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Crimea Federal University | English Medium MBBS in Russia Rs 19 L

Crimea Federal University | English medium MBBS in Russia | Fees structure Rs 19.70 L total package | Admission partner Omkar Medicom

Crimea Federal University Highlights

Crimea Federal University Russia (CFU)
Year of foundation 2014
Government or Private Government
Location Simferopol, Russia
International MBBS students in CFU 1660
Number of Indian students 360+
No. of hospitals in CFU 38 Clinical Bases
Class Commencement Sept/Oct every year
Eligibility Criteria in 10+2 60% in PCB + Online Test
NEET Criteria NEET qualified
IELTS/TOFEL Criteria Not Applicable
MBBS Course Duration 5.8 Years
Medium of Instructions English, Bilingual
Is Russian language Taught? Yes, 1st 3 years
Recognition and Affiliations MCI (2017)
Recognition of CFU MCI (not approved by WHO yet)
Nearest International Airport Moscow
Nearest Domestic Airport Simferopol
Distance from India 8.30 hours from Delhi
Average Weather in Crimea Jan Lowest: -5°C, July Highest: 30°C

Crimea Federal University Fee Structure

Crimea Federal University Russia Total package is Rs 19,70,000. NO HIDDEN COST

Omkar Medicom Packages of Crimea Federal University, Russia include Tuition Fees, Hostel Fees, Visa Fees in India, 1st-time Airfare from New Delhi to Simferopol airport, All Admission chargesInvitation, Translation and Authorization from Russia, Consultancy charges, All compulsory Insurance, and Visa Extension charges in Russia, Accompanying costs and Airport pick-up from Simferopol airport.

Crimea Federal University Fees 2020

Package Updated as on 01.09.2020
1st Yr 2nd to
6th Yr
All Fees 6000 $ 4000 $ 26000 $
(INR) (Rs 4,20,000) (Rs 2,80,000) Grand
6 Years
(All Inclusive
except Food)
Hostel Included Included
Insurance Included Included
in India
Rs 1,50,000 Nil
Total Rs 5,70,000 Rs 2,80,000 Rs 19,70,000

1 $(US Dollar) = Rs 70 approximately. All payments in Russia has to be made in US Dollar. 

Important Note for Crimea Federal University:

Hostel rates mentioned above are for regular 3-4 sharing hostels. Those who wish to live in the 2-sharing apartment hostel will pay 600 $ additional. 

Other Expenses:

Payments in Russia:

  • Food: In Crimea students can cook their food in the hostel.
  • Books/ Uniform/ etc: At actual approx Rs 7000 per year.
  • Sim card / WiFi extra at actual (approx cost 400 Ruble per month)
  • Airfare during long Holidays: At actual (approx Rs 38,000 per trip)

Study MBBS in Crimea Federal University

Overview of Crimea Federal University

Overview of Crimea Federal University

Crimean Federal University, named after the academician Vladimir Vernadsky, is a higher education institution located in Simferopol. It was formed in 2014, based on the parent Tavrida National V.I. Vernadsky University. The parent University has a long history of over a century (built-in 1918) with; a network of research and production facilities. Crimea Federal University presently has; 

  • more than 7,000 staff and 
  • over 32,000 students, 
  • and over 3,000 international students from 54 countries.
  • Six faculties and 54 departments.

The Medical College of Crimea Federal University is one of the most prominent medical schools in Russia. It has become one of the top priorities of Indian Students for MBBS. 

Medium Of Study:
The Language of instruction in Crimea Federal University for international students is the English medium with some clinical classes in the Russian medium. Most of the lectures, practicals, laboratory studies, seminars, tests, examinations, and state examinations for English medium are conducted in English.
For the English medium students, along with other subjects, the Russian Language will also be taught as an independent subject for four years to communicate with patients and the locals.

Hospital of Crimea Federal University

Hospital of Crimea Federal University

Crimea Federal University Medical College has several Hospitals:

  • Alushta Central City Hospital
  • Bakhchisaray Central Regional Hospital
  • Belogorsk Central District Hospital
  • Dzhankoy Central District Hospital
  • Kirov Central District Hospital
  • Clinical dermatovenerologic dispensary
  • Krasnogvardeyskaya Central District Hospital
  • Crimean Republican Clinical Psychiatric Hospital No. 1
  • Crimean Republican Oncological Dispensary named after V.M. Efetov
  • Nizhnegorsk Regional Hospital
  • Pervomayskaya Central District Hospital
  • Razdolnenskaya District Hospital
  • Republican Children's Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital
  • Republican Children's Clinical Hospital
  • Republican Clinical Hospital named after ON THE. Semashko
  • Saki regional hospital
  • Simferopol City Children's Clinical Hospital
  • Simferopol City Clinical Hospital No. 7
  • Simferopol Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medicine
  • Simferopol Clinical Hospital
  • Simferopol polyclinic No. 2
  • Simferopol polyclinic No. 3
  • Simferopol polyclinic No. 5
  • Simferopol Center for Palliative Care
  • Soviet District Hospital
  • Starokrymskaya Regional Hospital named after Academician N.M. Amosov
  • Sudak City Hospital
  • Feodosia Medical Center
  • Central City Hospital of Armyansk
  • Central City Hospital of Krasnoperekopsk
  • Central District Clinical Hospital
  • Black Sea Central District Hospital
  • City Hospital No. 1 named after NI Pirogov
  • Sevastopol City Hospital No. 9
  • Dialysis center" Crimea ", Simferopol
  • LLC "Clinic Genesis"
  • Clinical Medical Multidisciplinary Center of St. Luke
  • 1472 Naval Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Departments of Crimea Federal University

Departments of Crimea Federal University

The different departments of Crimea Federal University are;

  •  Department of Biochemistry
  •  Department of Children Dentistry
  •  Department of Dentistry
  •  Department of Dental Surgery
  •  Department of Foreign Languages with the Course of Latin (Institute of Foreign Languages CFU)
  •  Department of Forensic Medicine
  •  Department of General Hygiene with Ecology
  •  Department of General Surgery, Medicine of Emergency Conditions and Anesthesiology
  •  Department of General and Clinical Pathophysiology
  •  Department of Histology and Embryology
  •  Department of Human Anatomy
  •  Department of Infectious Diseases
  •  Department of Internal Medicine No.1 with the course Clinical Pharmacology
  •  Department of Internal Medicine No.2
  •  Department of Medical Biology
  •  Department of Medical Physics and Informatics
  •  Department of Internal Medicine No.3
  •  Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  •  Department of History of Medicine end Bioethics
  •  Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology
  •  Department of Nervous Diseases with the course of neurology
  •  Department of Normal Physiology
  •  Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No.1
  •  Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No.2
  •  Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology
  •  Department of Oncology
  •  Department of Orthopedic Dentistry
  •  Department of Ophthalmology
  •  Department of Otorhinolaryngology
  •  Department of Pathological Anatomy with the Course of Dissection
  •  Department of Pediatrics with a course of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
  •  Department of Pediatrics, Physiotherapy and Health Resort
  •  Department of Pediatric Surgery with a Course of Urology
  •  Department of Pharmacology
  •  Department of Pharmacy
  •  Department of Phthisiology and Pulmonology
  •  Department of Propedeutics of Internal Medicine
  •  Department of Propedeutics of Pediatrics
  •  Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Psychotherapy with the Course of General and Medical Psychology
  •  Department of Public Health and Healthcare
  •  Department of Radiodiagnostics and Radiotherapy
  •  Department of Russian language
  •  Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases
  •  Department of Surgery No. 1
  •  Department of Surgery No. 2
  •  Department of Surgical Diseases
  •  Department of Therapeutical Dentistry
  •  Department of Therapeutic Physical Training and Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy with the Course of Physical Training
  •  Department of Therapy and Family Medicine
  •  Department of Topographical Anatomy
  •  Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics with the Course of Neurosurgery

Crimea Federal University Address

Map of Crimea Federal University

Crimea Federal University Address:

Vernadsky Ave, 4, Simferopol, Russia.

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