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Mainamoti Medical College | MMMC Bangladesh | Fees, Eligibility

Mainamoti Medical College | MMMC Bangladesh | Rs 27,80,000 Total Fees including Hostel | Eligibility and other details by Omkar Medicom, Admission Partner

Mainamoti Medical College Fee Structure

Mainamoti Medical College  Total package is Rs 27,80,000. NO HIDDEN COST

Omkar Medicom Packages of Bangladesh include Tuition Fees, Hostel Fees, Visa Fees in India, 1st time Airfare, Accompanying charges to the College, All Admission charges, Invitation and Authorization from Bangladesh, Consultancy charges.

Mainamoti Medical College Fees

Bangladesh MBBS Fees package has 2 parts. 1st is Admission Fee payable before going to Bangladesh. Then 1st Year to 5th Year Tuition Fees.
Part 1: Admission Fees and 1st Year Fee
(within Oct 2020)
Tuition Fee 12000 $ 11000 $
(INR) (Rs 8,40,000) (Rs 7,70,000)
Hostel Incl. Incl.
in India
Rs 1,20,000
Total Yrly Rs 9,60,000 Rs 7,70,000
Part 2: 2nd Year to 5th Year Fees
Tuition 7000 $ 6000 $ 2000 $ NIL
(INR) (4,90,000) (4,20,000) (1,40,000)
Hostel Incl. Incl. Incl. Incl.
in India
Total Yrly 4,90,000 4,20,000 1,40,000 NIL
Yearly Break-up of Fees given below

1 $(US Dollar) = Rs 70 approximately. All payments in Bangladesh has to be made in US Dollar. 

All international students will get hostel in Mainamoti Medical College at no extra cost. However they can rent apartment outside if they wish at their own expense. There are a lot of Fixed Food arrangements near to the colleges. Students can either take food there or can cook.

Other Expenses:

Payments in Mainamoti Medical College Bangladesh:

  • Food: Rs 5000 per month
  • Books/ Uniform/ etc: At actual approx Rs 7000 per year.
  • Tool Box: approx Rs 4,000. 
  • Sim card / WiFi extra at actual (approx cost 600 BDT per month)
  • Airfare during long Holidays: At actual (approx Rs 18,000 per trip)
  • Re-Test / Supplementary Test fees: At actual (approx 500 BDT per failed subject)
  • Chittagong University Registration cost: Included in the package.
  • Visa Extension cost: At actual, approx 2000 BDT every year.
  • Rented Apartment: Rs 30,000 per year, if required, as per student’s choice (3 months charges payable in advance)

All fees must be paid within schedule time as mentioned in the Offer/Admission letter. Students failing to pass the Final MBBS Exam in five years must pay the tuition fees for an extended period.

Mainamoti Medical College Payment Break up
01 Seat Booking Money (within Sep 2020) 2000 USD
02 1st Installment (within Nov 2020) 10000 USD
03 1st Year Payments 01 (within June 30, 2021) 6000 USD
04 1st Year Payments 02 (within Dec 30, 2021) 5000 USD
05 2nd Year Payment 01 (within June 30, 2022) 4000 USD
06 2nd Year Payment 02 (within Dec 30, 2022) 3000 USD
07 3rd Year Payment 01 (within June 30, 2023) 3000 USD
08 3rd Year Payment 02 (within Dec 30, 2023) 3000 USD
09 4th Year Payment (within June 30, 2024) 2000 USD
Grand Total of 5 Years 38000 USD
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