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Rostov State Medical University | Low Fees English medium in Russia

Rostov State Medical University | English medium | Low Fees Rs 19.63 Lac | Official Admission partner Omkar Medicom

Web Page Last Updated on 04.04.2021

Rostov State Medical University MBBS Fee Structure

Omkar Medicom Fees Packages of Rostov State Medical University, Government Medical College in Russia, include;

  • Tuition Fees,
  • Hostel Fees,
  • All compulsory Insurance and
  • Visa Extension/Residency Permit charges in Russia.

Consultancy Fee includes:

  • Visa Fees in India,
  • 1st time Airfare from New Delhi to Russia,
  • All Admission charges,
  • Invitation, Translation and Authorization from Russia,
  • Consultancy charges,  

Rostov State Medical University MBBS Fees Rs 19,63,000

Updated on 04.04.2021
Rostov State Medical University Fees
Government Medical College in Russia
Payments in Russia 1st Yr 2nd to
6th Yr
All Fees 6800 $ 4250 $ (Yearly Tuition Fee)
(INR) (Rs 4,76,000) (Rs 2,97,500)
Hostel Included Included (4-sharing University Hostel)
(INR) (---) (---)
Misc Fees Included Included (Registration,
Residency, Insurance etc)
(INR) (---) (---)
Total 6800 $
(Rs 4,76,000)
4250 $
(Rs 2,97,500)
28050 $
(Rs 19,63,000)
Total Fees of Rostov State Medical University
Consultancy Fee is EXTRA and it includes Visa Expenses in India, 1st time Airfare, Invitation Charges
University Hostel: is not Compulsory for this University.
7th Year's Internship in Compulsory in India.
Total Fees Package of Rostov State Medical University is Rs 19,63,000 including Hostel.

Other Fixed Expenses: 

Payments in India 

  • Application Fee
  • Consultancy Fee

Study MBBS in Rostov State Medical University

Overview of Rostov State Medical University

Overview of Rostov State Medical University

Rostov State Medical University was founded in the year 1930 by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Government. 

Rostov State Medical University is, at present, the largest basic training and research center for medical students in Southern Russia. Since 1935, RostSMU has become a diversified complex with 10 faculties,

  • Medical College,
  • Military Training Center, and its
  • Own Clinic cum Hospital.

Today the Rostov State Medical University operates more than 100 departments. More than six hundred teachers are continually working, introducing innovations and interactive forms of learning. Among them, there are;

  • 212 Doctors of Medical Science,
  • 101 professors, and
  • 624 PhD.

Every year about;

  • 8000 doctors are retrained at the Faculty ,
  • more than 1000 interns and residents at the Faculty of Professional Retraining
  • 600+ international students from more than 100 countries at the International Medical School.
Hospital of Rostov State Medical University

Hospital of Rostov State Medical University

The Clinic of Rostov State Medical University is a multi-field medical hospital with vast opportunities for;

  • Modern diagnostic studies and research and a
  • High level of significant specialized consultation center,
  • Diagnostic and medical care for the enormous population of the Rostov Region and other territories of the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation.

It is also the primary and the most extensive training base, equipped with all medical, educational process using the advanced forms and methods of training and modern achievements in medical science. In the Hospital, the students will acquire the required skills and get acquainted with the most modern medical equipment. The Clinic of RostSMU includes;

  • Twenty inpatient units with 675 beds, including 125 daycare beds,
  • 2 Departments of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation,
  • Consultative Outpatient Department,
  • a Dental Department,
  • Medical Center,
  • Сenter of Medical Ophthalmology,
  • Thirteen medical-diagnostic subdivisions,
  • Blood Technology Center.

Today the hospital staff consists of;

  • 353 physicians, including 11 professors,
  • 28 Doctors of Medical Science and
  • 52 PhDs.

More than 30 employees of the University are the prominent external specialists and experts of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Rostov State Medical University Research Activities

Rostov State Medical University Research Activities

The scientific work of Rostov State Medical University is implemented into the departments and courses and is coordinated by the scientific and research activity. RostSMU has;

  • five scientific laboratories,
  • the Vivarium,
  • the Scientific and Research Institute of Immunology.

In the Central Scientific Research Laboratory (CSRL) a wide range of biochemical, molecular-genetic, morphological, microbiological studies are carried out.

The Rostov State Medical University has international scientific cooperation with many medical colleges of different countries exchanging students, teachers, scientific staff, highly qualified specialists, and participating in international scientific conferences and congresses.

Rostov State Medical University Address

Map of Rostov State Medical University
map of rostov state medical university

Rostov State Medical University Address:

29, Nakhichevansky Lane, Rostov-on-Don, 344022, Russia

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