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North East Medical College | MBBS in Bangladesh | Fees 41000 $

Best Old Medical College in Sylhet, Bangladesh

North East Medical College | Best in Sylhet, Bangladesh | Full Fees 41000 $ with Hostel | Admission partner Omkar Medicom

Updated on 24.03.2021

North East Medical College Highlights

North East Medical College, Sylhet, Bangladesh (NEMC)
Year of foundation of NEMC 1996, 3rd Oldest in Bangladesh
Government or Private Private
International MBBS students in NEMC 190
Number of Indian students 140
No. of hospitals in NEMC with Beds 2/900 beds, including one Cancer Hospital
Class Commencement January every year
Eligibility Criteria in 10+2 60% in PCB, Minimum 7 GPA
NEET Criteria NEET qualified
IELTS/TOFEL Criteria Not Applicable
MBBS Course Duration 5 Years + 1 Yr Internship
Medium of Instructions Complete English
Is Bengali language Taught? No
Recognition and Affiliations WHO, MCI, BMDC, NMC
Recognition of NEMC MCI and WHO Approved
Nearest International Airport Sylhet Osmani International Airport
Nearest Domestic Airport Osmani International Airport, 13.7 KM from NEMC
Distance from India 1.40 hrs minutes from Kolkata via Dhaka. 20 hrs by bus from Guwahati.
Average Weather in Sylhet Jan Lowest: 13°C, July Highest: 33°C

North East Medical College Fees Structure

North East Medical College, Bangladesh Total package is Rs 29,90,000. NO HIDDEN COST

Omkar Medicom Packages of Bangladesh include Tuition Fees, Hostel Fees, Visa Fees in India, 1st time Airfare, Accompanying charges to the College, All Admission charges, Invitation and Authorization from Bangladesh, Consultancy charges.

North East Medical College Fees

Bangladesh MBBS Fees package has 2 parts. 1st is Admission Fee payable before going to Bangladesh. Then 1st Year to 5th Year Tuition Fees.
North East Medical College Bangladesh Fees
Part 1: Admission and 1st Year Fees
MBBS Admission Fees
1st Yr
Tuition 15000 $ 5000 $
(INR) (10,50,000) (3,50,000)
Hostel Incl. Incl.
in India
Rs 1,20,000 Nil
Total Yrly 11,70,000 3,50,000
North East Medical College Sylhet Fees
Part 2: 2nd Year to 5th Year Fees
MBBS 2nd Yr
(Mar / Sep'23)
3rd Yr
(Mar / Sep'24)
4th Yr
(Mar / Sep'25)
5th Yr
(Mar / Sep'26)
Tuition 5250 $ 5250 $ 5250 $ 5250 $
(INR) (3,67,500) (3,67,500) (3,67,500) (3,67,500)
Hostel Incl. Incl. Incl. Incl.
in India
Nil Nil Nil Nil
Total Yrly 3,67,500 3,67,500 3,67,500 3,67,500

1 $(US Dollar) = Rs 70 approximately. All payments in Bangladesh has to be made in US Dollar. 

Hostel rooms are available for international students in North East Medical College, cost of which is included in the package. 

All students will get a stipend of BDT 15,000 per month (Rs 1,56,000 approx yearly) during internship in North East Medical College.

Other Expenses:

Payments in North East Medical College:

  • Food: Rs 4000 per month approximately.
  • Books/ Uniform/ etc: At actual approx Rs 7000 per year.
  • Tool Box: approx Rs 4,000. 
  • Sim card / WiFi extra at actual (approx cost 600 BDT per month)
  • Airfare during long Holidays once in a year: At actual (approx Rs 20,000 per trip Sylhet to Kolkata and back)
  • University Professional Examination Fees: Rs 5500 for 4 years, 1st time after 1.5 years. 
  • Re-Test / Supplementary Test fees: At actual (approx 500 BDT per failed subject)
  • Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) Registration cost: included in the package.
  • Visa Extension cost: At actual, approx 2000 BDT every year.

All fees of NEMC must be paid within time as per the schedule mentioned in the Offer/Admission letter. If not paid within time, then a late fee will be charged, and College authority can expel students. Students failing to pass the Final MBBS Exam in five years must pay the tuition fees for an extended period.

Study MBBS in North East Medical College Bangladesh

Overview of North East Medical College

north east medical college bangladesh main building

The North East Medical College Hospital (NEMCH), one of the best medical college in Bangladesh, was founded in 1996. Presently, it has a 800 bed general hospital and a 100 bed cancer hospital. The Hospital is patient-friendly, multi-specialty tertiary care Teaching Hospital. North East Medical College is not only the Best Medical College in Sylhet, but it is also one of the best in whole of Bangladesh. 

The campus of North East Medical College is located just 7 KM from the Osmani International airport of Sylhet. 

North East Medical College is Certified by the European Medical Association (EMA), UK.

The European Medical Association (EMA) has recommended North East Medical College & Hospital for the prestigious international award in the healthcare sphere 'Rose of Paracelsus.' This certificate was awarded recognizing the

  • excellent reputation,
  • safe and effective treatment methods,
  • highly professional medical staff, and
  • use of modern equipment.

Hospital of North East Medical College

north east medical college hospital 001north east medical college hospital 002

The Teaching hospital of North East Medical College is a multidisciplinary, patient-friendly, multi-specialty tertiary care Hospital Complex located in the campus of the medical college. At present it has 800 in-patient beds.
The hospital specializes in several departments. The services provided by the Radiology & Medical Imaging department are:

  • CT Scan (without contrast)
  • CT-Scan (with contrast)
  • CT Urography
  • CT Simulation
  • Interventional/CT guided FNAC/Aspiration
  • Ultrasound (general)
  • Ultrasound (pregnancy)
  • Ultrasound (Superficial)
  • Color Doppler Study
  • TVS
  • USG Guided FNAC/Aspiration
  • Plain X-ray/Contract X-ray (IVU, Fistulogram, Ba. meal, Follow through, Ba. Enema)
  • Uroflowmetry

North East Medical College Hospital also specialize in different Orthopaedic treatments and surgeries:

  • Arthritis, Back Pain, Bone and soft Tissue Tumors
  • Cavus Foot, Clubfoot
  • Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH)
  • Dwarfism and Bone Dysplasia
  • Flatfoot, Fractures
  • Hip Infections, Kyphosis
  • Perthes Disease, Lordosis
  • ACL/PCL/MCL injuries
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD)
  • Scoliosis
  • Slipped capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE)
  • Spinal Tumors, Spondylolysis
  • Sports Injuries, Tarsal coalition
  • Torn ligaments, Torticolli

North East Cancer Hospital is located in Chandipul, South Surma, Sylhet. It is a multi-Specially Caner Hospital established in 1998, offering a broad spectrum of advanced cancer treatments. NEMC Cancer Hospital has a great team of qualified oncologists available around the clock, and emergency staff members make it sure patients are given the best medical care. North East Medical College Cancer Hospital consists of an experienced team of highly skilled professionals, aimed to provide the quality healthcare in every department & delivery of optimum radiotherapy & curative dose to most of our patients. NEMC has also planned for more screening & awareness activities to reduce the incidence of cancer disease.

Patients from all corners of Sylhet and North East Bangladesh come to the OPD of NEMC. Hence, both the hospitals run in their full capacity throughout the year.

Departments and Faculty of North East Medical College

north east medical college 004north east medical college 005

NEMC, North East Medical College has the following departments:

  • Department of Anaesthesiology
  • Department of Anatomy
  • Department of Biochemistry
  • Department of Cardiology with ICU & CCU
  • Department of Community Medicine
  • Department of Dermatology & Venereology
  • Department of Emergency
  • Department of Nephrology
  • Department of Neurology
  • Department of Neuro- Surgery
  • Department of Ophthalmology
  • Department of Oro-Dental Surgery
  • Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Department of Otorhinolaryngology
  • Department of Pharmacology
  • Department of Physiotherapy
  • Department of Food & Nutrition
  • Department of Gastroenterology
  • Department of Forensic Medicine
  • Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Department of Medicine
  • Department of Oncology
  • Department of Microbiology
  • Department of Paediatric Surgery
  • Department of Pathology
  • Department of Paediatrics
  • Department of Psychiatry
  • Department of Physiology
  • Department of Surgery
  • Department of Transfusion Medicine
  • Department of Radiology & Imaging
  • Department of Urology

Features and Facilities for International Students in NEMC

International Students studying MBBS at NEMC

International Students studying MBBS at NEMC

north east medical college students 001north east medical college students 002

Strength of International Students in NEMC:

At present, nearly 190 students from India and Nepal study MBBS at NEMC. Out of them, 140 are from India only

Language of Instructions:

All the medical subjects are taught in the English medium at North East Medical College, NEMC. 

North East Medical College Hostels

North East Medical College Hostels

In North East Medical College, international students will get Hostel accommodations with separate buildings for boys and girls.  The girl's hostel is inside the campus and the boy's hostel just outside the campus. Both buildings have a high-security system. Mostly all rooms are 2-sharing or 4-sharing, depending on the room size with the attached bath. All rooms are non-ac as air-condition is not required in Sylhet.

The city of Sylhet

The city of Sylhet

sylhet city 001sylhet city 002

North East Medical College is located at South Surma, Gohorpur Rd, Sylhet 3100, Bangladesh. The campus is 13.7 km away from the Osmani International airport of Sylhet. 

Geographical details of Sylhet, city of North East Medical College:

  • Total Area: Total Sylhet division is 12298 square kilometer and the city area itself is 26.5 sq km.
  • Total Population: 1.21 crore in the Sylhet division as on 2018.
  • Airport Domestic and International: Osmani Sylhet (8 km) and Dhaka (4 hrs from NEMC)
  • Distance from India: Sylhet is only 1 hr 40 minutes by flight from Kolkata. 
  • Weather: In Sylhet, the weather is always pleasant, mild and comfortable.
  • The Lowest temperature is: 13°C in January
  • The Highest temperature is: 33°C in July
sylhet city 03sylhet city 04sylhet city 05sylhet city 06
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Only Rs 8,00,000 1st Year Total Cost
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Basic Differences between Government and Private Medical Colleges

Difference between   Government and Private Medical Colleges Worldwide
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Huge Investment Required for any Medical College
Only a strong Government can assure and provide No Private company can arrange such huge investment
Top Class Infrastructure
Big investment, so infrastructure is good Lack of Investment, so lack in infrastructure
Profitability of Medical College
Medical Colleges all over the world are non-profitable Private companies are interested only for profit
Reasonable or Free Tuition Fees
Fees are low and reasonable, sometimes free Fees are very high and can increase anytime
Any Other Charges or Hidden cost
Usually do not have any other charges or hidden cost Hidden cost quite obvious to earn more profit
Patient Inflow in the Hospitals
Highest patient inflow due to less charges Low patient inflow since private hospitals are costly
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