is of 5.8 years. After that, 1 Year Internship to be done compulsory in India. 
  • Total MBBS Fees package in Bangladesh starts from Rs 23.60 Lac, which is almost similar to Study MBBS in Russia Fees.
  • MBBS course in MCI approved Medical Colleges in Bangladesh is taught in Full English Medium. No 2+4 or 3+3 system like in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. No need to learn any foreign language
  • See More Clicking the below Link
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