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Published Date: March 21, 2020

Top 10 Countries With Highest Number Of Coronavirus Recovery Cases

Author: Omkar Medicom

Top 10 Countries With Highest Number Of Corona virus Recovery Cases.

You have seen many statistics of Corona Virus on the internet all these days. Today I will give you some different statics to understand the situation well.

Country Total Recovered Total Cases % of Recovery
China 71,740 81,008 88.55915465
Iran 7,635 20,610 37.04512373
Italy 6,072 53,578 11.33300982
S. Korea 2,612 8,799 29.6851915
Spain 2,125 25,374 8.374714274
France 1,587 14,459 10.97586278
Belgium 263 2,815 9.342806394
Japan 215 1,007 21.35054618
Germany 209 21,854 0.956346664
USA 171 22,738 0.752045035

In the above table, you can see China tops the list in recovery number as well as in % of Recovery.
All the other Asian countries like Iran, South Korea, and Japan have also done well.

But the alarming figure is coming from the European countries and the US.
Especially in countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and Belgium, the percentage of Recovery is too low. That is why I have kept those figures in Red.
Although the US percentage is lowest, still the US has the time for Recovery as most of the infected cases have come the last few days. That’s why I have kept it in Blue.
But the time for Recovery in Italy, Spain, and France almost gone. Within another six days, the situation will be more precise.
Germany is fighting well, keeping the number of deaths quite low. Let us hope that Corona Virus patients there and other parts of the world will recover soon.

Please note the following points:
All the above European countries are:
Quite developed, especially in medical science.
They are well equipped, at least better than our country.
They live in a much more hygienic condition than us.
These countries have very low population density.

Now let us understand why the situation in these European countries gone worst?

To discuss this, let us see why and what happened in China in short. In China, it took more than 50 days to understand the problem. During that period, a vast number of individuals got contaminated. That is why the Positive cases in China are the highest.
But when China understood reality, they did the best and still doing the best to control the epidemic situation. China 1st started the system of Social Distancing. They locked down Wuhan and later 17 other cities in Hubei province and nearby. Even in far cities like Urumqi, which is 3000 KM away from Wuhan, no one was allowed to roam on the road without a mask. In Chinese airports, all passengers were thermal screened, even those who were going out of the country. The Chinese government and authorities never bothered about the nationality of the person and treated everyone in the same manner. If anyone (Chinese or Non-Chinese) found suspected or having symptoms of the virus, they simply put him/her in the nearby specialized hospital.
Japan and South Korea have done exactly the same way that China has done. The results are in front of everyone. I personally do not know what steps Iran has taken.

Most of the European countries could not foresee the grave situation in that period. They may have thought that it might be a problem of China alone or the problem of the Asian countries. So they simply did not bother about taking precautions.
I feel the Governments and the citizens of the European countries took everything casually. They went on following their daily routine as usual.

Moral of this article is:
Let us not make such mistakes what the Europeans have done. The Indian government has declared to follow Janta Curfew on 22nd March. Let us follow Jan Curfew not only on 22nd March but at least seven more days at a stretch.

Let us avoid ( do not just try, do it)
All kinds of public transport
All sorts of public gatherings
All marriage and parties
apart from cleaning hands and other statutory things as prescribed by WHO and Doctors.

A loss of 7 days of work and other engagements will not be that significant. Our life is far more vital than those seven days.

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