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MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan | Omkar Medicom

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan | Omkar Medicom | Al-Farabi, West Kazakhstan, Kazakh National are Better than Private Medical Colleges of India.

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan | Omkar Medicom

This is not official MCI website. Official site link is given below. But if you need to ask about approval of any college or any other matter related to MBBS admission abroad, you can call the following numbers. We will try to assist you as much as we can:

Link to Medical Council of India Official Website

Medical Council of India (MCI) had published the list of 12 Universities of Kazakhstan (Serial Number 118 to 129 of MCI List), which have been approved and recognized by MCI. The list below is also available on the official website of Medical Council of India (MCI). 

MCI Screening Test / NEXT Test / How to Pass

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan

Al-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityKazakh National Medical University
Name of the University Ratings Features
Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty ★★★ ✔ (E/ф) ♥ ☀ ⓪℃ ✈
International Medical School, University of International Business, Almaty ★★★ ✔ (E/ф) ☀ ⓪℃ ✈
JSC Astana Medical University, Astana, Kazakhstan ✔ (ф) ☃ ⓪℃ ✈ T
JSC South Kazakhstan Medical Academy ✔ (ф) ☀ ⓪℃ ✈
Karaganda State Medical University, Karagandy ★★ ✔ (E/ф) ☃ ⓪℃ T
Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education ✔ (ф) ☀ ⓪℃ ✈
Kazakhstan-Russian Medical University, Almaty ✔ (ф) ☀ ⓪℃ ✈ T
Kokshetau State University ✔ (ф) ☃ ⓪℃ T
M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University
Semey State Medical University, Semey ★★ ✔ (E/ф) ☃ ⓪℃ T
Al Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty
West Kazakhstan Ospanov State Medical University ★★ ✔ (E/ф) ♥ ☃ ⓪℃

Symbols used to compare all Medical universities in Kazakhstan at a glance

We have put all important parameters of the Universities for you to compare
Admission going on for 2020
Admission Process started or will start soon
Admission Complicated / does not accept
English Medium with some Russian classes
Totally Russian Medium
English Test required
Warm or Hot Weather
Cold Weather
Sub Zero °C in Winter
Cloudy/Foggy/Rainy weather many months
5 Star - Best, 1 Star - Not so good
5 Star - Best, 1 Star - Not so good
Fees payment required on Acceptance
Short distance from India
Very High Living Cost

Important Points regarding MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan.

Essential Points to be noted by the students willing to take Admission in MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan:

  • MBBS Course is known as MD. This degree is the same as MBBS in India. It is not a Post Graduation degree.
  • MBBS course in all these MCI approved colleges in Kazakhstan is for five years.
  • After 5 Years, an Internship is to be done compulsorily.
  • But if Internship is done in Kazakhstan, which is of 2 years, is not valid in India.
  • So, students will have to do a 1-Year compulsory Internship in any Indian medical college again.
  • Internship in India can be done only after clearing the MCI Screening Test or NEXT Test, whichever applicable at that time.
  • Only a few MCI Approved Colleges in Kazakhstan offer full MBBS course in English medium. A few clinical classes will be in the Russian medium in these English medium Universities.
  • In 60% of the Universities, the entire course is done either in the Russian medium or 2+3 system. That is 1st three years in English and the last two years in the Russian medium.
  • Fees may change as per market rate and or Currency exchange rate. 
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