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US Bangla Medical College | Low fee MBBS Bangladesh | Omkar Medicom

US Bangla Medical College | Low fees MBBS in Bangladesh | Full English Medium | Omkar Medicom | Admission Partner of Bangladesh Colleges.

Web Page Last Updated on 30.10.2021

US Bangla Medical College Highlights

US Bangla Medical College, Bangladesh (USBMC)
Year of foundation of USBMC 2015
Government or Private Private
International MBBS students in USBMC 50
Number of Indian students 40
No. of hospitals in USBMC with Beds 1/50 beds
Class Commencement January every year
Eligibility Criteria in 10+2 60% in PCB, Minimum 7 GPA
NEET Criteria NEET qualified
IELTS/TOFEL Criteria Not Applicable
MBBS Course Duration 5 Years + 1 Yr Internship
Medium of Instructions Complete English
Is Bengali language Taught? No
Recognition and Affiliations WHO, MCI, BMDC, NMC
Recognition of USBMC MCI and WHO Approved
Nearest International Airport Dhaka International Airport
Nearest Domestic Airport Dhaka International Airport, 32 km, 2 hr from USBMC
Distance from India 1 hr from Kolkata airport to Dhaka
Average Weather in Dhaka Jan Lowest: 21°C, July Highest: 32°C

US Bangla Medical College Fee Structure

US Bangla Medical College Total package is 37500 $ with Hostel. Consultancy charges extra. NO HIDDEN COST

Omkar Medicom Packages of Bangladesh include Tuition Fees, Hostel Fees, Visa Fees in India, 1st time Airfare, Accompanying charges to the College, All Admission charges, Invitation and Authorization from Bangladesh, Consultancy charges.

US Bangla Medical College Fees

Bangladesh MBBS Fees package has 2 parts. 1st is Admission Fee payable before going to Bangladesh. Then 1st Year to 5th Year Tuition Fees.
US Bangla Medical College, Bangladesh Fees
Part 1: Admission and 1st Year Fees
MBBS Admission Fees
1st Yr
Tuition 14000 $ 5500 $
(INR) (9,80,000) (3,85,000)
Hostel Incl. Incl.
in India
Rs 1,20,000 Nil
Total Yrly 11,00,000 3,85,000
US Bangla Medical College, Dhaka Fees
Part 2: 2nd Year to 5th Year Fees
MBBS 2nd Yr
3rd Yr
4th Yr
5th Yr
Tuition 6000 $ 6000 $ 6000 $ Nil
(INR) (4,20,000) (4,20,000) (4,20,000) (Nil)
Hostel Incl. Incl. Incl. Incl.
in India
Nil Nil Nil Nil
Total Yrly 4,20,000 4,20,000 4,20,000 Nil

1 $(US Dollar) = Rs 70 approximately. All payments in Bangladesh has to be made in US Dollar. 

Most of the medical colleges in Bangladesh have Hostel facilities for International students. But students can stay in rented apartments of their own choice. There are a lot of Fixed Food arrangements near to the colleges. Students can either take food there or can cook.

Other Expenses:

Payments in Bangladesh:

  • Food: Rs 6000 per month
  • Books/ Uniform/ etc: At actual approx Rs 7000 per year.
  • Tool Box: approx Rs 4,000. 
  • Sim card / WiFi extra at actual (approx cost 600 BDT per month)
  • Airfare during long Holidays: At actual (approx Rs 18,000 per trip)
  • Re-Test / Supplementary Test fees: At actual (approx 500 BDT per failed subject)
  • Dhaka or other University Registration cost: Included in the package.
  • Visa Extension cost: At actual, approx 2000 BDT every year.

Study MBBS in US Bangla Medical College Bangladesh

Overview of us bangla medical college

Overview of US Bangla Medical College

us bangla medical collegeus bangla medical college pic

About US Bangla Medical College:

US Bangla Medical College Hospital was established in Tarabo to offer quality medical education & research and hospital care. US Bangla Medical College complex is located in Tarabo, Rupgonj, Narayangonj district, Bangladesh. US Bangla Medical College has:

  • A large hospital, 
  • Abundantly equipped with modern tools, 
  • Excellent infrastructure, and 
  • Institutional facilities. 

US Bangla Medical College is entirely independent with:

  • Five-storied buildings with all departments, 
  • laboratories and libraries, 
  • Anatomy dissection hall, 
  • Lecture gallery, 
  • Cafeteria, 
  • Separate Hostels for boys and girls,
  • Accommodation for teachers, etc. 

The picturesque calmness of the campus provides an environment-friendly ambiance required for the most modern method of teaching and learning. 

A sizeable general Hospital caters to the need of medical services of the local people. Also, it helps the students to get proper Clinical studies.

US Bangla Medical College is affiliated to and approved by Dhaka University. A general Hospital for Medical services to the local people.

Pre-Clinical departments of US Bangla Medical College

Pre-Clinical Departments of US Bangla Medical College

Anatomy Department:

Anatomy is the knowledge of the structure of the body. In the Human anatomy department, students will understand the structures of the body and enhance their practical experience by dissection of a cadaver. There will be 650 hours of classes, both theoretical and practical, in the Department of Anatomy.

Physiology Department:

In US Bangla Medical College, Physiology classes are taken in the first one and a half years during the five years of the MBBS course. The Physiology department has a well-equipped laboratory, tutorial classrooms, and lecture galleries for students.
The total number of students of US Bangla Medical College are divided into small batches. Then each batch of students attends different classes of the practical, tutorial, and small group discussion.

  • The physiology subject is divided into eight cards.
  • Each card consists of 10-15 items.
  • Students must complete all the cards and clear the card completion examination.
  • There are several seminars arranged in the Physiology department every month.

Before appearing the Dhaka University's First Professional MBBS Examination, students have to fulfill a few criteria:

  • 60% marks required in each exam,
  • 75% of attendance is compulsorily required.

Biochemistry Department of US Bangla Medical College:

The two main aims of learning biochemistry are:

  • Understanding the biochemical basis of disease, and 
  • The proper use of the biochemical laboratory in the diagnosing and management of patients. 

The department of Biochemistry of US Bangla Medical College has a panel of Professors and Lecturers to deliver all the teaching-oriented programs like lectures, tutorials, seminars, etc. The college laboratory has been optimized to meet the requirement of medical students for regular practical classes. 

US Bangla Medical College has a higher standard Hospital Laboratory, which remains 24x7 open to fulfill all the necessary investigations of the in-patients and OPD patients.

Activities conducted in the Biochemistry Department of US Bangla Medical College:

  • Lectures of qualified professors giving a clear conception about the subject.
  • Skilled technologists assist the teachers to conduct the daily practical classes.
  • Regular examinations (written, oral, and practical) are conducted to evaluate the students properly.
  • Regular Seminars holds for up-gradation of knowledge of the students.

Para-Clinical Departments of US Bangla Medical College

Community Medicine Department of US Bangla Medical College:

The Department of Community Medicine is vital in medical sciences. The curriculum includes:

  • Preventive medicine,
  • Primitive and curative health care studies,
  • Rehabilitation service in the community,
  • Residential Field site Survey Training.

Community Medicine classes start from 1st-year MBBS up to 4th-year.

Students can participate in different training programs, symposiums, seminars, and workshops of NIPSOM, DGHS, MOH, and WHO and other organizations.

Microbiology Department of US Bangla Medical College:

Microbiology is a diverse applications of the medical science of the present century. It deals from genetics to stem cells, infection control to antibiotics everywhere. In the Microbilogy department of US Bangla Medical College, the 3rd and 4th-year MBBS students are taught various aspects of Microbiology. Like:

  • Parasitology
  • General bacteriology
  • Systemic bacteriology
  • Clinical microbiology
  • Virology
  • Immunology

Forensic Department of US Bangla Medical College:

The Forensic department teaches medical aspects of law and legal issues of the practice of medicine besides autopsy performing, medico-legal examination to aid the administration of justice.

Pharmacology Department of USBMC:

The pharmacology department deals with every aspect of a drug. To explore and explain its role in the process of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of a disease. It pursues the necessary knowledge in medical science about:

  • How a drug acts on the human body and
  • How the body responds after receiving a particular drug.

Pharmacology reveals the source, formulation, dose, mechanism of action, poisoning, clinical uses, side effects, rational use of medicines, and prescription writing. Pharmacology & Therapeutics is taught for 180 hours in the 3rd and 4th year of MBBS in USBMC.

Pathology Department of USBMC:

The Pathology department of USBMC is located inside the Hospital building. 

Clinical Departments of US Bangla Medical College

Clinical Departments of US Bangla Medical College

The major Clinical Departments of USBMC are:

Orthopedics and Trauma,
Radiology and Imaging,

Features and Facilities for International Students in USBMC

International Students studying MBBS at USBMC

International Students studying MBBS at USBMC

Strength of International Students in US Bangla:

US Bangla started accepting International students from 2017. At present, nearly 40 students from India study MBBS at USBMC.

Language of Instructions:

All the medical subjects are taught in the English medium at USBMC. However, if a student can speak and understand some Bengali or Hindi, then it will help them during interaction with the patients.

USBMC Hostels for International Students

USBMC Hostels for International Students

There are two separate hostels for USBMC girls and boys students, which are located inside the campus.

The city of Narayanganj

The city of Narayanganj

narayanganj citynarayanganj dhaka local train

USBMC is located in Tarabo of Narayanganj city. Tarabo is located 25 km away from Dhaka. Tarabo is a calm and quiet outskirt area of Narayanganj city with a beautiful landscape.

  • Total Area: 34 square kilometers.
  • Total Population: 16,00,000 as on 2012 census.
  • Airport Domestic and International: Dhaka (29 km from USBMC)
  • Distance from India: Dhaka is only 40 minutes by flight from Kolkata. 
  • Weather: In Narayanganj, the rainy and summer seasons are hot and mostly cloudy, and the winter season is pleasant and mostly clear.
  • The Lowest average temperature is: 21°C in January
  • The Highest average temperature is: 32°C in July

US Bangla Medical College Address

Map of USBMC
map of us bangla medical college

US Bangla Medical College Address:

Kornogop, Tarabo, Rupgonj, Narayangonj, Dhaka.

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