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MBBS in Ukraine in MCI approved Medical Colleges and Universities

MBBS in Ukraine in MCI approved Medical Colleges and Universities by Omkar Medicom. Ukraine MBBS Fees | Bogomolets, V N Karazin, Vinnytsia, Kharkiv.

Web page Updated on 19.04.2021
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MBBS in Ukraine in the Best MCI approved Medical Universities

We do Admission in MCI Approved Top Ranking Medical Universities in Ukraine.
1st Year Fees Rs 3,15,000
Total 6 Year's Fees Rs 18,20,000
(Tuition & Hostel of 6 years Included)
(Consultancy, Food, Insurance EXTRA)
BSNU is the Best English medium Low Fees Medical College in Ukraine for MBBS, located in Mykolaiv city.
1st Year Fees Rs 3,15,000
Total 6 Year's Fees Rs 18,90,000
(Tuition & Hostel of 6 years Included)
(Consultancy, Food, Insurance EXTRA)
Kyiv Medical  UAFM is a new English medium Private Medical University located in the capital Kyiv city at Medium budget.
Kyiv Medical University UAFM Details

Bukovinian State Medical University

1st Year Fees Rs 3,08,000
Total 6 Year's Fees Rs 18,48,000
(Tuition & Hostel of 6 years Included)
(Consultancy, Food, Insurance EXTRA)
Bukovinian State Medical University is quite popular old University for MBBS in the English medium in Ukraine.
Bukovinian State Medical University Details

MBBS in Ukraine in the Best Medical Colleges

We do Admission in MCI Approved Best Medical Colleges in Ukraine.
bogomolets national medical university ukraine logo by omkar medicom
1st Year Fees Rs 3,85,000
Total 6 Year's Fees Rs 23,10,000
(Tuition & Hostel of 6 years Included)
(Consultancy, Food, Insurance EXTRA)
Top University for MBBS in Ukraine in English medium, located in Kyiv city.
Vinnytsya Pirogov Medical University ukraine logo by omkar medicom
1st Year Fees Rs 4,06,000
Total 6 Year's Fees Rs 24,36,000
(Tuition & Hostel of 6 years Included)
(Consultancy, Food, Insurance EXTRA)
One of the Best English medium MBBS in Ukraine University at Medium budget.
Vinnitsa Medical University Details
v n karazin ukraine logo by omkar medicom

V N Karazin Kharkiv National University

1st Year Fees Rs 3,85,000
Total 6 Year's Fees Rs 23,10,000
(Tuition & Hostel of 6 years Included)
(Consultancy, Food, Insurance EXTRA)
Medium Budget , very popular Top University in Ukraine, located in Kharkiv.
V N Karazin Kharkiv National University Details

MBBS in Ukraine Question and Answer

01. Is MBBS In Ukraine Good?
MBBS Study in Ukraine is good, but there are specific major problems in the education system in Ukraine:

The major problems are;

KROK exam: Only 19% of students passed the KROK exam in 2018. If a student can not pass the KROK exam, then that student is bound to leave his/her studies in Ukraine and come back to their home country after the 3rd Year.

Lack of discipline: Students are free to live outside the hostel from the 2nd Year in all the Ukrainian Medical universities. The problem starts from here when students are staying in rented apartments outside. Students start living an in-disciplined life and drift away from studies easily.

Bi-lingual Course: It depends on the University you will choose. The major problem is the Bi-lingual course in the maximum Universities. The Medical Universities, which are new for international students, do not have a full English language faculty. Only a few Universities conduct the course in the English Medium. But there also a student will have to study the Clinical subjects in the Russian Medium. Please note that the standard educational language in Ukraine is also Russian. This system is similar in all Russian countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc.
Complete English medium MBBS is available only in China, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan.

Non-availability of Cadavers: In Ukraine, as a rule, Cadavers (dead body required in Anatomy dissection) is not given in any University. Hence knowledge of Anatomy is incomplete for a student studying in Ukraine.
02. How About Mbbs In Russia, China, Ukraine?
Ukraine: MBBS study in Ukraine is OK, but the student's major problem is in the KROK exam.
Russia: MBBS study in Russia is suitable for medium-level Indian students depending on university and agency choice.
China: MBBS Study in China is the best for any good Indian student to pursue MBBS abroad.
03. Is Mbbs In Ukraine Better Than the Govt College Of India?
Under any circumstances, MBBS in Ukraine is not better than the Government Medical Colleges in India.
Ukraine is a poorer country than India, and the medical infrastructure is not as developed as India. India has far more developed medical colleges in the Government sector. Only the Medical Universities in China are far more developed and better than the Government Medical Colleges in India.
04. Does MBBS Education is Same in India and Ukraine?
MBBS Education of India and Ukraine are not entirely the same. MBBS Curriculum almost the same in both the countries, some Books are different, Exam pattern more or less the same. But the significant differences are:

01. Clinical studies in Ukraine are mostly in the Russian Medium, whereas it is in the English Medium in India.
02. The duration of the MBBS course in Ukraine is 6 Years if a student passes KROK in the 1st attempt. In India, it is of 4.5 years.
03. In Ukraine, practical classes are much less than in India.
04. In Ukraine, Indian students will not get a Cadaver for Anatomy dissection. In India, students get one Cadaver (although the ratio is low at 1:100).
05. In India Internship is conducted for one Year after the completion of the basic MBBS course. In Ukraine, the Internship is done weekly basis from the 5th Year. That is why the Internship of Ukraine is not valid in India.
05. Is Mbbs In Ukraine Not Good?
Once upon a time, MBBS in Ukraine was good. But now (2020), due to economic failures and the KROK exam, MBBS in Ukraine is not so good.
06. Is Mbbs In Ukraine Or China Good?
MBBS in China in any MCI Approved University is 1000 times better than MBBS in the Best Medical University in Ukraine considering all aspects.
07. Which University In Ukraine will teach Mbbs Fully In English?
There is No University in Ukraine or any Russian Country (CIS) where MBBS is taught entirely in English. Mostly all the Universities are bi-lingual (English and Russian both), and some are purely in the Russian Medium. Kindly see more details in answer to Question number 01.
08. Is Ukraine Mbbs Valid In India?
Yes, Ukraine's MBBS degree is valid in India if the student passes the NEXT exam or FMGE. After passing the NEXT exam, the student will also complete a One-Year Internship in India.
09. How Much Does It Cost To Study Mbbs In Ukraine?
MBBS in Ukraine cost varies from Rs 22 Lac to Rs 30 Lac. This cost includes 6 year's Tuition, Hostel, Consultancy fees, Medical Insurance, and Visa. Food cost and all airfares are extra. Food cost ranges between 1200 $ to 1400 $ per Year, and airfare Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 per Year, depending on the location. The cost of MBBS in Ukraine may increase depending on the number of years taken to clear the KROK exam.
10. Can A Student Do Job In Ukraine During Mbbs?
Legally a student can do a part-time job while studying MBBS in Ukraine. But practically, it is impossible to get any decent part-time job in Ukraine. Ukraine is an economically weak country where a Bank employee earns around 200 $ per month. Un-employment is huge in Ukraine. Any Indian student will not be able to speak and understand the Russian or the Ukrainian language correctly in the first 3 years. So it will be too challenging for an Indian student to get any part-time job in Ukraine.
11. Can We Study Mbbs In Ukraine In 15 Lakh Budget?
No. Within Rs 15 Lac budget, you can not do MBBS in any country in the world. The lowest MBBS Fee package is in Kyrgyzstan, which is also Rs 16 Lac.
12. How much total Money is Required For Mbbs In Ukraine?
If a basic package of any Ukraine Medical University is 25 Lac, add approximately Rs 1,50,000 per Year. These are the expenses required for Food, airfare, books, apron, bank charges, etc. So, in total, the full cost will be Rs 34 Lac in 6 years. However, the total expenditure will increase if a student stays outside in a rented apartment and cannot pass the KROK exam on the 1st attempt.
13. How to Get Education Loan to Study MBBS in Ukraine?
It is not easy to get Education Loan to study MBBS in Ukraine from most banks in India. This is because;

01. Banks will give an Education Loan if they can directly transfer the fees to the University bank account.
02. But for Ukraine and many other CIS countries, it isn't easy to transfer foreign currency directly.
03. Ukrainian Hryvnia is not internationally convertible currency.
04. So, students are bound to carry USD in cash and submit it to the University.
05. Most of the banks in India are unwilling to hand over the loan amount in currency in USD to the student.
14. How To Get A Scholarship To Study Mbbs In Ukraine?
Unfortunately, there is No Scholarship in any Medical Colleges in Ukraine or any Russian country. Scholarships are available only in China.
15. How To Get Admission In Mbbs In Ukraine?
Applying for MBBS in Ukraine is relatively easy if you contact Omkar Medicom. The whole process becomes simple through Omkar Medicom. Send a few documents scan copies, application amount, and Omkar Medicom will do the rest work. Please note that for Ukraine, some additional documents like Birth Certificates, Bank statements of 6 lac, etc., are required. Please note that for some Universities, an Online Video interview or test is also required.
16. Are Admissions Open In In Ukraine For Mbbs?
Admission for MBBS in Ukraine is made till August/September every Year. If any student takes admission after that, then that student will waste one Year doing the Foundation course. Only in the Covid Year of 2020, the normal admission was made till October end. But in 2021, admission will be done till September only.
17. What Is Mbbs Foundation Course In Ukraine?
MBBS Foundation course in Ukraine is nothing but doing a Russian language course with a little Chemistry and Biology course. It is merely a wastage of time and money. Students who will take late admission in Ukraine (after September each Year) are bound to do a 1-year Foundation course.
18. Is IELTS & TOEFL Compulsory For Mbbs In Ukraine?
No. IELTS and TOEFL exams are not required for admission to the Medical Universities in Ukraine. But students must know English properly.
19. Is It Safe To Study Mbbs In Ukraine?
Ukraine is safe for any Indian boy or girl student. Regarding safety, there is no issue anywhere in Ukraine.
20. How Many Years For Mbbs In Ukraine?
MBBS in Ukraine course is 5.8 years if the student can clear KROK exam in the 1st attempt. After that, the student must do a 1-year Internship in India after clearing the NEXT exam. But if a student can not pass the KROK exam in the 1st attempt, then the course duration will increase by the number of years taken to clear the KROK exam. So for many students, the course duration may go upto 12 years also.
21. What Is The Duration Of Internship In Mbbs In Ukraine?
There is no separate Internship in Ukraine. The Internship is done within the course, which starts from 5th Year, subject-wise weekly basis. However this Internship is not valid in India.
22. Is Internship Also Added In 6years Mbbs Course Of Ukraine?
Yes, an Internship is added in the 6 years course in Ukraine. But that Internship is different from the pattern of Internships done in India. That is why an Internship in Ukraine is not valid in India. Students must do a 1-year Internship in India after passing MBBS from Ukraine.
23. Is Neet Compulsory For Mbbs In Ukraine?
Yes, NEET qualifying is compulsory for admission to Medical Colleges in Ukraine. Even if any University provides admission without NEET, the Ukraine Embassy will not give a student's visa to that candidate.
24. What After Mbbs In Ukraine?
After MBBS in Ukraine, first of all,

01. A student will clear the NEXT test in India.
02. After passing the NEXT exam, the student will do a 1-year compulsory Internship in India.
03. Then that student will get the Indian Medical Registration Number to work in India as a doctor.
04. After getting the Indian Medical Registration number, you can work in any hospital (government or private) or further prepare for PG (MD/MS).
05. Indian MBBS students from Ukraine can do MD or MS in Ukraine at a minimal cost.
06. Along with the NEXT exam, you can prepare and clear USMLE if you wish to do your PG in the USA.
25. Can I Practice In Ukraine After Completing Mbbs From Ukraine?
Yes, a student can practice in Ukraine after completion of the MBBS course there. But the salary of a doctor is too low compared to any other country. Usually, a doctor gets a salary of only 15000 UAH Hryvnia (= approx Rs 39,000) per month.
26. Can Mbbs From Ukraine Work In UK?
An MBBS student from Ukraine can work in the UK after clearing the PLAB, the UK's licensing exam.
27. Can Students Work In Europe After Studying Mbbs In Ukraine?
Legally an MBBS student from Ukraine can work in Europe after clearing the Licensing exam of that country. But practically it is impossible since in Europe all the countries have different languages. So an Indian student can't pass the Licensing exam, which is taken in the local language.
28. Does Mbbs In Ukraine Includes MD Also?
No. Although the Degree name is MD, but MBBS in Ukraine is the Under-graduate degree, which is equivalent to MBBS in India. Suppose a student wishes to do any specialization. In that case, he/she will do 3 years PG course in Ukraine after completing their MBBS course.
29. What Is Mbbs Called In Ukraine?
It is called MD. But do not confuse it with MD (PG degree) in India. MD of Ukraine is absolutely the same as MBBS in India.
In Ukraine and in all Russian countries, the Under-Graduate Medical Degree is known as MD, General Physician. The undergraduate medical degree has mainly 3 names, which vary from country to country.

MBBS: MBBS signifies Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. MBBS is the title most often given in Commonwealth nations like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and China.
MBChB or Medicinae Baccalaureus et Baccalaureus Chirurgiae in Latin. MBChB is awarded in the countries like Egypt, Libya, Iraq, South Africa, some Colleges of England and Scotland, New Zealand, and few other countries.
MD: MD Physician degree is awarded in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc. MD is also used in the US and Canada as well as in some European nations.
In Britain, both MBBS and MBChB are used depending on the University.
MD, MBBS, and MBChB are all equivalent Undergraduate Medical qualifications and hold the same international status.
30. How Many Indians Study Mbbs In Ukraine?
Previously nearly 150+ students took admission in any Medical University in Ukraine. But after the introduction of the KROK exam, the number is diminishing day by day. Now KROK exam has become a genuine fear in the mind of the students.
31. What Is The Salary Of Mbbs Doctor In Ukraine?
The Salary Of Mbbs Doctor In Ukraine is approx 20000 UAH per month, which is equivalent to Rs 39,000.
32. Which Is Better Mbbs In Ukraine Or Kyrgyzstan?
As of 2020, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan will be better than in Ukraine. Before 2018, MBBS in Ukraine was quite good. After introducing the KROK test in 2018, MBBS in any University in Ukraine has become most unpopular.

MBBS in Ukraine Highlights

MBBS in Ukraine Highlights of 2021 session
Degree Name MD (same as MBBS in India)
MBBS Duration 6 years + 1-Year Internship in India
Internship Internship has to be done in India for 1 year after clearing the NEXT test
Eligibility Criteria 50% in PCB in 10+2 Board exam. Age limit 17 to 22
Total Package Rs 21 Lac to Rs 28 Lac, including hostel, only food and insurance extra
NEET requirement Minimum NEET qualified
University Management Mostly are Government owned and managed, but a few like Kyiv Medical are in the private sector too
Medical Coleges approved by MCI, WHO, USMLE, UK PLAB, AMC, DHA, HAAD, etc except Kharkiv International and Odessa
Medium of Instructions English with Clinical Classes in Russian medium in all universities. For this Russian language class is compulsory in the 1st 3 years
Local Language Russian and Ukrainian
Distance from India 8 hours by flight from Delhi to Kyiv and then 5 to 10 hours by bus or train to the Universities outside Kyiv
Hostel location All hostels are outside campus. Students can rent outside apartment accommodation too from 2nd year.
Licensing Exam In Ukraine all medical students must qualify KROK-1 after 3rd Year and KROK-2 exams after 6th Year to get the final degree.

MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students in MCI recognized Medical Colleges

map of ukraine
mbbs in ukraine overview

MBBS in Ukraine Overview

MBBS in Ukraine is quite popular among Indian students for a long time. Most of the Medical Universities in Ukraine are owned and managed by the Government of Ukraine. International students from 40 + countries come to Ukraine to study MBBS in English medium. Some of the best Medical universities of the erstwhile Soviet Union are present in Ukraine. MBBS fee in Ukraine is low compared to the USA, UK, or any other European countries.

All the Medical Universities in Ukraine are approved by:


Many universities in Ukraine have good World Rank around 7000.


Know about Ukraine

Geography of Ukraine:

Ukraine is the 2nd largest country in Europe after Russia.It was under the rule of Russia when it was a part of the USSR till 1991. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv. Ukraine is bordered by:

  • North: Belarus
  • East: Russia
  • South: The Sea of Azov and the Black Sea,
  • South-West: Moldova and Romania
  • West: Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.


The economy of Ukraine:

The economy of Ukraine mainly depends on the multi-sectoral industry, agriculture, and services. Very recently, the economy of Ukraine grew by about 2% every year after a sharp decline in the previous several years. Donbas or the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which were the most economically developed regions of Ukraine, are now under the control of the Russian Government. Under the present political situation, the strong economic areas of Ukraine are the Dnieper River area or the Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhia regions, and the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, and Lviv.

Climate of Ukraine:

Ukraine has a continental climate. Winters are freezing cold, and summers are mildly warm and dry. Southern Ukraine is comparatively warm than the North or Eastern parts of Ukraine. The average low temperature in Winter is -8°C, and the average high in summer is +28°C. 

The ethnicity of Ukraine:
The major population of Ukraine is Ukrainians (77%) and Russians (17%). Rest are Moldovians, Belarusians, Tatar, and Romanians.

Language of Ukraine:
The main languages of Ukraine are Ukrainian and Russian. A few numbers of people also speak Polish, Yiddish, Belarusian, Romanian or Moldovan, Bulgarian, Turkish, or Hungarian. Russian is spoken and understood by everyone in Ukraine.

Safety in Ukraine:
Most parts of Ukraine are overall safe for Indian students.

why to study in ukraine

Why an Indian student will Study MBBS in Ukraine?

The Central Government of Ukraine is continuously emphasizing the advancement and growth of medical education in the country. The Government is giving financial and other aids to maintain the standard of education. Any MBBS in Ukraine degree holder can work as a doctor in any parts of the world after clearing the respective Licensing exam of that country. International students wish to study MBBS in Ukraine, mainly because of:

  • The quality of medical education and proper infrastructure is satisfactory.
  • The Government helps the universities financially to develop a research wing.
  • Living cost is comparatively lower than the other European countries.
  • Donation is not required to get MBBS in Ukraine admission in any medical college in Ukraine.
  • Students remain mentally and physically fit due to the scope of a lot of extracurricular activities and almost all sorts of sports.
  • The students get the scope of taking part in many kinds of International events and conferences.

MBBS In Ukraine | Advantages For Omkar Medicom Students

These are the few crucial advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine through Omkar Medicom.

All our MBBS in Ukraine universities are owned and managed by the Government of Ukraine, except Kyiv Medical University UAFM and in Kharkiv.
Apply through Omkar Medicom and get Direct Admission in MBBS in Ukraine without any Capitation Fees.
MBBS in Ukraine Admission Procedure is easy when you take through Omkar Medicom.
100% Visa Guarantee for all Omkar Medicom students, depending on age and qualification of the student.
Total Fees are quite reasonable in our universities and No Hidden Cost in our packages.
Visa charges and 1st time Airfare are included in Omkar Medicom Ukraine Fees.
All-important Medical Councils Worldwide recognizes the degree of our universities.
Omkar Medicom hostels are mostly within walking distance of the campus.
In all the cities of our universities, the Living standard is at par European Standard, but at a low cost.
Indian mess is Available in most of Omkar Medicom Universities in Ukraine.
MCI Screening Test coaching facility is available in some of the universities.
Pass out students from Omkar Medicom Ukraine are working in Top Hospitals Across the World, including all cities in India.
Omkar Medicom officials always remain present in the cities to take care of the students all through the course.

Disadvantages of MBBS In Ukraine

Omkar Medicom will always mention the points of disadvantages of studying in a particular country, which helps our students and parents to take proper decision before taking admission in any country for MBBS.

The most important disadvantage of MBBS in Ukraine is the KROK Test. In 2018, only 19.14% students have passed KROK-1. KROK Result of 2018.
Eastern part of Ukraine is politically unstable. Several cities of East Ukraine are now under the control of the Russian government.
All Universities are Bilingual, mostly 3+3 system and a few with 60-70% English.
All the hospitals are not inside the campuses. So students will have to pay bus fare in from 4th year to do some hospital classes.
Rooms are Three-Sharing in hostel with bunk beds and hostels in any university are away from the campus. In some Universities like Kharkiv, it is 14 km far away.
Bathrooms are not attached. However, if any student dislike this, then he/she can rent an apartment outside from 2nd year. Approximate rate is Rs 15,000 p.m.
Cadaver is not provided in Anatomy dissection class as a rule of Ukraine government.

Eligibility and Documents required for MBBS in Ukraine


Eligibility to Study MBBS in Ukraine

Eligibility Criteria for Ukraine MBBS 2021 is:

  • Students who have passed 10+2 with 50% or above. For some Universities 70% + required.
  • Minimum NEET qualified.
  • Age below 22 Years as on 31.12.2021.
  • 10+2 not before 2018. 

Please note that students with more age can be admitted but they can be called by the Ukraine Embassy for a Visa interview.

Documents required for Application to MBBS in Ukraine

  • Scanned copy of Class 10 Mark sheet
  • Scanned copy of Class 12 Mark sheet
  • Scanned copy of the passport of the Student
  • NEET mark sheet
  • Birth Certificate
  • Clear Photo of the Student
  • Application amount of Rs 25,000 (included in the package)
  • Bank Statement of Rs 6 Lac and above.

Please note that we from Omkar Medicom will do all the needful like Translation, Authorization, and Apostille of documents, Visa Application, Invitation, and Admission Letter of the University, etc. Students may have to appear for a Visa Interview at the Ukraine Embassy.

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