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Published Date: November 20, 2019

Is Nepal Medical College good for MBBS abroad ?

Author: Omkar Medicom
is nepal mbbs good for indians

Not worth nowadays. Before to 2014, mostly all colleges in Nepal had a total package cost of INR 14 Lac to 20 Lac.

But now in 2019, the same 14 Lac college package has shoot upto INR 55 Lac.

Do you think that these private medical colleges in Nepal have done any miracle to increase their quality level 4 fold in 5 years to become so costly.

Its not that .. Its a foreign student’s surcharge that has been imposed by the Nepal government. Foreign students (Indians / Bangladeshis etc) are bound to pay 3 to 4 times more than their Nepalese counterpart. So you end up paying 55 lacs for that same 14 lac college.

Some parents think that we dont need a passport or visa to visit Nepal to meet our ward and we can go to Nepal to see them anytime we want.

Kindly think how many times you have visited your nearest relative’s place who stays just 5 KM away.

And to make a passport you need to spend only Rs 3000/- and Visa only for maximum Rs 10,000.

Then why will you opt for spending 55 lacs in Nepal, that too in private medical colleges, when you can get Top Ranking Government Medical Colleges in ChinaRussiaUkraine etc countries within a range of INR 12 LAC TO 30 LAC.

Think, Think and Think again and then only decide.

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