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Brahmanbaria Medical College | MBBS in Bangladesh | Rs 24.30 L Fees

Brahmanbaria Medical College | MBBS in Bangladesh | Low Fees Rs 24,30,000 Total without hostel | Omkar Medicom, Admission Partner in India

Brahmanbaria Medical College Bangladesh Highlights

Brahmanbaria Medical College, Bangladesh (BMCHBD) At a Glance
Year of foundation of BMCHBD 2013
Government or Private Private
International MBBS students in BMCHBD 60
Number of Indian students 50
No. of hospitals in BMCH with Beds 1/250 beds
Class Commencement January every year
Eligibility Criteria in 10+2 60% in PCB, Minimum 7 GPA
NEET Criteria NEET qualified
IELTS/TOFEL Criteria Not Applicable
MBBS Course Duration 5 Years + 1 Yr Internship
Medium of Instructions Complete English
Is Bengali language Taught? No
Recognition and Affiliations WHO, MCI, BMDC, NMC
Recognition of BMCHBD MCI and WHO Approved
Nearest International Airport Dhaka
Nearest Domestic Airport Dhaka
Distance from India 4 hours by flight & bus from Kolkata via Dhaka or 2 hrs journey time by road from Agartala airport
Average Weather in Brahmanbaria Jan Lowest: 14°C, April & May Highest: 34°C

Brahmanbaria Medical College Fee Structure

Brahmanbaria Medical College Total package is Rs 24,30,000 without hostel. NO HIDDEN COST

Omkar Medicom Packages of Brahmanbaria Medical College, Bangladesh include Tuition Fees, Visa Fees in India, 1st time Airfare/Bus fare/Train fare from Kolkata, Accompanying charges to the College, All Admission charges, Invitation and Authorization from Bangladesh, Consultancy charges.

Brahmanbaria Medical College Fees

Bangladesh MBBS Fees package has 2 parts. 1st is Admission Fee payable before going to Bangladesh. Then 1st Year to 5th Year Tuition Fees.
Brahmanbaria Medical College Bangladesh Fees
Part 1: Seat Book, Admission and 1st Year Fees
MBBS Seat Book
(with Appl)
Admission Fees
Tuition Fee 2000 $ 7000 $ 6000 $
(INR) (Rs 1,40,000) (Rs 4,90,000) (Rs 4,20,000)
Hostel --- --- Not Incl.
in India
Rs 1,20,000 --------- ---------
Total Yrly Rs 2,60,000 Rs 4,90,000 Rs 4,20,000
Brahmanbaria Medical College Fees
Part 2: 2nd Year to 5th Year Fees
Tuition 6000 $ 6000 $ 6000 $ Nil
(INR) (4,20,000) (4,20,000) (4,20,000) (---)
Not Incl. Not Incl. Not Incl. Not Incl.
in India
Total Yrly 4,20,000 4,20,000 4,20,000 Nil

1 $(US Dollar) = Rs 70 approximately. All payments in Bangladesh has to be made in US Dollar. 

Bramhanbaria Medical College has Hostel facilities for International students. Boys and Girls hostel buildings are separate. Both the hostels are in the same area of the campus. In the hostels mess is provided at a fixed monthly rate. 

Hostel Fees: 3000 BDT (or Rs 2600 approx.) per month.

Other Expenses:

Payments in Brahmanbaria Medical College Bangladesh:

  • Food: Rs 3000 per month
  • Books/ Uniform/ etc: At actual approx Rs 7000 per year.
  • Tool Box: approx Rs 4,000. 
  • Sim card / WiFi extra at actual (approx cost 600 BDT per month)
  • Airfare during long Holidays: At actual (approx Rs 15,000 per trip to and fro Kolkata)
  • Re-Test / Supplementary Test fees: At actual (approx 500 BDT per failed subject)
  • Chittagong University Registration cost: Included in the Package.
  • Chittagong University Professional Exam Fees: Rs 5500 approx for 4 times.
  • Visa Extension cost: At actual, approx 2000 BDT every year.

Seat Booking Fee has to be paid immediately after getting the Confirmation letter scanned copy of Brahmanbaria Medical College. Subsequently, fees are payable as it will be mentioned in the Admission/Offer Letter. Students failing to pass the Final MBBS Exam in five years must pay nominal tuition fees and Hostel fees for an extended period. 

Study MBBS in Brahmanbaria Medical College, Bangladesh

Overview of Brahmanbaria Medical College

Overview of Brahmanbaria Medical College

Brahmanbaria Medical College Bangladesh 001Brahmanbaria Medical College Bangladesh 002

Brahmanbaria Medical College and Hospital (BMCHBD) was founded in 2013 by Dr. Md Abu Sayed, the Medical College's present Chairman. It is located just 4.4 km from the Brahmanbaria railway station and 104 km from the Dhaka International Airport.
The medical College was built to deliver the best medical education to the deserving students and help the nation and the government make an adequate health workforce and provide health care. The College started with 50 students and now trains 80 students every year, out of which 25% are international students.
BMCHBD is the first Medical College in the whole district and has a modern hospital with 250 in-patient beds, which will be increased to 400 very soon.

Library of Brahmanbaria Medical College

Library of Brahmanbaria Medical College

Brahmanbaria Medical College Library Bangladesh 005Brahmanbaria Medical College Library Bangladesh 002

Library of Brahmanbaria Medical College:

Brahmanbaria Medical College has a well-decorated, air-conditioned library for its students, teachers, and academic staff. It is located in the same Academic Building of the College. Students can take the help of Professional Librarian, Assistant Librarian, and helping staffs in the Library. Internet, E-mail, and photocopy facilities for Library users are available. The library of the Medical College remains open for students, teachers, and academic staff from morning 8 to night 8.

Hospital of Brahmanbaria Medical College

Hospital of Brahmanbaria Medical College

Brahmanbaria Medical College Hospital Bangladesh 001Brahmanbaria Medical College Hospital Bangladesh 004

Brahmanbaria Medical College has a state of art, futuristic, modern Hospital with an in-patient bed capacity of 250. The Hospital specializes in Kidney dialysis, General and Orthopedic cases, and Gynecological surgeries apart from other regular hospital services.

Students can interact with all kinds of patients in indoor, outdoor, and emergency departments as part of their regular clinical teaching and learning process. Thus, students can practice communication, interviewing, data gathering skills, physical examination, and patient assessment techniques among rural and urban populations.

Operations performed regularly are:

  • Cesarean operation
  • Uterine surgery
  • Avarian tumor surgery
  • Breast tumor surgery
  • Gaul Bladder Stone Removal Operation
  • Kidney Stone Removal Operation
  • Prostate surgery
  • Hernia operation
  • Hydrocele (single vein) operation
  • Piles, fistula operation
  • Appendectomy operation
  • Tonsil operation
  • Thyroid surgery
  • DNS operation of the nose
  • All orthopedic (bone fracture surgery)
Brahmanbaria Medical College Hospital Bangladesh 002Brahmanbaria Medical College Hospital Bangladesh 003
Departments of Brahmanbaria Medical College

Departments of Brahmanbaria Medical College

Brahmanbaria Medical College Departments Bangladesh 001Brahmanbaria Medical College Departments Bangladesh 002

Academic activities of Brahmanbaria Medical College are carried out with the following facilities:

  • Department of the Anatomy
  • Department of the Physiology
  • Department of the Biochemistry
  • Department of the Community Medicine
  • Department of the Pharmacology
  • Department of Forensic Medicine
  • Department of the Pathology
  • Department of the Microbiology
  • Department of the Medicine
  • Department of the Surgery
  • Department of the Gynae & Obs.
  • Department of the Pediatrics
  • Department of the Orthopedic Surgery
  • Department of the ENT.
  • Department of the Anesthesiology
  • Department of the Radiology & Imaging
  • Department of the Cardiology
  • Department of the Dermatology
  • Department of the Ophthalmology
  • Department of the Psychiatry
  • Department of the Urology

Facilities for International Students in Brahmanbaria Medical College

International Students studying MBBS at BMCH

International Students studying MBBS at BMCH

Brahmanbaria Medical College students Bangladesh 006Brahmanbaria Medical College students Bangladesh 004Brahmanbaria Medical College students Bangladesh 007Brahmanbaria Medical College students Bangladesh 005

Strength of International Students in BMCHBD:

At present, nearly 60 students from 2 countries study MBBS at BMCHBD. Out of them, 50 are from India only. Rest are from Nepal. That means nearly 25% of the students in BMCHBD are international students from different parts of India, like West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Kashmir, Rajsthan, and Nepal.

Language of Instructions:

All the medical subjects are taught in the English medium at Barind Medical College, BMCHBD. 

BMCHBD Hostels for International Students

BMCHBD Hostels for International Students

There are two hostels for BMCHBD students, one for the girls and one for the boys. The college authority manages these three hostels. The hostels are located near inside Campus. The college canteen is located inside the Campus, where students can take their meals at a fixed monthly rate.

Brahmanbaria Medical College Hostel Bangladesh 001Brahmanbaria Medical College Hostel Bangladesh 002Brahmanbaria Medical College students Bangladesh 003Brahmanbaria Medical College students Bangladesh 002
Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh

Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh

Brahmanbaria City 001Brahmanbaria City 002

BMCHBD is located in Ghatura area of Brahmanbaria on Comilla-Sylhet highway, 4.4 km away from Brahmanbaria Railway station. The nearby area of the campus is surrounded by a picturesque lush green environment. 

Geographical details of Rajshahi:

  • Total Area: 27 square kilometers.
  • Total Population: 28,40,000 in the district and 5,21,000 in Brahmanbaria Sadar area as on 2011.
  • Airport Domestic: Dhaka or Comilla airport (78 km)
  • International International: Dhaka (104 km, 3 hours from BMCHBD by bus or train) or Agartala airport in India (1 hr 30 mins)
  • Distance from India: From Kolkata 50 mins by flight and then 3 hours by bus via Dhaka or 1 hr 30 mins by bus from Agartala airport. 
  • Weather: In Brahmanbaria, the weather is mostly warm and hot, and mostly cloudy, and the dry season is warm and mostly clear. Over the year, the temperature typically varies from 14°C to 34°C and is rarely below 9°C or above 38°C.
  • The Lowest average temperature is: 14°C in January
  • The Highest average temperature is: 34°C in April & May.
Brahmanbaria Railway Station 001Brahmanbaria Bus 001Brahmanbaria Bus 002Brahmanbaria Speedboat 001

Brahmanbaria Medical College Address

Map of Brahmanbaria Medical College
Map of Brahmanbaria Medical College

BMCHBD Address:

Comilla-Sylhet Highway, Ghatura, Brahmanbaria.Sadar, Brahmanbaria dist, 3400, Bangladesh.

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