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Published Date: November 20, 2019

MBBS in Georgia is it worth?

Author: Omkar Medicom

mbbs in georgia is it worth?

We feel that MBBS in Georgia for Indian students NOT WORTHY AT ALL .

99% colleges or universities in Georgia are in private sector.

Only one thing they know: how to extract money from foreign students without spending anything on the infrastructure part.

Another 2 big problem for Georgia are:

  • Getting student’s Visa is quite tough and time taking (most cases more than 4 months)
  • and worst is even after getting proper student’s Visa, students may be deported from the Tbilisi airport without any reason.

Leave aside quality of studies and infrasrtucture of the medical colleges in Georgia...

Your Dream to become a Doctor will be shattered, if you do not get a visa, or if you are deported from the airport on the very 1st day, without any fault of yours.

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