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Kazan Federal University | Top Bilingual Medical College | 6 years MBBS

Kazan Federal University Russia, MBBS duration 6 years, Fees 5425 $ per year

Kazan Federal University | Top Rank Bilingual Medical College in Russia | MBBS Duration 6 years | Fees 5425 USD per year | Admission partner Omkar Medicom.

Kazan Federal University Medical College, Russia At a Glance

Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology
Kazan Federal University Russia (KFU)
(Institute of Fundamental Medicine)
Year of foundation May, 2012
Government or Private Government
Location Kazan, Russia
International MBBS students in KFU 340
Number of Indian students 160
No. of hospitals in KFU One Clinic
Class Commencement Sept/Oct every year
Eligibility Criteria in 10+2 50% in PCB  + Online Test
NEET Criteria NEET qualified
IELTS/TOFEL Criteria Not Applicable
MBBS Course Duration 5.8 Years
Medium of Instructions Bilingual
Is Russian language Taught? Yes, 1st 3 years
Recognition and Affiliations WHO (2014), MCI (2017)
Recognition of KFU MCI and WHO Approved
Nearest International Airport Kazan
Nearest Domestic Airport Kazan
Distance from India 8.30 hours from Delhi
Average Weather in Kazan Jan Lowest: -12°C, July Highest: 22°C

In Russia, in all Universities, the MBBS course duration is 6 years plus a one-year internship in India. In total, seven years.

  • Kazan Federal University also has the same span of 6 years and a 1-year internship.
  • As per the Russian government rules, no university can have any MBBS course with less duration.
  • The Medical College of Kazan Federal University known as The Institute of Fundamental Medical Science was established in 2012.
  • WHO approved Kazan Federal University in 2014.
  • Kazan Federal University started to recruit international students from 2016 only.
  • But it was removed from the MCI list later and again listed in 2017.
  • Kazan Federal University is not an English Medium University, and all subjects will be taught here in a bilingual manner.
  • That is the first three years in the English and the last three years in the Russian language.
  • All exams in the last three years will be taken in the Russian language only.
  • Students have to learn the Russian language and Latin language as part of the syllabus at this University.

Kazan Federal University MBBS Fee Structure

Omkar Medicom package of Kazan Federal University includes everything. No Hidden Cost. It includes Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee, Consultancy charges, Visa charges, Medical Insurance, Visa extension charges, Registration, all Admission charges, Invitation letter, all courier charges, etc. Food cost is extra, but it is also fixed per year in the Indian mess at Kazan Federal University. All airfares are extra.

Kazan Federal University MBBS Fees Rs 25,57,000 Total Package of 6 Years

Package Updated on 25.08.2020
Kazan Federal University Russia Fees
1st Yr 2nd to
6th Yr
All Fees 5425 $ 5425 $ 34360 $
(INR) (Rs 3,80,000) (Rs 3,80,000) Grand Total
of 6 Years
(All Inclusive
except Food, Airfare)
Hostel 95 $ 95 $
(INR) (Rs 6,700) (Rs 6,700)
Misc Fees in Russia 665 $ 115 $
(INR) (Rs 46,600) (Rs 8,000)
Charges in India Rs 1,50,000 Nil
Total Rs 5,83,300 Rs 3,94,700 Rs 25,57,000

Payment details and Distribution analysis given below

Only 1st Year
Rs 1,50,000
(With Application/Seat Booking: ₹ 25,000)
(After Offer/Acceptance/Admission Letter: ₹ 1,25,000)
Charges in India includes Consultancy, Visa, Admission charges, Courier charges, Invitation Letter
Only 1st Year
$ 6185
(432900 is the actual amount in Rubles to be paid)
(part payment to be paid in advance in USD direct to the University Bank account and balance immediately after reaching Russia)
Charges in Russia includes Tuition Fee, Hostel Fees, Registration, Visa extension and Insurance.
All payments in Russia to be made in USD/RUB only
2nd - 6th Year/ per year
$ 5635
(394450 is the actual amount to be paid in Rubles)
(to be paid in cash in USD/Rub within 7th of September, every year in Russia)
Charges in Russia includes Tuition Fee, Hostel Fees, Visa extension, Insurance
All payments in Russia to be made in USD/RUB only
Total Fees Package of Kazan Federal University is Rs 25,57,000 including Hostel, except food & Airfare.

Other Expenses & Conditions:   

  • Sim card, Internet, Wi-Fi chargeable extra as per prevailing rates.
  • Books, Laptop, Apron to be purchased by students themselves.
  • Food Cost: 1300 USD fixed per year in Indian mess.
  • Airfare: At actual 

Study MBBS in Kazan Federal University Russia

Overview of Kazan Medical University

Overview of Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University has 3 campuses where all the 114 Degree Courses are conducted:

  • Kazan Campus,
  • Yelabuga campus, and
  • Naberezhnye Chelny campus.

At present Kazan Federal University, Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology has;

  • 920 students, including 340 international students
  • 59 Doctors of Science about 50 teachers and scientists
  • 10 specialties and areas of student training more than 60 divisions and departments, including:
  • 32 research laboratories
  • 3 international centers
  • 5 centers of excellence/research projects
  • 3 educational and scientific bases
  • DryLab - one of the best centers of simulation medicine in Europe
  • WetLab - unit for operations on large animals and vivarium.
    (Vivarium is an enclosure, container, or structure adapted or prepared for keeping animals under semi-natural conditions for observation or study).
Kazan Federal University pic by Omkar Medicom 001Kazan Federal University Medical College Campus pic by Omkar Medicom 001
Ratings and World Rank of Kazan University

World Rank of Kazan Federal University

KFU has gained an excellent World Rank due to the 114 courses and mainly due to the research works done in the following subjects;

  • Biomedicine and pharmaceutics
  • Oil extraction, refining, and petrochemistry
  • Info communication and aerospace technologies
  • Advanced materials

See the Details of the different Degree Courses offered at Kazan Federal University.

Kazan Federal University in QS World Rankings by Subject 2020

  • Arts and Humanities - 345
  • Natural Sciences - 401-450
  • Social Sciences and Management - 365
  • Linguistics - 201-250
  • Chemical Engineering - 351-400
  • Biological Sciences - 401-450
  • Business and Management Studies - 451-500
  • Education - 201-250
  • Mathematics - 301-350
  • Economics and Econometrics - 401-450
  • Physics and Astronomy - 351-400
  • Chemistry - 401-450
  • Medical - Not assessed since MBBS in Russian is only 5 years old and in English is 3 years. 

World Rank of Russian Medical Universities

Name of the Russian Medical University World Rank
Names are listed here alphabetically
Altai State Medical University 5122 English, some classes in Russian
Crimea State Medical University 8977 (WHO / UNO does not approve)
Dagestan State Medical University 8694 Bilingual (3+3 system)
Kazan State Medical University 5340 (No hostel available now)
Kirov State Medical University 7976 Bilingual (3+3 system)
Kursk State Medical University 5909 English, some classes in Russian
North Ossetian State Medical Academy 9793 English, some classes in Russian
Orenburg State Medical University 5269 Bilingual (3+3 system)
Perm State Medical University 7610 Bilingual (3+3 system)
Rostov State Medical University 7477 English, some classes in Russian
Ryazan State Medical University 6219 English, some classes in Russian
Saint Petersburg I P Pavlov Medical University 4725 Bilingual (4+2 system)
Smolensk State Medical University 16901 English, some classes in Russian
Tver State Medical University 6132 English, some classes in Russian
Voronezh State Medical University 7261 Bilingual (3+3 system)
The educational environment of KFU

The educational environment of Kazan Federal University

Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology (IFMB) has been developed most intensively by Kazan Federal University. The Institute consists of more than 60 subdivisions: departments, research laboratories, museums, the Botanical Garden, etc. The Institute's clinical base is known as the Kazan University Clinic.

Biomedical Center of Collective Use comprises of:

  • Genomic Center
  • Proteomic Center
  • Laboratory of Neurobiology
  • Biobank
  • Center of Biomedical Microscopy
  • Vivarium
  • Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Pharmacy Research & Education Center
  • Translational Medicine Center and
  • Other highly specialized laboratories.

A unique world-class Medical Simulation Center was created at IFMB. It includes a hospital model, Dental Phantom Class, and Medical Engineering Center. The University specializes in;

  • Fundamental medicine or molecular biomedicine and biomedical engineering, 
  • Bionanotechnology and biomaterials, 
  • Living systems technologies, 
  • Bioinformatics, Space biology, 
  • Biodiversity and bioinvasions.
hospitals of kazan

Kazan Federal University Hospitals

Kazan Federal University Hospital pic by Omkar Medicom 002Kazan Federal University Hospital pic by Omkar Medicom 001

Kazan Federal University has one Hospital known as the University Clinic of Kazan. It is

  • A multidisciplinary medical complex in the Kazan Federal University, 
  • A specialized primary care, including 
  • High-tech kinds of medical assistance for outpatients.

The University Clinic was formed in May 2015, after the merger of three medical organizations of the Republic of Tatarstan: 

  • Republican clinical hospital №2, 
  • Emergency Hospital №2, and 
  • The Municipal clinic №2 of Kazan.

The University Clinic's headquarter is located at Chehova street of Kazan.

The university clinic has 836 inpatient beds. In total, 40000 patients were admitted in 2019. 

Departments of Kazan Federal University Russia

Kazan Federal University has several departments. Some of those are stated below.
Kazan Federal University Department pic by Omkar Medicom 002Kazan Federal University Department pic by Omkar Medicom 001
Department of Fundamental Basis of Clinical Medicine
Department of Genetics
Department of Microbiology
Department of Morphology and General Pathology
Departments of Dentistry and Implantology
Department of Human and Animal Physiology
Department of Pharmacology
Department of health and safety and physical training
Department of Bioecology, Hygiene and Public Health
Department of Zoology and General Biology
Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Department of Botany and Plant Physiology
Department of Human Health Protection
Department of Emergency Aid and Simulation Medicine

Features and Facilities for International Students in Kazan Federal University

International Students studying MBBS at kazan

International Students studying MBBS at Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University International students pic by Omkar Medicom 002Kazan Federal University International students pic by Omkar Medicom 001

Strength of International Students in Kazan Federal Medical University:

At present, nearly 340 students from 26 countries study MBBS at KFU. Out of them, 160 are from India only. Rest are from Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Ghana, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and other countries.

Language of Instructions:

Kazan Federal University is a new University in the field of MBBS. That is why mostly all Clinical subjects will be taught only in the Russian language. The primary subjects of the first three years will be taught in the English medium. That is why the Russian language is compulsory in KFU, and there will be a total of 460 hours of Russian language class along with several hours of the Latin language class. It helps the students to communicate with the patients in their hospital classes. Mostly all exams in Clinical subjects will be taken in the Russian language in this University.

Kazan Federal University International students pic by Omkar Medicom 003Kazan Federal University International students pic by Omkar Medicom 004
Kazan Medical University Hostels for International Students

Kazan Federal University Hostels for International Students

Kazan Federal University Village New Hostel pic by Omkar Medicom 001Kazan Federal University Village New Hostel pic by Omkar Medicom 002

Dorms/student hostels in Kazan Federal University

KFU is the only University in Kazan, which has enough hostel units to accommodate all the students. The other medical University in Kazan is Kazan State Medical University, which has no spare rooms for the new international students at this moment.

The following types of hostel accommodation are available to international students of Kazan Federal University. 

University Hostels:

Details of hostel rooms at the new dormitory Universiade Village

Accommodation for international students is comfortable: rooms are for 3 persons with 1 kitchen, 1 WC and a shower. Students cannot choose rooms. Hostel rates of KFU are only 50 $ per year for the old dormitories and 100 $ per year for the new hostels at the Universiade Village. The Universiade Village is a bit far from the Medical College of Kazan Federal University. It takes almost 1 hour 30 minutes from the hostel room to the college by public bus and walking. Fare is 30 Rubles on one side. Otherwise, taxis are available, which costs around 300 Rubles one side. 

Besides, due to the strict dormitory rules or sharing conditions in the hostels, students may stay off-Campus. Dormitory residence permission is granted only upon medical examination at either university or city student polyclinic. 

Details of hostel rooms in the old dormitories of Kazan Federal University

Three persons stay in a room, eight rooms on one floor, one kitchen, two toilets, and a common shower in the basement.

Off-campus apartments

Apartment rent depends on its location, size, and refurbishing. As a rule, rented apartments have furniture and essential household appliances, like a fridge, room heater, etc. The current price range for one or two-room apartment in Kazan is 20000 Rubles. Electricity and all other standard charges are extra.

Host Family Stays also available in Kazan

KFU offers family stays with host families that have been accommodating international students for the last few years. The price is approximately 20000 Ruble for one month. The price includes a separate room and breakfast.

Kazan Federal University Village New Hostel pic by Omkar Medicom 003Kazan Federal University Village New Hostel pic by Omkar Medicom 004
The city of kazan

The city of Kazan

Kazan Federal University is located in Kazan city, capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, a semi-autonomous region in Russia. Kazan, a city in southwest Russia, is on the banks of the Volga and Kazanka rivers.

  • Total Area: 515 square kilometers.
  • Total Population: 12,71,945 as on 2019.
  • Airport Domestic and International: Kazan airport (30 km from the medical college of Kazan Federal University)
  • Distance from India: Kazan is only 8.30 hours by flight from New Delhi with one stopover in Moscow. 
  • Weather: In Kazan, basically, the summers are comfortable and partly cloudy, and the winters are long, freezing, snowy, windy, and overcast.
  • The Lowest average temperature is: -12°C in January
  • The Highest average temperature is: 22°C in July
Kazan City 01Kazan City 02Kazan City TransportKazan Airport

Kazan Federal University Address

Map of Kazan Federal University Medical College, The Institute of Fundamental Medicine
Map of Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University Address:

Kremlyovskaya St, 18, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, 420008.

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  • 60% of the Universities have better World Rank than AIIMS Delhi.
  • All the Universities in China are Government-owned.
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Degree Courses offered at Kazan Federal University

Degree Courses in Kazan Campus:

  1. Biology
  2. General Medicine
  3. Dentistry
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Medical Cybernetics
  6. Medical Biophysics
  7. Medical Biochemistry
  8. Ecology and Nature Management
  9. Hydrometeorology
  10. Soil Science
  11. Land Management and Cadastral Registry
  12. Geology
  13. Petroleum Engineering
  14. Foreign Regional Studies
  15. Russian Regional Studies
  16. International Relations
  17. Tourism
  18. Linguistics
  19. History
  20. Anthropology and Ethnology
  21. Culture Studies
  22. Oriental and African Studies
  23. Mathematics
  24. Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling
  25. Mathematics and Computer Science
  26. Applied Mechanics
  27. Physics
  28. Radio Physics
  29. Biotechnical Systems and Technologies
  30. Geodesy and Remote Sensing
  31. Innovation Studies
  32. Nanotechnology and Microsystem Technology
  33. Chemistry
  34. Fundamental and Applied Chemistry
  35. Law
  36. Legal Support of National Security
  37. Court and State Attorney Education
  38. Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  39. Applied Mathematics
  40. Fundamental Informatics and IT
  41. Information Systems and Technology
  42. Applied Informatics
  43. Business Informatics
  44. Philology
  45. Design
  46. Linguistics
  47. Interior Design
  48. Conflict Studies
  49. Sociology
  50. Political Science
  51. Advertising and Public Relations
  52. Journalism
  53. TV Journalism
  54. Media Communications
  55. Philosophy
  56. Religion Studies
  57. Theology
  58. Psychology
  59. Clinical Psychology
  60. Geography
  61. Cartography and Geoinformatics
  62. Nature and Water Management
  63. Economics
  64. Management
  65. Human Resources Management
  66. Public Administration
  67. Commerce
  68. Service Industry
  69. Tourism
  70. Economic Security
  71. Software Engineering
  72. Technical Physics
  73. Quality Management

Courses in Yelabuga Campus of Kazan Federal University:

  1. Biology
  2. Applied Informatics 
  3. Technology of Transport
  4. Economics 
  5. Management 
  6. Law 
  7. Linguistics 

Courses in Naberezhnye Chelny campus;

  1. Applied Mathematics and Informatics 
  2. Construction 
  3. Informatics and Computing Technology 
  4. Information Systems and Technology 
  5. Applied Informatics 
  6. Software Engineering 
  7. Heat Energy Industry and Heat Technology 
  8. Electrical Energy and Electrical Technology 
  9. Energy Machine Building 
  10. Machine Building 
  11. Technological Machines and Equipment 
  12. Automation of Technological Processes and Industry 
  13. Construction and Technological Support of Machine Building 
  14. Mechatronics and Robotics 
  15. Cooling and Cryogenic Technology 
  16. Technological Safety 
  17. Land Planning and Cadastral Registry 
  18. Materials Science 
  19. Technology of Transportation Processes 
  20. Ground-Based Transport and Technological Complexes 
  21. Use of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes 
  22. Management of Technological Systems 
  23. Psychology 
  24. Economics  
  25. Management 
  26. Business Informatics 
  27. Law 
  28. Service Industry 
  29. Linguistics 
  30. Design 
  31. Construction of Nonstandard Buildings 
  32. Economic Security 
  33. Customs Education
  34. Translation Studies 
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