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MBBS in China | Low Fees Rs 3.00 Lac | NMC Approved Best Medical Colleges Abroad.

China is the Best Country Abroad To Study MBBS and get Registration For Indian Students

MBBS in China | Low Fees starting from Rs 3.00 Lac yearly | Best country for Indian students to Study in Abroad Medical Colleges | Contact Omkar Medicom for admission in 36 Universities.

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MBBS in China | Best Medical Colleges Abroad

2024 Admissions going on.

Study MBBS abroad in the Best Medical Colleges in China.

Please see the 1st choice Top Rank 9 Universities. China is the Best Country for Indian students to Study MBBS Abroad. Fees and other details of the Medical Colleges.
anhui medical university logo by omkar medicom

Anhui Medical University

1st Year Fees Rs 3,00,000
2nd Yr to 5th Yr Yearly Fees Rs 3,00,000
Grand Total Fees Rs 15,00,000
(Tuition Fees)
(Hostel, Consultancy, Food Extra)
Discover Anhui Medical University, an NMC-approved choice for affordable and high-ranking MBBS in China. Avail study scholarships up to Rs 2 Lac/year for Indian students.
Anhui Medical University MBBS Details
mbbs in china xinjiang medical university

Xinjiang Medical University

1st Year Fees Rs 3,00,000
2nd Yr to 5th Yr Yearly Fees Rs 3,00,000
Grand Total Fees Rs 15,00,000
(Tuition Fees)
(Hostel, Consultancy, Food Extra)
Join NMC-approved MBBS journey at Xinjiang Medical University, the 2nd oldest English medium program in China. XJMU is one of the best medical colleges abroad, attracting a high number of Indian students
Xinjiang Medical University Details
guangzhou medical university logo by omkar medicom

Guangzhou Medical University

1st Year Fees Rs 3,00,000
2nd Yr to 5th Yr Yearly Fees Rs 3,00,000
Grand Total Fees Rs 15,00,000
(Tuition Fees)
(Hostel, Consultancy, Food Extra)
Guangzhou Medical University, the finest medical college in South China, offers various scholarships. GMU provides excellent opportunities for aspiring medical students. Join now for top MBBS.
Guangzhou Medical University MBBS Details

Study MBBS in Top Ranking Best Medical Colleges, Located in China.

mbbs in china in sichuan university

Sichuan University China

1st Year Fees Rs 3,60,000
2nd Yr to 5th Yr Yearly Fees Rs 4,50,000
Grand Total Fees Rs 21,60,000
(Tuition Fees with 1st Yr's Scholarship)
(Hostel, Consultancy, Food Extra)
Sichuan University (SCU), among China's premier universities for English-language MBBS, provides scholarships exclusively for Omkar Medicom students. Join SCU for top-quality medical education and financial support.
Sichuan University College of Medicine Details
mbbs in china in nanjing medical university

Nanjing Medical University

1st Year Fees Rs 3,40,000
2nd Yr to 5th Yr Yearly Fees Rs 3,40,000
Grand Total Fees Rs 17,00,000
(Tuition Fee)
(Hostel, Consultancy, Food Extra)
Nanjing Medical University, a renowned English-medium institution in China, offers scholarships to all Omkar Medicom students. Elevate your medical education with NMU's top-notch programs and financial support.
Nanjing Medical University Details
mbbs in china in soochow university

Soochow University

1st Year Fees Rs 3,25,000
2nd Yr to 5th Yr Yearly Fees Rs 3,25,000
Grand Total Fees Rs 16,25,000
(Tuition Fees)
(Hostel, Consultancy and Food Extra)
Soochow University, a top rank NMC approved MBBS institution in China, offers scholarships to nearly all Omkar Medicom students, enhancing their educational journey with financial support and academic excellence.
Soochow University College of Medicine Details

Get the Best MBBS in more Top English Medium Chinese Medical Colleges

xiamen university

Xiamen University

1st Year Fees Rs 3,80,000
2nd Yr to 5th Yr Yearly Fees Rs 3,80,000
Grand Total Fees Rs 19,00,000
(Tuition Fee)
(Hostel, Consultancy, Food Extra)
Xiamen University, an A-Grade institution in China, stands among the top-ranked universities for English-medium MBBS programs. Renowned for its world-class campus, it provides an exceptional learning environment.
Xiamen University Medical College Details
shandong university

Shandong University

1st Year Fees Rs 4,50,000
2nd Yr to 5th Yr Yearly Fees Rs 4,50,000
Grand Total Fees Rs 22,50,000
(Tuition Fee)
(Hostel, Consultancy Fee, Food Extra)
Shandong University (SDU), boasting the oldest A-Grade Medical College in China, welcomes international students from diverse countries to pursue MBBS in English, offering a rich educational experience.
Shandong University School of Medicine Details
china medical university logo by omkar medicom

China Medical University

1st Year Fees Rs 4,00,000
2nd Yr to 5th Yr Yearly Fees Rs 4,00,000
Grand Total Fees Rs 20,00,000
(Tuition Fees)
(Hostel, Consultancy, Food Extra)
Embark on your MBBS journey at China Medical University, Shenyang, North China. Secure admission to one of the top 10 medical colleges in China, all NMC approved for Indian students.
China Medical University Details
All Medical Universities in China

Highlights of MBBS in China

China is the Best Country for Indian students to study MBBS abroad. NMC has approved 45 Top Medical Colleges in China.
MBBS in China Highlights
Degree Name MBBS, Degree valid in India as per NMC norms
MBBS Duration 57 months + 1-Year Internship either in India or in China
Internship & Registration Internship of China is valid in India and Indian students can get Registration in China
Eligibility Criteria Depends on University, please check individual University web pages
Total Package Rs 15 Lac to Rs 26 Lac Tuition Fee for full MBBS course
NEET requirement Min NEET qualified compulsory, some Universities will require 200+
Syllabus Same as MCI Syllabus, Indian books followed
Is Cadaver given in Anatomy Class? Every 5 students will get one Cadaver in all Universities in China, highest in the world.
University Management All are Government owned and managed
Approval of Medical Coleges MCI, NMC, WHO, USMLE, UK PLAB, AMC, DHA, HAAD, etc
Medium of Instructions Full English
Local Language Chinese
Distance from India 2.5 hours to 9 hours by flight from India, depending on University location
Hostel location All hostels are inside the campus. Living in hostel is compulsory.
MCI Test / FMGE Passing Numbers Highest in the world. Please see 2012-2022 FMGE passing numbers.
Check here, Why Omkar Medicom is the Best Consultant for MBBS in Abroad

Why will you take Admission in MBBS in China only through Omkar Medicom?

Top 10 Reasons to choose MBBS In China.

Finding a medical seat in Indian Government Medical Colleges is increasingly challenging. With a rich history since 2007 and over 3000 successful admissions, Omkar Medicom presents 10 essential tips to guide your selection of the ideal overseas medical college or university within your budget. Connect with us to explore every aspect of MBBS abroad.

For those with a budget exceeding Rs 75 Lac, Non-Government or Private Medical Colleges in India are an option. If budget constraints are a concern, explore the excellent medical colleges in China, Russia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

Among these choices, China's medical colleges stand out as the best for Indian students.

China is the best country to study mbbs in medical colleges abroad for Indian students 001

MBBS Colleges in China: The Best with the Lowest Fees

When it comes to MBBS education abroad, China emerges as the premier destination. The country's MBBS colleges offer not only top-notch education but also the most economical fees.

Total Cost: The tuition fee for MBBS in China ranges from Rs 15 to 24 Lac for the entire duration.

Here are some top MBBS colleges in China with affordable fees:

China is the best country to study mbbs

Global Recognition: NMC and USMLE Approved MBBS Degree in China

The MBBS degree from China carries significant global recognition, being approved by prestigious institutions worldwide, including USMLE, UKPLAB, AMC, SMC, MCI, NMC, DHA, HAAD, etc. Graduates from Chinese Medical Colleges are eligible for licensing exams in various countries. Some Chinese Medical Colleges also implement the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) system, facilitating students in clearing USMLE efficiently.

China is the best country to study mbbs in medical colleges abroad for Indian students 03

Cost Advantage: MBBS Fees in China - One-Fourth of Private Medical Colleges in India

The fees and associated costs for MBBS in China are significantly lower compared to Private Medical Colleges in India. While an average Non-Government Medical College in India may cost over Rs 70 Lac, most Medical Universities in China, including hostel charges, come at only Rs 22 Lac. Moreover, the MBBS programs in China are more cost-effective compared to medical universities in other countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Bangladesh, etc.

China is the best country to study mbbs in medical colleges abroad for Indian students 04

Top-Notch Infrastructure: MBBS Colleges in China Lead Globally

Student reviews on MBBS in China consistently highlight the exceptional teaching quality and infrastructure. Currently, all NMC Approved Medical Colleges in China boast superior facilities, including state-of-the-art labs, extensive libraries, well-equipped hospitals, modern hostels, and expansive campuses. China's infrastructure surpasses even the best medical colleges in the USA, Canada, UK, or Germany.

China is the best country to study mbbs in medical colleges abroad for Indian students 04

Top World Rankings: China's NMC Approved Medical Colleges Shine

Among NMC Approved Medical Colleges in China, approximately 20 boast a high global ranking of 2000 or above. In India, only AIIMS Delhi surpasses a world rank of 899. Some standout medical universities in China include:

  • Xian Jiaotong University: World Rank 180
  • Xiamen University: World Rank 197
  • Soochow University: World Rank 277
  • Sichuan University: World Rank 208
  • Shandong University: World Rank 206
  • Nanjing Medical University: World Rank 438
  • Anhui Medical University: World Rank 868
  • Xinjiang Medical University: World Rank 1714

While world rankings provide valuable insights, students should not base their university selection solely on this criterion. Numerous other essential factors influence the choice of a university. For a comprehensive comparative analysis, call Omkar Medicom. These rankings are sourced from the CWUR website.

among top 100 universities China is the Best Country Abroad to Study MBBS In Medical Colleges for Indian Students

A Strong Presence in Top 100 Worldwide: 10 Chinese Universities Stand Out

The global medical education landscape sees a robust representation from China, with no less than 10 universities securing positions within the top 100. Several of these institutions offer MBBS courses in English for international students.

Every Medical College in China is Government owned and Managed

The distinction lies in China, where each medical university is meticulously owned and overseen by the Chinese government. This unique approach sets China apart from countries like the Philippines, Georgia, and Bangladesh, where medical institutions often operate in the private sector. Across the globe, it's widely acknowledged that only government-affiliated medical colleges and universities can furnish unparalleled facilities for medical education. This governmental stewardship contributes to the outstanding quality of medical studies in China, making it an ideal destination for aspiring medical professionals.

China is the best country to study mbbs in medical colleges abroad for Indian students 06

MBBS Duration in China is 57 months and approved by NMC

Embark on a well-structured MBBS expedition in China, where the course spans 57 months. This duration closely aligns with the Indian MBBS program and is endorsed by the National Medical Commission (NMC), adhering to the latest rules and guidelines outlined in the NMC Gazette. In contrast, several other countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia have a 6-year MBBS course. The substantial one-year reduction in China not only aligns with the Indian and some International standards but also offers potential savings in your educational budget

China is the best country to study mbbs in medical colleges abroad for Indian students 07

Unmatched Practical Learning in Chinese MBBS Colleges

Experience unparalleled practical teaching environments in Chinese medical colleges, setting them apart from counterparts worldwide. In China, a remarkable student-to-cadaver ratio of 5:1 ensures optimal dissection exposure. This is a stark contrast to India, where 100 students share a single cadaver.

It's important to note that government regulations in certain countries, including Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and select Russian universities, deprive medical students of cadaveric learning opportunities.

China is the best country to study mbbs in medical colleges abroad for Indian students 08

Career Advancement: Registration as Doctors in China for Indian Students

Indian students studying in China have the option to register and practice as doctors if desired. Many Indian professionals have already seized this opportunity, drawn by the competitive salaries and additional perks, such as complimentary accommodation. Completing Ph.D. studies in China opens avenues for permanent residency, ensuring long-term stability and benefits.

Beyond the aforementioned 10 points, numerous other factors contribute to making MBBS in China an unparalleled choice, surpassing the quality of medical education in other countries or private medical colleges in India. For comprehensive details, reach out to Omkar Medicom, and explore our informative YouTube videos.

MBBS in China Frequently Asked Questions

Is MBBS in China a Good Option?
Pursuing an MBBS degree in China is not just a good option for studious Indian students, but it is undoubtedly the best choice available. Let us elaborate on the compelling reasons that make it an exceptional opportunity:

♦ Top-notch MBBS education in China's prestigious medical colleges comes with an economical fee structure. Approved by the National Medical Commission (NMC), these universities offer a comprehensive five-year package starting from Rs 15,00,000/-.

♦ A degree in MBBS from China carries immense global recognition and value. It is accepted and valid worldwide, including acceptance for exams like USMLE, UK PLAB, AMC, SMC, and MCI.

♦ If necessary, Indian students have the opportunity to register and pursue a career as doctors in China. Only China and Russia offers Registration to the foreign students.

♦ China's medical schools offer a wide array of scholarships for deserving international students pursuing the MBBS program. These scholarships range from Rs 50,000 per year to full coverage of the MBBS fees, providing significant financial assistance.

♦ Chinese medical universities are classified by the Chinese Government based on their quality. Ranging from A+++, A++, A+, A, to B+++, even the lowest-ranked C-graded university in China surpasses the quality of the best medical universities in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, the Philippines, Central America, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Bangladesh.

♦ The MBBS course duration in China is 57 months, which is similar to India and approved by NMC and shorter than other countries like Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, etc., where the course duration is typically 6 years.

♦ The admission process for MBBS in China is systematic, straightforward, and relatively easy for deserving and qualified students.

♦ Chinese medical universities have limited seats, typically around 30 to 60 students per university. This ensures that the highest standards of quality are maintained, unlike colleges in other countries that often admit unlimited numbers of students, compromising quality.

♦ Admission to the top-ranking medical universities in China is highly competitive, attracting only the most dedicated and serious students. This creates a conducive and motivating environment among students, fostering healthy competition.

♦ China offers the best practical teaching methods compared to any other country. In most Chinese colleges, a group of five students is assigned to each cadaver for anatomy dissection, providing an excellent student-to-cadaver ratio. In contrast, in India, it is common for one cadaver to be shared among 100 students.

♦ The MBBS syllabus in China is identical to the one prescribed by the NMC. Students study the same books used in Indian medical colleges, which greatly aids in preparing for the FMGE or the NEXT (National Exit Test) in the future. Consequently, China consistently produces a high number of successful FMGE pass-outs among all countries.

By considering these compelling factors, it becomes evident that pursuing an MBBS degree in China presents an unparalleled opportunity for Indian students who are serious about their medical education and future career prospects.
Is It Worth Studying MBBS in China?
It is absolutely worthy of studying MBBS in any MCI approved Medical College in China. A student will gain maximum knowledge that is a minimum of 10 years ahead than India, spending not even one-third of Private Medical Colleges in India. For the rest of the points, kindly check the answer to Question 01.
Is Neet Compulsory for MBBS in China?
Yes, qualifying NEET with good marks is necessary for admission in China. Along with good NEET marks, 70% + marks are also required in Class 12.
Are Indian Students Studying MBBS In China Good?
Indian students studying MBBS in China will become brilliant within the span of the 5 years course. They can compete even with the students studying in top colleges in India. Students studying in China will gain up-to-date Medical knowledge that students studying in India can not even access.
How Many Indian Students Opt For Mbbs In China?
Every year nearly 3000 students from India take admission in the Government Medical Colleges in China. At present, approximately 24,000 Indian students are in China, studying MBBS or PG (MD/MS). This number of students is the highest among all countries.
Is China MBBS Valid in India?
China MBBS degree is valid in India provided the student has taken admission in MCI or NMC or WHO approved Medical Colleges in China.
Is an MBBS Degree from China Better than in India?
Degree achieved in China or India, or any other countries are the same. There is as such no difference in the value of the degree. But the difference will be in the magnitude of knowledge level and practical experience. Among the countries where the Indian students usually study, we have ranked the knowledge depth of the Medical students in the following:

Rank 1: China (All Colleges)
Rank 2: India (All Government and 10-12 Private Colleges)
Rank 3: Bangladesh (around 10 Colleges)
Rank 4: Russia (some colleges)
Rank 5: Kyrgyzstan (2-3 colleges)
Rank 7: Nepal (3-4 colleges in Nepal are very good but the rest are worst in every respect)
Rank 8: Philippines (if the student can clear NMAT)
Rank 9: Kazakhstan (only 2 colleges)
Rank 10: Belarus (only 1-2 colleges)
Which Colleges are Better for MBBS in China for Indians?
All the MCI approved Medical Colleges are top class. Rank-wise, Grade-wise, in terms of English Medium seniority and number of Indian quota, we are putting the following list of the Top Ten Medical Colleges in China.

01. Sichuan University
02. Xinjiang Medical University
03. Soochow University
04. Xian Jiaotong University
05. Nanjing Medical University
06. Anhui Medical University
07. Shandong University
08. Southeast University
09. Jilin University
10. Zhejiang University
Does MBBS Education is Same in India and China?
MBBS Education of India and China are almost the same. Curriculum same, Books same, all studies in the English medium in both the countries, duration of course almost same, Exam pattern same and Internship also same. But the significant differences are:

01. In China, practical classes are more.
02. In China, a group of 5-7 Indian students will get one Cadaver, whereas in India, almost 100 students get one Cadaver.
03. In China, a student will study Nuclear Medicine, Robotic Surgery, which is impossible in India.
04. In China, students will learn about the PBL system, which is not available anywhere in India. PBL system learning helps a student to clear USMLE very easily.
05. In China, students will get hospitals with more than 10,000 in-patient beds. In contrast, in India, mostly all hospitals have only 1000 beds.
Is MBBS in China and India have the same Syllabus?
China and India have the same MBBS Syllabus. Indian students will take the books also from India. The same books, which are taught in the Indian Medical Colleges. Students will learn a few chapters more in China, like Nuclear Medicine, Robotic Surgery, etc.

Nuclear medicine is a specialized area of Radiology that uses minimal amounts of radioactive materials, or radio-pharmaceuticals, to examine organ function and structure. Nuclear medicine imaging is a combination of many different disciplines.

Robotic surgery is the type of surgical procedure that is done using robotic systems. Robotically-assisted surgery was developed to overcome the limitations of pre-existing minimally-invasive surgical procedures and enhance surgeon's capabilities performing open surgery.
How Many Years duration is MBBS Course in China?
The duration of the MBBS course in China is 4 years and 9 months. After that 1-year Internship, which the student can do either in China or in India. For some Medical Universities in China, students must do an Internship in that College only. Like Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu University, Zhejiang University, etc.
How Much Does It Cost To Study Mbbs In China?
The cost of studying MBBS in China is the most economical.

01. Tuition Fees start from only 24000 ¥ (approximately Rs 2,40,000) per year.
02. Hostel Fees start from only 1600 ¥ (approx Rs 16,000) per year.
03. Food cost is also minimal @ 700 ¥ per month.
Overall total expenses of 5 years MBBS course in China is around Rs 14 Lac to Rs 26 Lac, depending on University and location.
How to Get Education Loan to Study MBBS in China?
A student can get Education Loan to study MBBS in China from most of the Banks in India. To make the process of an Education Loan smooth, you must apply through Omkar Medicom for admission to the College of your choice within May. Then you will get the Offer Letter or Acceptance Letter from the College soon. Then you can apply to your bank with the Acceptance Letter and other required documents.
How to Get MBBS Admission in China?
The best way to get MBBS Admission in China is to contact Omkar Medicom. This MBBS Abroad Consultancy is the only Trusted Number One directly connected with 36 Medical Universities in China. So a student will get a lot of options as per his/her budget and choices.
When to Apply for MBBS in China?
The best time to apply for MBBS in China is from January to May every year. Please remember that you will not get a single seat in any of the Universities in China once the NEET exam is over in May.
What after MBBS in China?
After MBBS in China, first of all,

01. A student will clear the NEXT test in India.
02. Then that student will get the Indian Medical Registration Number to work in India as a doctor.
03. After getting the Indian Medical Registration number, you can work in any hospital (government or private) or further prepare for PG (MD/MS).
04. Indian MBBS students from China can do MD or MS in China either Free or at a minimal cost. There are a lot of PG seats in China for international students.
05. Along with NEXT exam, you can prepare and clear USMLE if you wish to do your PG in the USA. Students studying in China will get an added advantage to clear USMLE easily as the PBL study pattern is followed in China.

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a student-centered method and practice of teaching. In the PBL system, students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an open-ended medical problem. The PBL process does not focus on problem-solving with a defined solution, but it allows for developing other desirable medical skills and attributes. This includes utmost knowledge acquisition, enhanced group collaboration, and communication. The process enables the students to develop treatment skills used for their future medical practice. It enhances critical appraisal, literature retrieval, and encourages ongoing learning within a team environment.
Can Indian Students Work in China after MBBS?
Yes, any Indian student can work in China as a doctor after completion of the MBBS course. In fact, many Omkar Medicom students are now established doctors in China and earning triple salary than their Indian counterparts.
Can China MBBS Student Enroll in Canada Medical PG?
Yes, officially, an Indian student who has completed MBBS in China can enroll in PG in Canada after clearing MCCQE 1 and MCCQE 2, and TOEFL. You can write your MCCQE 1 after your second-year MBBS itself. If you plan well, you can clear all the parts of exams along with TOEFL before you even complete your Internship.

MBBS in China Reviews about Omkar Medicom

The Best MBBS Colleges in abroad countries for Indian students are in China
Shagun Sharma

Omkar Medicom is excellent, always friendly. They helped me in every respect. Admission, Visa, taking us to China, immigration, sim card, hostel everything. I have seen the sufferings of students from other agencies at my university. I feel lucky that I came through Omkar Medicom. Thanks to Shamik Sir and many thanks to my parents for choosing Omkar Medicom.

saheed h

I am very delighted on the service of omkar which they rendered to my son for getting admission to xinjiang.They processed the entire which helped to get admission with utmost easiness as getting admission to nearby college. The service of Sushil Pillai and Bhaumik is marvellous for clearing all and even silly doubts arised with regard to admissionMy family deeply indebted to Dr.Shamik who accompanied students to china,for giving parental care for solving all issue in China.They charged nothing more processing what they quoted at the very first stage of admission.I salute the team Omkar and its dedicated persons like sushil pillai and bhaumik Saheed.H Pulimoottil Alleppey 12

nisha basheer

All my thanks and respect for Mr Bhaumik of Omkar Medicom. Today I am a 3rd Year student of MBBS in China. Without his help, I would not have come to this position to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. I live in a small town in Jharkhand and my sister was working in Bangalore. In 2017 May, she contacted one agency in Bangalore near to her home and paid Rs 40000 for my admission in Xian Jiaotong. Next day that agency gave her admission letter of xian. We all were happy as I have got admission in one of the best university in the world. But after that, we didn’t hear anything from that Bangalore agency. June went, July gone… no proper reply. We felt something foul was happening. In July end my sister searched internet and found Omkar Medicom Kolkata and contacted Mr bhaumik and requested him to get a seat for me at Xian Jiaotong University. Mr Bhaumik clearly said in that 1st conversation that admission in Xian absolutely not possible as all admissions were done within June 10th and Visa process of the Xian students will start from August 15th. My sister then told him all the details about that Bangalore agency. Mr Bhaumik told her that he does not know that agency. But if we want, then he can try his level best to get my admission done in China, although it was too late. Next day we paid Rs 50000 and sent him all the documents required for admission and now today I am in China Medical University studying MBBS in 3rd year. My admission was late, so my visa was also late. Even then Dr Majumdar took me alone to China Medical University without taking any extra money. I will be always grateful to Mr Bhaumik and Dr Majumdar of Omkar who managed everything although we were too late in applying. One thing we all have understood that time and in future years that Mr Bhaumik and Dr Majumdar say only the true fact, what they can do actually. They never exaggerate things to show unrealistic DREAMS to the students and parents. In this message, just because my sister is living in that same area till now, I cant name that agency of Bangalore, who cheated us but always claim that they are DREAM of DOCTORS,

Lomesh Thakore

(Original) ડો.લોમેશ ઠાકોર હું મારા પુત્ર પ્રણવ ને ચાઇના ની પ્રખ્યાત Xi’an Jiaotong Medical University માં MBBS માં પ્રવેશ મેળવી આપવા બદલ OMKAR medikom તેમજ ડૉ.શમિક સર અને ભૌમિક સર નો ખુબજ આભારી છું.Xi’an Jiaotong Medical University ચાઇના ની પ્રમુખ C9 league મેડીકલ કોલેજ માં સ્થાન ધરાવે છે .તેમજ XJTU માં બધાજ મેડીકલ વિષયો અંગ્રેજી માધ્યમમાં ભણાવવા માં આવે છે. ડૉ.શમિક સર દ્વારા જાતે લગભગ ૩૫ વિદ્યાર્થી ને દિલ્હી એરપોર્ટ થી ચાઇના ઇમીગ્રેશન ક્લીયર કરાવીને એડમીશન,રજીસ્ટ્રેશન ,હોસ્ટેલ રૂમ માં રહેવાની વ્યવસ્થા, સીમ કાર્ડ વગેરે ની સઘળી પ્રક્રીયા હાથ ધરવામાં આવેલ . મારો પુત્ર ઘણો ખુશ છે કારણકે XJTU દરેક બાબતમાં આગળ છે જેમકે કેમ્પસ નું વાતાવરણ,ભણતર,રમત ગમત, સાંસ્કૃતીક કાર્યક્ર્મ વગેરે . આથી હું દરેક મારા ગુજરાતી મિત્રો ને OMKAR medikom દ્વારા જ ચાઇના ની વર્લ્ડ રેંકીંગ Xi’an Jiaotong Medical University માં પ્રવેશ લેવાની ભલામણ કરૂં છું, કારણકે ઘણા લેભાગુ એજન્ટોઆ અંગે પુરી માહિતી આપતા નથી અને સરવાળે ઘણાં વાલીઓ અને વિદ્યાર્થીઓ ફ્સાઇ જાય છે. (Translated by Google) Dr. Lomesh Thakor I am very thankful to OMKAR medikom as well as Dr. Shamik Sir and Bhowmik Sir for giving my son Pranav admission in MBBS in the famous Xi'an Jiaotong Medical University of China. Xi'an Jiaotong Medical University Has a place .All the medical subjects in XJTU are taught in English medium. Dr. Shamik Sir himself cleared about 8 students from Delhi Airport to China Immigration and all the process of admission, registration, accommodation in hostel room, SIM card etc. was carried out. My son is very happy because XJTU is ahead in everything like campus environment, learning, sports, cultural program etc. Therefore, I recommend to all my Gujarati friends to get admission in the world ranking Xi’an Jiaotong Medical University of China only through OMKAR medikom, as many profitable agents do not provide complete information about this and in addition many parents and students get trapped.

Ramanuj Singh

I came across to Omkar Medicom around last august 2019 for admission of my son (Abhijeet kumar singh) in china for doing mbbs. My experience at omkar has been amazing right from shortlisting of the best university , visa procedure and all other admission related stuffs everything was done at ease. I met Bhaumik sir and shamik sir who happens to be efficient and equally knowledgeable. They helps me a lot in my entire process. Whole process went very smoothly and it was very convenient for me . I didnot have any tension nor any trouble because of them. I would really suggest all to consider omkar medicom as your overseas consultant. And lastly i am again really thankful to shamik and bhaumik sir who always looks at my child like a guardian.

Aditi Singh

I am so glad I consulted Omkar Medicom for my admission in China. They have been so supportive and helpful right from the admission to the visa application process. Shamik sir travelled with us the first time and even stayed with us for more than a month and helped us in every respect, be it our sim cards, bank accounts, accommodation.. everything. Omkar Medicom was very friendly, informative and genuine with their dealings. Our tiniest queries were answered. I must say Shamik Sir and Bhaumik Sir have been very helpful and supportive. I am happy I chose Omkar family.

Priya Singh

It's been an overwhelming experience with Omkar Medicom. Today I feel so fortunate to get their assistance in getting one step closer to my dream .From registration to reaching to the University, it's been an incredible journey. Dr. Shamik took us from Delhi to China and never left us alone for a minute. Dr. Shamik helped us in every aspects whether it be admission,visa,sim cards,id cards,bank accounts, shopping, hostel stuffs and even ensured that we get the best version of everything. He gave us all the details with proper guidance .He always looked upon us and never make us realize that we were far away from our home. He then stayed for more than a month to ensure that we are settled down comfortably. Dr. Shamik is the best version of human I had ever met in my life till date. I'm so blessed to be the part of OMKAR FAMILY. We love you Bhaumik sir and shamik sir . Thanks for everything .😊


I’m glad that I had gone through Omkar Medicom for my sister’s admission in CMU. They are the best agent and you can blindly trust on their services as they take care of whole process of admission. Very genuine!

Devendra Singh

Experience with Omkar Medicom was very good. They cleared all the initial doubts that we had as parents. Mr. Bhoumik gave detailed information about the Universities we were interested in, he helped a lot in deciding the University. The best part was they took the students from Delhi, accompany them up to the university hostel and get them settled there. Mr Bhoumick always remained very helpful and co operative. Thank you very much Team Omkar Medicom.

Priyanka Goyal

Omkar Medicom is Simply THE BEST. The best part of them is that, they never tell you any lie. They will never make you feel that you are going to a land of fairy tales. They will never give you any false promise. They just tell you the reality. being away from my mom, being away from my dear dad, being away from my cute little sis prachi, being away from rakesh, soni, archi.. all my childhood friends.... life is not that easy in foreign land.... BUT BUT BUT ... omkar medicom people will make you feel in real that you are just Home away from Home. Today just 1 yr away from becoming a doctor, if I say thank u bhaumik sir, thank u shamik sir..... it will be a insult to them..... I just want to say .... I love you bhaumik sir.... i love you shamik sir.... we all love you for being our side all these years.....

Disadvantages of MBBS in China

Tough admission process in many universities in China. Required only good quality, serious students.
Video interviews are required in many universities before giving admission. Students must be able to speak in proper English.
A written test in the English language is also taken after reaching China in one or two universities. So students must be proficient in the English language.
Exactly similar Indian food can not be expected in all Universities in China, although many Universities have an Indian canteen.
Very strict attendance and exam policy in all universities in China. 90% attendance is compulsory, and students should take no unfair means in exams.
Some universities are located in those places which are very cold in winter.

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What is a Cadaver in Medical Education?

cadaver is a dead human body that medical students, Doctors, and other Scientists use;

  • To study anatomy, 
  • Identify disease sites, 
  • Determine causes of death, and 
  • Provide tissue to repair a living human being's defect. 

Students in medical college research and dissect cadavers as a part of their education.

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