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MCI Approved Colleges in Russia | List of medical universities with details

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Russia | List of universities with details. Altai, Kabardino Balkarian, Kazan, Rostov, Ulyanovsk, Saint Petersburg

MCI approved medical colleges in RussiaMCI approved medical colleges in Russia
This is not official MCI website. Official site link is given below. But if you need to ask about approval of any college or any other matter related to MBBS admission abroad, you can call the following numbers. We will try to assist you as much as we can:

Link to Medical Council of India Official Website

Medical Council of India (MCI) had published the list of 54 Medical Universities in Russia on 15th May 2019, which have been approved and recognized by MCI. The list below is also available on the official website of Medical Council of India (MCI). This will be known as MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Russia list.

MCI Screening Test / NEXT Test / How to Pass

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Russia List

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Russia KBSUMCI Approved Colleges in Russia KBSU
MCI NMC Approved Medical Colleges in Russia
Name of the University Ratings Medium of Language
Altai State Medical University ★★★★ English
Astrakhan State Medical University Full Russian
Bashkir State Medical University English/Bilingual
Belgorod State National Research University ★★ Bilingual
Chechen State University Full Russian
Chuvash State University ★★ Bilingual
Crimean Federal University ★★ English/Not approved by WHO
Dagestan State Medical University ★★ Bilingual
Far Eastern Federal University ★★★ Bilingual
Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Full Russian
Irkutsk State Medical University ★★ Full Russian
Ivanovo State Medical Academy Full Russian
Izhevsk State Medical Academy Full Russian
Kabardino Balkarian State University ★★★★ English/Bilingual
Kazan Federal University Bilingual
Kazan State Medical University ★★★★ English
Kemerovo State Medical Academy Full Russian
Kuban State Medical University ★★★ Bilingual
Kursk State Medical University ★★★★ English
Mari State University Bilingual
Mordovia State University ★★★ Bilingual
National Research Nuclear University ★★★ Full Russian
North Ossetian State Medical Academy ★★★ Bilingual
North-Eastern Federal University ★★ Full Russian
Northern State Medical University ★★ Bilingual
Novosibirsk National Research State University ★★★ Full Russian
Omsk State Medical University ★★ Bilingual
Orel State University ★★ Full Russian
Orenburg State Medical University ★★ Bilingual
Pacific State Medical University ★★★ Russian
Penza State University ★★ Full Russian
Perm State Medical University ★★ Bilingual
Privolzhsky Research Medical University Full Russian
Pskov State University Full Russian/Not approved by WHO
Rostov State Medical University ★★ Bilingual
Russian National Research Medical University ★★★★★ Bilingual
Russian Peoples Friendship University ★★★★★ English
Ryazan State Medical University ★★ Bilingual
Saratov State Medical University Full Russian
Siberian State Medical University Bilingual
Smolensk State Medical University ★★★ English/Bilingual
St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy ★★ Bilingual
Stavropol State Medical University Bilingual
Tambov State University Russian
The First Moscow State Medical University ★★★★★ Russian
The First St. Petersburg State Medical University Bilingual
Tula State University Russian
Tver State Medical University ★★★ English
Tyumen State Medical University Full Russian
Ulyanovsk State University ★★★ English/Bilingual
Ural State Medical University ★★★ Russian
Volgograd State Medical University ★★★ Bilingual
Voronezh State Medical University ★★★ Bilingual
Yaroslavl State Medical University Russian

MCI Approved Colleges in Russia | Important Points regarding Admission

Essential Points to be noted by the students willing to take Admission in MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Russia:

  • MBBS Course is known as MD. This degree is the same as MBBS in India. It is not a Post Graduation degree.
  • MBBS course in all these MCI approved colleges in Russia is for five years and eight months.
  • The internship done in Russia during this MBBS course is not valid in India.
  • So, students will have to do a 1-Year compulsory Internship in any Indian medical college again.
  • Internship in India can be done only after clearing the MCI Screening Test or NEXT Test, whichever applicable at that time.
  • Only a few MCI Approved Colleges in Russia offer full MBBS course in English medium. A few clinical classes will be in the Russian medium in these English medium Universities.
  • In 80% of the Universities, the entire course is done either in the Russian medium or 3+3 system. That is 1st three years in English and the last three years in the Russian medium.
  • The WHO or the UNO does not approve 2-3 Universities in the Crimea region till date. So, the degree of those Universities of Crimea is not valid for USMLE or UK PLAB.
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